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  1. Grrr... it is just my pos sblive 5.1 I had to change the speaker to 5.1 and it worked, and then when I changed it back to 4.1 it works. I think it has something to do with liveware3.
  2. I got my Klipsch 4.1's and everything worked fine. I have had them for about two weeks and just notice it has died on my. None of the speakers work on the left front channel, so that is the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks thirty3@micron.net
  3. http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=CTLG&category%5Fname=CTLG%5F002%5F006%5F005%5F004&product%5Fid=40%2D2015 You can pick these up at your local radio shack, and they word perfectly with the promedias. You won't use the generic mounting base that is in the picture, but you will use a small "L" bracket that is included. Damn things look like they were designed for the speakers. They finally gave me the "3d" feel, and they kick *** when watching dvds.
  4. here is a link to the radio shack speakers. And yes there is internal cable routing in them. The picture of them shows the generic mounting platform, but you don't need that with the promedias. You just mount them to the top with one of the provided brackets, which is the "L" bracket. http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=CTLG&category%5Fname=CTLG%5F002%5F006%5F005%5F004&product%5Fid=40%2D2015
  5. I finally got my Klipsch 4.1's from CompUSA a few days ago, and by the time I got them set up I realized I needed speaker stands badly. I really wasn't looking foreward to spending $90 or something for the Klipsch ones. Well, today I stopped by Radio Shack and they had some speaker stands. I wasn't sure they would fit, but I picked them up anyways. The brackets actually fit the speakers damn good, using the existing bottom holes. Also, they are something like 32"-48" adjustable, so that roxors. Oh yeah, they were $50.
  6. If he has 14 gigs, I would recommend getting another hdd, that way you don't have to worry about it. Tape backups are kind of slow, and aren't that efficient. Or you could burn all your mp3's to cd's, that would be about the cheapest way if you have a cd burner. It would take about 20 cd's to backup 14 gigs, and you can get 30 high quality cds for around $25. You could go with cheaper cd's if you didn't plan on burning any music cd's.
  7. take everything out except your vid card, ram and cpu. then see if it posts. also, you might want to try a different vid card.
  8. yeah, it isn't too bad sounding on my altecs, but I can't wait to hear it on my klipschs, or even in my truck. I just wish the 4.1's were readily available in most places.
  9. The P4 does own in Q3, but that is about the only benchmark where you the P4 has a noticible performance boost. I all the other benches though, the T-bird has an advantage.
  10. well, since the whole system has 400 watts, and the sats. get 60 watts x 4, which is 240 watts. This leaves 160 watts going to the sub, which has 2 speakers within it. So, you would be getting 80 watts per sub.
  11. Actually RDRAM provides a lot more bandwidth than normal sdram, but I don't think it is worth. I think you should go with an athlon. I would do some reading on the internet and build a system yourself, it will cost you the same but you will get a lot better computer. I'm sorry, but oem computer suck, unless you use them for the net and email. If you want to game on it, I would recommend building a computer yourself (or resort to a dell, they aren't too bad for an oem). Even at that, you won't be getting a performance king. Plus you won't be able to overclock it, which is one of the main reasons to get an athlon/duron.
  12. AYB was fun back in the day, but not that it is hitting main stream it is just plain dumb. Everybody had fun with AYB a few months ago, and its high point was when shaytana mentioned it on loveline. Then some dick explained what it was on loveline and it has been all downhill since then.
  13. Well, who has experience with both of these setups? I mainly play games and watch a lot of dvd's, but I see both setups has pros and cons. Are the 4.2 mids and highs still loud, even though they aren't getting as much power as the v.2-400s? How about the sub(s), I see the 4.2 has 2, but the v.2-400 has dual firing subs. Also, I can't find the v.2-400s on outpost.com, can somebody give me a direct link. several peeps said they have purchased them their, plus they are free overnight shipping. oh yeah, how long are the speaker wires on both setups? Thanks
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