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  1. I am interested in the k55M. Check your mail.
  2. Has anyone heard from Colterphoto1 anymore? I miss him being on this forum.
  3. Wrong forum....Sorry.
  4. Could you give a specific name of town in Wisconsin? and the asking prices for the two setups?
  5. cheric


    Checked and confirmed...I have a pair of K61 at home. If you are interested, please PM me.
  6. cheric


    I have a pair at home but shipping is going to be high due to size. Let me double check everything before confirmation.
  7. More pictures, please. See your pm.
  8. My luck. I have been waiting for a pair of ALK-AA for years and missed it by a few hours.
  9. So much information - so little time to digest.😁 I will try to do some more reading on the subject. Thank you so much, to all of you for your inputs.
  10. If one had a choice between these two pairs of legendary speakers, which would be the better choice (as they are so similar, technically)?.
  11. I would like to have them. Please see your PM.
  12. Not trying to start a big discussion about the sound quality of the caps but would it make a significant difference to go from Sonicaps to Jantzen Alumen Z Superior caps.
  13. I have parts for a Forte II, I believe the drivers are the same except for the woofers . Check your PM.
  14. Would love to have these. I just sent you a PM.
  15. I believe this is what he looks like on his facebook.
  16. I would to like to have the caps list for the 430's. Would appreciate it if you could post these lists on the forum (or PM if it is more appropriate) . I have been looking for this for a long time... Thanks.
  17. Directly from CL... http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/5110419684.html For superior sound these speakers will do the trick with built in woofers and tweeters.
  18. I am just about three miles south of Klipsch HQ , close to Kessler blvd and Michigan Rd. Less then ten minute drive to Klipsch HQ. At my place...Forte II, Heresy I and II for HT and RF35's for the bedroom. At my fiancee's place...Lascala, RF63 and Heresy I. In the closet....4 pairs of KG 1.2's, a pair of Quartet and a pair of RB5's.
  19. My question was more on the "safety" of the tweeters. I just don't want to blow these original tweeter diaphragms.
  20. Is it safe to use the A's? How loud does one have to play to blow the tweeters with A's?
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