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  1. I'm probably living in the wrong part of the country, Pacific Northwest, and don't see many deals/finds on Klipsch Heritage. If anyone in the area looking to sell a set, I'm willing to do a road trip.
  2. That's what the owner said, it was marine grade fir, originally raw and the previous owner put lacquer on it. He also said it was rare.
  3. It seems like prices jumped since I last check several years ago. Mint 60th anniversary is probably worth the price but for your typical mid 70s Klipschorns, I feel like $2500-$2800 is a fair price IMO.
  4. Hi folks, it's been awhile since I posted on the forum, life happens. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on at set of '73 KC-FR K-horns in decent condition. What's a fair price these days? I've seen some from $3500-$5000, that seems high to me.
  5. Glad to hear others discovering KPLU, They they do play excellent Jazz. I've been listening to them for years. Every Sunday morning, we tune in to "Jazz Sunday Side Up" with a cup of coffee and sets the mood perfectly. It's become a family ritual. The signal comes in nice and strong where I live and sounds wonderful through my Marantz 2220b and KG1 setup.
  6. As of today, it looks like they added the "Category" column back for the search results. It's a step closer to what I was hoping to see but the default sort order is by the Item name which isn't helpful in my opinion. In general, I agree with most that this is one of the worst and poorly managed roll-out of a website that I've witnessed in my professional experience. Like some of you, I use Audiogon on a daily basis just to browse as a way to unwind at the end of the day and if I happen to see something that I like, I'll buy it. Now, that experience is no longer enjoyable because I find myself fighting all the issues with the site instead of focusing on the cool gear. I haven't been back as often and haven't bought anything since they changed the site because it's still a pain to use and I don't have the same level of trust as I use to, not to mention how long it takes to load the pages.
  7. Same here. Most of my purchases have been LPs this year. I typically sample the music either through Spotify or the local library and if I really like it, then I buy the LP first and then CD.
  8. Good to see vinyl sales have gone up 6 years straight. CD sales are down. http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2012/01/in-what-format-did-you-buy-your-last-music-album.html
  9. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up. I saw this on Ebay, interesting that someone actually built a frame specifically to setup the LP12.
  10. Nice table Pete! I really like the look of the clear dust cover. What configuration do you have?
  11. Undoubtedly an excellent deal, the seller may be having a bit of sellers remorse having had those who lost out telling him how much more it was worth. I think so too. He kept trying to convince me that I was not fit to own the LP12 and that I should buy his Axis or a Rega instead. He may be right but I'd like to be the judge of that after I try it out. So the idea is to build a frame of the same demension as the plinth and adjust the suspension prior to installing it?
  12. Thanks for the info and the offer to help thebes. I think I'm going to get the table and try do it myself and let see what happens. Looking forward to hearing what it sounds like.
  13. Interesting conversaton I'm having with the seller. I told him I'm fairly new to Linn and TT and he suggested we cancel the transaction because he thinks I'm better off with a Rega or some other TT that doesn't require a whole lot of setup. Is it that complicated? By the way, I have an engineering background. I acknowledge that doesn't neccessarily mean I'm qualified, but does it take a dealership or expert to set it up?
  14. Thanks Dennie. Yes, that's me. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about with this table but I didn't want to overpay either.
  15. $750 shipped. I should have checked with you guys first but I still have a chance to back out if it's not a good price. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?anlgtabl&1328281865&/Linn-Sondek-LP12-w/-valhalla-p
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