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  1. Aerial used ribbons, not AMT. They were when the patent was still in effect. AMTs can sound very good just as quasi or true ribbons.
  2. Dali moved from that configuration to tweeter modules with ribbon and dome. They must have thought the new modules sounded better. As far as sound, I have only heard the newer Dali speakers in the 2003 or so vintage. They sound comparable to their price range. For sure not out of that. If you were talking Dali's higher end, if you have a few hundred good clean watts to drive them, then you'd have something. But then again, you might like the sound so go listen. The KLF-20s crushed a lot of competition in comparison tests when they were available from Klipsch but the sound may not be for you.
  3. A lot of folks after buying a used pair, particularly when dinged up, stripped the black and refinished them.
  4. Yup compression driver. Just somewhat lower compression than some of the drivers on the market. Maybe less throat problems because of that for home use.
  5. Different type of bass, dependent on how far you are from the speaker and room, much better mids dependent on the eq that the k-400/401.
  6. I was talking about a Dixielander type build with something like the Eminence 12". It may be tricky but I always liked the structural rigidity of the design or modified due to it locking all for sideds of the horn. Much less horn resonance due to unsupported panels. Your thoughts are good for an easier build.
  7. That or build something similar to a Frazier Dixielander. Pretty easy build and shallow enough. Built a set when I was a kid that I ported. Good 12" woofer and you are set. About 20" deep would do it.
  8. Perhaps the compression ratio is smaller than used to in other drivers, so appears to not be one. The suspension is talked about in numerous tweeters, such as the old Altec and JBLs. Didn't have anything to do with them being compression drivers or not.
  9. Sounds like everyone needs to hang around here more. If you don't learn something, since we're all confused, you'd never know what you are missing.
  10. Too many to comment on. Which ones? AMT, quasi, or true ribbon? Manufacturer? Small bookshelf unless fairly expensive likely have AMT.
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