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  1. You're right, the New Apple TV is NOT a DAC, but the Old (pre 2010 little black box) is. Your Benchmark DAC decodes PCM which is what the Apple TV or Apple Airport Express outputs, bit perfect lossless PCM. Apple iTunes gives you WAV, AIFF, AAC, and MP3s to encode CDs to play on your iPods If you need higher rez capability, which is up and coming but not adopted by many, get Amarra. Amarra is a companion software to iTunes. Right now, 16bit/44Khz is the best you can get for 99% of music. That 1%, and I feel for them, has hope their favorite artist encodes they music in 24/96, forget about 24/192! Upsampling doesn't compare to native resolutions.
  2. Well what can you buy today, new? That is what the better one is.
  3. Going back to the top, I have an Apple Macbook Pro, 500GB WD Firewire External HD, Apple TV (2010), Yamaha RXV1800 Receiver, 2 xJL Audio F113 Subs, and Klipschorns. Going on the Road I have an 64GB 3G iPad & 80 GB iPod. For Vinyl I have a Project Debut III and to copy some of the better recorded "vintage" vinyl I use the Apogee Duet. I also use a Apt-Holman Phono pre-amp. (I plan on purchasing PureVinyl) Therefore I recommend what I have. You can swap Mac / PC, Any receiver with HDMI / Optical in,Any Subwoofer, Any Speakers. The Apple TV has HDMI, Optical and just looks cool when you play it on your HDTV. I have never had to mess with integrating drivers, sound cards, DACs or Software. I have a wireless lossless streaming audio system. I control everything for playback from the iPad, any iOS device works(iPod/iPhone). When I am on the go in my car, at the airport, or work, I take my Lossless Audio with me on my iPod and iPad. Of course the are other ways, but they are not this integrated. I have used both, every solution is struggling to keep up with the iTunes and other Apple products. When you think about enjoying some of your older Vinyl recordings you'd listen to them at home. But on the road, no. You'd use something like an iPod to take your Vinyl recordings to places they could normally never play. haha. or on a Zune? I'll add this funny clip to highlight the humor I have with all this digital tech I like Rich_Guy's suggestions, however the solution provide does not come to the level of integration to what you currently have. All you need to do is download iTunes, Purchase an Apple TV, and HDMI Cable and you have a full blown lossless, wireless digital music system. Compare that to his suggestion of buying & installing a sound card in a HTPC (that you may or may not have) Then do you want to take your music on the go? iPod Touch / iPhone is a no-brainer, why bother with the Zune?
  4. Windows Media Player does all of this for me, no other software is needed, very fast and easy to RIP CD's to lossless and gets all of my album covers, I have tried many other players but I have always come back to WMP. I tried itunes once to be fair it was a couple years ago now, but I took it completely off my computer the same day I installed it as I was not at all happy with the sound quality and unimpressed with the user interface. The DAC in my PR-SC885 processor is excellent and I have it connected by digital coax to my Auzentech sound card, my home built music server outshines the music quality of any CD player I've owned. I am extremely happy with the sound quality and nothing compares to the convenience. I use WhiteCap for very nice graphic visualizations on WMP while music plays. Good to know that there is more than one way to skin a cat in terms of automated ripping. Do you use a Zune or make CD's when you are traveling?
  5. some one needs to jump on those JBL Hartsfield and Paragon STAT!
  6. I add that the last two post have good recommendations. The only thing that, to me, makes iTunes a better work-flow is the level of integration that iTunes and TuneUp have with mass market media. Insert CD, RIP to Lossless, eject, NEXT! Touch up the missed album artwork that iTunes didn't find with TuneUP. you don't get that level of integration with ANY other software UNLESS you write your own automated script. Lets not also forget that Apple makes two wireless DACs. The Apple Airport Express (AE) and the Apple TV, which INTEGRATES with iTunes seamlessly. Use an additional DAC if you demand higher fidelity. Also you can stream straight from your iPhone/iPod right to your Apple AE or TV Sonos and Meridian Sooloos have come close but not quite there. The only other device is worth mentioning is the Logitec Squeezebox used with an External DAC.
