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  1. The same speaker across the front are a pro audio standard, see what Grammy, Dolby, and THX recommend to learn more. I agree with this. However, if using behind an acoustically transparent screen, you will sacrifice both audio and video (unless you have high powered projector ($$$$$) or an elaborate Equalizer and engineered room (more $$$$$$$)) I have Klipschorns, and while a Klipschorn center would be pretty neat it is not practical. I have Lascala center but,in my previous living room, it was too tall to place under a screen, where the movie picture didn't look "right." (There is a spec out there for screen height) I may try to return to the Lascala as a center. Still, I think the Heresy as a center recommendation is a great one. Owners may have to adjust the output levels to match a 100dB/w/m+ speaker. Interesting topic!
  2. Does anyone run a MEN220 w/ a Custom EQ/Curve for Klipschorns? I will have some time and some equipment this summer to experiment.
  3. I have gone back and forth about this concept of down-sizing. Right now, I'm sticking with 2 Channel Hometheater and Audio-leaning towards a separate multichannel system for movies only.
  4. "The desire for super loud, ball-tickling, chest thumping beats, is a desire to dance, which is a different human desire"- going to stop you right there.. W.T.F.??
  5. Stereophile got in on this.. http://www.stereophile.com/content/regarding-death-home-stereo-system
  6. Dean, speakers that you and I talk about are just that. Live sound is loud and grips you and there is no short supply with Jubilees and Klipschorns. The home stereo concept, rack of gear, large speakers, is losing ground to "audio everywhere" systems such as Sonos, anything with Airplay or Bluetooth. Music isn't dead, Loud music isn't dead. Our playback systems aren't dead. Just the concept of a room full of gear is not popular today. I am glad you like headphone and I enjoy ER-4Ps aswell. You may have moved on from visceral, but that is what music is to me.
  7. This is dead, or at least the concept of it is what the article is addressing. No one these days makes room for this anymore. If you see it more than that, your reading into it too much. Our precious sound systems will live on.
  8. Sounds like there needs to be a get together and compare all 4, non Klipschorn, heritage models used as a center. Right now, I feel the sonic deathmatch is a close call :-)
  9. What is anyone giving up by using a Heresy as a center. Isn't the concept that you set your center to Small or highpass@80hz, and your main speakers to Large? Then you calibrate the level of the center to match.
  10. 3 RF7II across the front should be awesome, I'm not understaning why you want to change the sound and look with a single Belle.
  11. 2013 KPT435N - Centre Channel 3 way KPT904LF/K520/K703-- behind a screen?
  12. Yamaha. their S/N specs are second to none.
  13. Heresy is okay for center. See http://www.thx.com/consumer/home-entertainment/home-theater/hdtv-set-up/ for image height recommendations is a 15 degree arc from your viewing height. Belle, LS all work but come close to the maximum of 35 degrees depending on your screen size.
  14. I dunno about that... when I was 18, I had a pair of Electrovoice Interface D's crammed into my bedroom (-3 db @ 28Hz) I think I was playing something quiet & tender like Aerosmith Rocks or perhaps Toys in the Attic. I was listening through my headphones. I was laying on the bed absolutely amazed at not only the clarity of the sound but the absolute visceral impact of it. I mean, I was able to just feeeeeeeeeeeeel the impact of the music through my bones. Heck, even my bed was shaking! I might mention I did have it up loud through the headphones, perhaps very loud. Low & behold, soon my bedroom door flew open & there stood my angry as $(*# mother with her face blood red, spittle coming out of her mouth saying something that I had no idea because I had the headphones on. I casually reached to the volume, turned it down and her anger clarified about "wahhhhhh wahhhhhh wahhh wah.... turn that da(* music downnnnnnn and don't play it so loud" HUH? I was flabbergasted until I noticed that I had not turned the speakers off. Whilst I was jamming to the music in my head, the rest of the house was jamming to the music through the speakers which perfectly explained why I had such a visceral experience while listening through headphones. Frankly, I thought it was a pretty kick butt combo!! Richard, you should get a "BUTTKICKER!" I had one hooked up to my office chair and with some headphones it was VISCERAL!
  15. I installed a set of Custom ALK XOs -it took him a second to understand my design goals. Then I use the MEN220 as a time delay for the HF/MID and an active XO at about 450 hz, 8th order both ways. I use two 75wpc stereo (4x75)amps and attenuate the HF/MID in a bi-Amp mode. I've got "room to grow" in terms of calibrating and tuning. Plus I haven't gone in with a custom EQ curve in the MEN220. Its great as is and I am sure I am going to have more fun! Plus the room correction is a great feature. Bill
  16. I use (guessed) 97dB with my active crossover as I had to drop the level of the mid/hf horn by almost 9dB. (I also assessed the mid/hf horn to be 106dB) I used the AudioAudit app on my iPhone for the SPL to determine the SPL with a 1Khz tone and a 200Hz Tone for the HF/MID and Bass horn , respectively. I need to refine my practices, as I did a rough assessment, there is room to get better!
  17. Subjectivist would believe in the "Vibrations, man.." :-D Objectivist would believe that the vibrations exist and they affect the sound by a factor of "n"
  18. Good point. Most, if not all, powered subs have their amps attached to the back wall of the sub's cabinet. Yes, but the point that the poster was making speficially mentions "Tubes" and the theory is.. if I walk up and flick one with nothing playing, I would hear it's "microphonic" distorion. I say, "There are better things in life to worry about." They only thing better than what I have would be a set of Jubilees with a furniture grade finish.
  19. the bottom of both of my tv's are at least 40" from the ground with plenty of room for a belle or scala under it. never felt like i was looking up Ok, good for you.
  20. My Klipschorns do not vibrate in a way that I find it affects the sound.. McIntosh MEN220 used as the bass XO, Bass Horn alignment and Room Correction. The MID/HF has a set of custom ALK XOs The amps are driven stereo, bi amped horizontally. i.e. right amp powers bass and HF/MIDs where the HF/MID is attenuated and delayed using the MEN220. Basically, it kicks ***.
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