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  1. I tried WinDVD and it was able to get everything working nice. Thanks swerv Also, I looked at the SH-AC500D and it looks like just what I was looking for just a little expensive, but it led me to find the SH-AC300 which looks like it is just right also. Thanks Sputnik-of-Bass
  2. I have a Live! so yeah I have 4 speaker output. I've tried PowerDVD and its good and all but its not as good as my H+ (which I want the ac3 decoder for).
  3. Yeah, I was looking for something like the AD300 but I'm not sure if it can downmix to 4 channels and whether or not it can mix the LFE in with the others. I e-mailed them asking about it but I haven't heard back from them yet. As for a receiver, that seems like it would be a little too much for my tastes. The XDTS80 almost seemed good, but I would have to be able to decode AC3 and not so much DTS.
  4. I've been looking for a good hardware Dolby Digital decoder for some time now. What I mean by good is that it can downmix to 4.1, has large speaker support (for my promedias), and doesn't lose any channels (like LFE). I haven't had much luck in finding one that doesn't cost a fortune. Anyone know of any?
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