  7. I gave you tools in the software part, they all do a certain thing. Google 'em. Now, The Apogee Duet DAC and the Emu DAC are A/D & D/A converters that fall in your price point. The Emu being the less expensive of the two. I have only experience with the Apogee Duet, but there is good deal of dialog on the internet with regards to both, again Google 'em.There is another discussion that I came across, the whole "What's the best bit depth do I record Vinyl at?" I really can't answer that.. Vinyl (Analog) is like the pure flow from the faucet, then running your finger under it for the temp. Digital is a sample of that temperature taken, in CD's case, 44,100 times a second, which more or less feels like the same temp. I can't really relate bit depth, but think of it as more fingers sampling the flow. This is how Learned that Analog can sound better in theory, but can most tell? I think not. BUT I think if you record at the highest bit depth, then dither down to 16bit/44Khz Audio then convert to Lossless, you'll get the best results. It's like shooting with a Hasselblad (Google it) and then resizing and dithering the file to fit in 100 X 100 Facebook profile pic. It will still look better than using an iPhone camera. Still all that is labor. Okay that's a read! a bit more than you were looking for, too
  8. Software: Pure Music's Pure Vinyl. Apple's iTunes TuneUp Media's TuneUP Hardware: Emu 4040 Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converter Apogee Duet Data Robotics Drobo and buy a bunch of 1 TB or larger Hard Drives Work Flow, Use iTunes to make .RAW or Apple Lossles rips of CDs.. ensure you check "automatically eject CD after conversion" , saves time. One CD takes 5-8 Minutes, I can do about 20 CD in 2 hours, give or take a few minutes. Then use Tune up to enter the right tag, album artwork, etc Vinyl Workflow is MUCH longer since you have to listen to every record and VERY labor intensive. This is going to take you 200+ hours for about 1000 CD and God knows how long for Vinyl. Good luck.
  9. Yes! Along with JL Audio's offerings.
  10. I have SACD, Vinyl and Computer. iTunes is just about the best music management software. (Free Mac/ PC) There is also the Logitec Squeezebox, which just needs a NAS or something to share the music over your local (home) network. It would be great if Sony Computer made some sort of SACD playing computer.. I don't know about DVD Audio, but i think PowerDVD (PC) can play DVD Audio. But my recommendation is a Oppo Player.
  11. Thanks Bill, I ran across that amp a while back. I'd love to give it a try but when I sell my UMC-1 I won't have anything to use as a pre-amp. I did think of connecting everything to my TV and then running the audio out from my TV to that amp but I can't imagine that any audio routed through my TV would sound even half-way decent. WHOA! I did this with my TV and Klipschorns and, in my experience, TVs are the worst source componets for Audio. THE WORST! Borderline class action suit for the shamtastic job TV companies execute in TV Audio. HAHA! The reality is the VIDEO is their priority. I am very interested, like you, in digital amps. Even moreso with the theory of keeping everything in the "digital domain" and have in the D -> A process happen at the voice coil. BUT once again the priorities in the world of electronics and audio IS listening to downloaded audio, using existing technology to amplify, and now applying room correction. In otherwords, "old" Hifi is clutching to their amps and pre-amps, while the "new" Hifi brings a renaissance of high bit-rate D/A Converters, and the inovators are telling you that they can make your room "flat" regardless of setup. Bottom line, if you can find a digital amp that plays the way you like it, great. Keep and eye out for digital downloads, dacs, and RMC hardware/software. Bill
  12. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=300-383
  13. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Elite+Receivers/SC-37
  14. Since you didn't specify Stereo or Multi Channel http://www.onkyousa.com/model.cfm?class=Amplifier&m=A-9555 http://onkyousa.com/model.cfm?class=Amplifier&m=A-5VL
  15. You can power Klipschorns with a headphone amplifier.. You got what it needs no worries.. All I ask is to see a pic of 2010 Klipschorns
