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  1. Would love to have one of these: https://www.stereophile.com/content/technics-su-r1000-integrated-amplifier
  2. Those woofers definitely don't go with that vintage of domes.
  3. Tough to come by. Killer little speakers. I have a pair in black, excellent. Will ponder selling them. Nicer than the newer versions since they have real wood veneer.
  4. Had both in same room for a long time. Kept the KLFs. I like the deeper bass and more filling sound. If you don't look for low end bass or have a set of GOOD subs, then the LaScalas may suit you. Both have their own sound.
  5. 62.95 for a pair is maybe close. Still pretty steep for an ugly upgrade?
  6. Don't forget to rotate your seating position.
  7. You will typically need a serial number of the failed speaker to order parts.
  8. Why would you think any of them would be an upgrade over KLF-20s? Said nicely, a "not too smart" move would be to get rid of the 20s, other than maybe for aesthetics. Now if you are playing with tubes and you like tight tuneful bass , if the amps are not of very high power and damping factor, the KLFs may be tough to drive. If you are not worried about it then the KLF20/30 are one of the tough to beat Klipsch speakers.
  9. Very Interesting read. Thank you for sharing the link.
  10. You must have some patience. I would be to the point of just slapping in the veneer 😞 Very nice so far.
  11. Moving away from the Ti in the mid (horn permitting) will allow for additional crossover modifications which may make the midrange more palatable to people who don't like Ti midranges and would like to have a lower crossover on the mid vs letting the woofer do the work.
  12. Hello Rich, hope you are doing well. I might need to do that if they don't ship by the end of the month from PE. I have a set of 500watt B/O Mauro Audio and have power cables. Might switch them out just to make sure the 1000ASP amps work. I'll be quite annoyed after waiting so long and the amps are messed up. Tempted to try one of the amps from China since I have a little set of B&W 606s in my office on a shelf and that will be a good little amp. Right now running one of the Ti2020-020 amps from Amazon which actually sounds pretty darn good with them.
  13. Thanks... Good to know about the Hypex. I've been paranoid about ordering the the NCore modules but they have me wondering.
  14. $478? Where's the $75 or even the $150? Ended up picking up two 1000ASP ice amps at $249 each from PE. Wish they could come up with their cabling. It's been on BO.
  15. Worthy of a look getting away from Ti in the mid.
  16. What you are finding is the law of diminishing returns. That last 15% takes a lot more. The other thing is the matching. If you are just using an AVR to drive the power amp, you might be surprised what a very good source component with good material could provide.
  17. Jump on them if everything is working, even if the cabinets need a little TLC.
  18. One good thing about the KLF-30s, if positioned correctly, unless you have to have bass under 25 hz, you probably don't need a sub. The key is the room and positioning. A little bigger box and it would be flatter down there though.
  19. Bracing if used judiciously (not eating up hardly any volume) is good. Adding much polyfill behind the woofers, not so good. May have gained a drop of extension with the counter effect of punch disappeared. The best thing for the woofers if you want punch and a little more extension is a bigger cabinet. No replacement for displacement as the old saying goes.
  20. Can't replace key years of brain development and learning in kids under 10 or 11 yrs old. It doesn't come back.
  21. It's just a bunch of garbage... Has anyone figured out the game?
  22. NY was another world. Someone needs to push why there are 32+k deaths vs 8K (so far) for FL and TX combined. This keeps getting swept under the rug.
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