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  1. +60 years in the Klipschorn design: Fundamentally it has not changed. So historically, one of the all time best speakers.
  2. I've moved mine twice, and again in about 6 weeks. No. 1 criteria in my new (to me) home has to have good corners for Klipschorns.
  3. first that is some signature block. Most would say, NAD is a great match. I have an old NAD 208 amp and when it was in use (before HT) it sounded great.
  4. I liked it so much I went out and bought the Hans Zimmer scored Soundtrack http://www.amazon.com/Inception-Music-Motion-Picture/dp/B003U9TDII What about the ending?
  5. The Mac version is a bit buggy. Have the patience and the time to deal with it's shortcomings. The target Audience is the consumer-not the audio engineer, music lover, musician or "Audiophile." so we are all Biased from the start. It's worth understanding the Harman theory of listening.
  6. Youtube or Vevo.. I am always listening to music thru mu Klipschorns
  7. I also use Last.fm which is much more integrated than Pandora. Last.fm integrates with iTunes and "scrobbles" all your music and finds music based on what you have and what ever else you tell it.
  8. Great support! now, the 64kbps AAC is just fine for me, my iPad would be very expensive over 3G if it was any higher! I tend to use Pandora for a music finder; Then I purchase the used CD on Amazon for less that $1 (+$3 Shipping!); Then I rip the CD to my Computer -where I have it meticulously tagged and organized; Then it either gets played to the AppleTV, Synched to the iPad or the iPod in my Vehicle. iTunes Genius isn't that bad either.
  9. Yes, I've calmed down now. Pandora is a good music service. Even though it's 192Kbps it still wins, every time, with track selection and connivence.
  10. Sweet mother of God! This is awesome! Thank you Thank you!
  11. Have you ever heard time-aligned horn-loaded subs (that go lower than the Khorn bass bin) paired with either Khorns or Jubs? lets up the ante with "Time aligned Tri-amped Klipschorns and Time aligned Powered Subwoofers"
  12. I'm not sure how you are doing this? The Pandora App on iOS doesn't stream to the Apple TV (2010) via Airplay. I do it by streaming from my computer using Rogue Amoeba's AirFoil to my Apple TV. Can you get into the details of your system and setup so that others may benefit from what you know?
  13. Cask05, interesting post. I will consider your recommendations. I have found 7.1 ch receivers with 8ch input and I even looked for the ability to encode into 8 channel LPCM to send via SPDIF to a 7.1 receiver.. Also Is there a reference to the power rating of each of the Klipschorn drivers?
  14. Great responses so far! 1. Please make recommendation knowing that an active crossover is going to handle all frequency dividing. a. What crossover slope and crossover points would you use and why? i.e 500, 3,000, 12,000 all @ 24dB/Octave (these are just scientific wild *** guesses (swag)) 2. In addition, make recommendations that a time delay will be inserted to align all loudspeakers of the Klipshorn. i.e. 0 ms for woofer, 25ms for midrange, 28ms for tweeter. (another swag) Thanks!
  15. What's the cost and availability? Just from my quick searching I found not available new and looks like a collectors item so $$$$
  16. Couple threads here and there about Tri/bi amped speakers plus some of modern tech software that allows one to do active crossovers and time align all in software led me to this thought. What amps would you use and why? Even though Klipschorns production run stretches for years and their "high efficiency" lends them to tube amps, I am not fan what I have heard. I been looking at all equal power amps to more for the Bass Speaker, little less for Mid range Horn, and the least for the Treble Horn. Thoughts? thx.
  17. Since you posted this for each speaker (Klipschorn, Lascala and Corwall) instead of consolidating.. what is your intent? Why do you think Klipschorn Speakers are "tanking?" A good condition model will still command a fair price. Do you own any Klipschorns? Still, interesting signature block
  18. I was doing a bunch of research about vehicles and those who purchase vehicles for investments. Then I got to thinking which speakers out there have the lowest depreciation? Consider today a good set of 1970's Klipschorns used will sell at ~$2000. Then goes up for special editions. Consider new Klipschorns and what they will be worth in 20 years. I've seen B&W 800 Series hold on to their value. still after 20 years they depreciated very much.
  19. +1 NAD M3, again budget buster for many, but some of the best gear!
  20. Tubes add character (technically distortion) think of it as non digital single reflex camera (SLR)( the kind of camera that Playboy used in 1981), compared to modern day high end D-SLR. Same accuracy, but less precision. I also believe newer technology is 51% better than current technology. Having no idea what you budget is, the Peachtree Nova is a great receiver for today. Google search the name. If you wish to do room correction then any Audyssey MulitEQ eqiupped receiver will do a decent job. Do you plan on getting into computer audio? Do you want SACD/DVD-Audio capability?
  21. If you purchase PureMusic for iTunes, then you can send up to 24/192 ( actually higher.. if you read the PM manual, but who as a DAC that can do 32/384?) Also did some more research and downloaded the demo. PM allows you do use the "AudioUnit Plug-ins" which are PRO Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plug ins. There is one Plug in made by IK Multimedia that provides licensed MultiEQXT from Audysssey. Therefore, provide you purchase PM and the IK ARC plugin/w Mic you will have a full fledged 24/192 capable room correcting digital playback system. But wait there's more, PM allows users to take advantage of it's built in Crossovers ( up to 4 way), for those with Klipschorns, Lascalas,or other bi/tri amp capable speakers/subwoofers this means you can do all the crossovers in the digital domain and send straight to your 8 channel DAC (there are many pro ones out there) and then straight to you amps-preserving a limited Analog stage and getting the best fidelity. cool, huh?
  22. Ok, or you can buy a Mac mini http://www.apple.com/macmini/ and use that. HDMI makes great way to stream 24/192 media, if you really have high resolution media. One can also purchase PureMusic to go with iTunes, to up-sample what ever media to 24/192. So if the gravity of this thread is leaning towards HTPC, the I recommend that the full system look like this. 1. Internet 2. Router/ Sever ( Apple Airport Extreme) 3. Media Server ( Apple TimeCapsule 2TB) 4. Media Player (Mac mini) 5. Laptop (Macbook Air) 6. Desktop (iMac) 7-9. iPad, iPod, & iPhone What makes this beat other solutions every-time, is INTEGRATION! and if stuff doesn't work, you fuss at ONE company. The Home Theater PC is a great solution, I have had one for years, but now I have the listed above components and I'm not regretting it one bit. Bill
  23. Since I had the afternoon off, I wanted to share will you all that I found a great review of Puremusic, here http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/puremusic2/1.html Bill
  24. Mark, I am with you. I have made MANY wrong turns getting into Digital Audio & Digital Audio Management. Issue 1. DAC, Soundcard, and Optical Cable issues. Solution, would be to get an Apple Airport Express or Apple TV (2010) :-) ..or another sound card or a coaxial digital cable? Issue 2. The Benchmark DAC has made your music "cold" Solution, insert a "warming" electronic, haha. No, that is the reality of Recorded Digital Sound. I think you are going down that alchemist road of what tube will warm up my cold digital music. but Peachtree Audio makes some good integrated tube DACs if you must go down that road. Issue 3. Which lossless is best? Lossless by name means that it doesn't lose any data or sound. right now iPods go up to 24bit/48Khz so that is what Apple will officially support since there has to be that level transparency across the product line. Still, iTunes supports higher bitrates, and right now Amarra and Pure Vinyl have some the best ways of getting that high resolution digital content to your ears. Since, the mob (Apple & Apple Users) don't listen to 24/192 resolution music NOR do your favorite Artists produce media in that resolution I think you should feel content with the Apple Lossless 16/44 of today and tomorrow.
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