  16. cool, but you need a Lascala as a center. You've now go a host of acoustic issues to overcome. Anyways, you should be using an acoustically transparent screen or placing the TV ontop. Don't mess with the Center speaker
  17. That is what this is all about! my wife has another term for it.. heh eh
  18. Those are all my amps that I have heard connected to my Khorns.. You know SET amps have their own "sound" which is technically distortion. Stick with the Peachtree or amps from the last 10 years
  19. I've used a Yamaha RXV1800, Pioneer SX-9500 (Integrated), Advent A350, Dynaco Monoblocs (AMP), NAD 214 (AMP), Harman Kardon PA5800 (AMP) a RadioShack Realistic Stereo Receiver... What I found is that newer gear produces almost no distortion and has less of an effect on the original sound. This thread on AVS http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1095832 has a good deal of personal opinion about Peachtree. They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peachtree-Audio/159840707959 I don't own their equipment nor do I plan on purchasing, but I recognize a good small business trying to make a living in the big world of consumer electronics.. so this is why I plug.. :-)
  20. Great choices. All the older hifi nuts will say Tubes.. but Any modern day electronics that produce a FLAT frequency response (+/- 0.5dB 20 to 20Khz) and low low (under .10% THD) distortion. Then if you have a certain taste in the way you want things to sound..add and EQ. Answer these questions Do you listen to audio above 16 bit/44Khz? Do you have any room absorption / diffusion? Do you have any active room optimizers or Room Correction Software? I aslo recommend the Harman Kardon 990 http://www.harmankardon.com/EN-US/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?PID=HK%20990
  21. What "sound" are you looking for? Neutral (Flat), Warm (rising Bass response), etc.. I vote for anything Sansui, Pioneer and if you have the cheddar ($$$$) McIntosh.
  22. I don't understand why Klipsch did this. I would have welcomed the engineer to come on down, but in your case it seemed rather invasive since, I think, you knew what you were doing. There are enough nuts out there, that if they made it easier to procure ALL of klipsch speakers we'd have a big subforum on Klipsch Cinema speakers.. Guys on here have been raving about the Jubilee for years!
  23. I recommend you read about "Soffit" mounting of speakers. Where you actually built a real wall that is flush with your speakers. Studios do it., and the For Lascalas that would be a big space waster if you are short on space.. we're talkin almost 28" of depth I'd be tempted to make some sort of shelving, closet storage or something to take up that space behind the "soffit" wall besides the speakers. I will do it, not would do it, if I get the nod from my wife. :-) Also to steer this close to the topic, look at Infinite baffle subwoofers. Not a "Easy" as professionally built ones but can do well in custom set-ups. What ever you do, in my humble opinion, the subwoofer has to match the output of the Heritage speakers. Technically has to hit, in a 2000Ft^3 Room, 110dB within 10% accuracy or Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) below the Crossover with useable(100 dB) output to 20Hz -by no means play at that level continuously. I am guessing a pair of JL Audio F113 Fathoms, Klipsch KW-120-THX, eDesignaudio.com A7-900, SVS PB/PC 13Plus, Paradigm Sub 25, or Seaton Submersives, will do this will reach this. Many designs, budgets, and other factors will dictate what one may get. I think all of these subs are awesome and it's great that there are so many choices.
  24. Don't lay Lascala on the side. My opinion, get 7 Heresy speakers. Build them flush in the wall and have a large (107" or more) acoustically transparent screen. 4 JL Subs will do the trick. OR my other fantasy system is 7 JBL LSR 6332 (passive pro monitors) and 4 JL Audio F113s. of course with a massive Acoustically transparent screen. The thing is when watching news or other "talking head" shows large projection screens is less than ideal. okay I am all over the place because I am excited watching football.. I say go with 3 Lascalas. Put a TV on one and then have a projection screen that drops down for movies. That is what I plan to do in my up coming new place.
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