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  1. In fact I have found a pair of mono block Cary cad 805 for 4500 euros.it has one 6sL7 valve as input.does anybody know if there is current product of 805 with one input valve on chassis?I know of course that the current anniversary edition has two 6sL7 as input. I suspect that models with one are much older.the guy selling the monos assures me they are almost brand new..
  2. thank you all for your advice, really useful.i have to think of everything before buying.i already look at some second hand gear but have to be real careful when with used valve amps..
  3. hello to everybody!.iwould be very much pleased with some advice on buying tube amplification for myP38 s.i very much like the sound of single ended, but on the other hand there is not so big power.dealers here in athens can not provide any equipment to hear at home with my speakers, so i have to make up my mind by what i hear at their place with other speakers or by what i read on several reviews.i really wonder if P38 would be ok with for example 35 watts of a single ended or more power of a push pull would make them sound incredibly.what are really the needs of P38?their sensitivity is at 98 db, but they go under 4 ohm and with triple 8-inch woofers.some solutions i have in mind:unison s9, ayon spark delta or mercury and VTL ST150, audioresearch VS115 or Mcintosh 275. i am truly in a confusion .. thank you in advance
  4. what kind of amplification you think should be the ideal match for palladium P38 F and source accuphase dp500 cd player? i am between unison research integrated S9 and on the other side, audio research pre SP17 with VS115 amp.what i am about to loose with unison and what with audio research?? i ve read excellent reviews for both . thank u in advance..
  5. thank u for your quick correspondence.in fact i have the palladiums two years now with accuphase integrated e450 and source the accuphase dp500.but i always had the filling i missed some lyricism from what i was hearing.the speakers sounded somewhat like shouting sometimes and that not depending on the volume.until i borrowed a unison research S8 and really i was astonished:true atmosphere and really musical amp.so i think that valves make a better match with palladiums.on the other hand i hear some loosening of low frequencies and or when reproducing complicated or difficult passages such as in big orchestral works.and thats why i think of a stronger amp, perhaps the new s9.first i have to find somebody interested of buying the e450.oh,and talking about freedom i have much, still not married.l.o.l..
  6. i would be grateful if i received some advice on matching p38f palladium with valve amps preferably single ended.i have been thinking of unison research s8 integrated or even mystery two with smart 845 monoblocks.any good ideas??
  7. thank you all in advance.i am new in the klipsch community and glad to find such correspondence.i got to find and i am using at the moment acrolink power cables for the source and amplifier as well as power filter magic blacknoise 1000.great difference in sound,more close to reality and more natural.such change differentiate the quality of power distribution?soon i am preparing some photos.
  8. thanks for replying .wishes for happy new year from athens greece
  9. Any advice on speaker cable to be used with palladium p38 f and integrated amp e450 of accuphase.at the moment i am using a mogami cable (3404) but not satisfied.music sounding somewhat hard and causing tiring to the ears after some period of listening.anyway i think that all that magic of hi end gear is sometimes missing from my system.as source dp500 cdplayer of accuphase as well is used.power cables are used the ones provided by accuphase gear and no power filter used.any suggestions acceptable
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