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  1. outstanding rooms and pictures. everything looks great. Wish I lived closer to check it out. In the meantime still enjoying the heck out of the Forte III's I got from you. Keep on Klipsching!
  2. have you tried cleaning the new vinyl? I usually spin clean all my new vinyl and then before playing give the lp a pass with a carbon fiber brush. After cleaning i also place the vinyl in new sleeves from MOFI. I know all seems a bit extreme-but vinyl is and can be alot of work sometimes.
  3. congrats-you'll really enjoy them for sure. I know I have been enjoying mine for the last 6 moths or so. we love pics😷
  4. interesting- so placing isolation pads on the bottom of speakers improves bass response & clarity according to the article. might have to try this on the cheap then. mine sit on hardwood flooring.
  5. nice setup. be careful of all that sun hitting the left speaker day in and day out. the sun can reak havoc on a speaker finish. destroyed my brothers KG4's.
  6. should sound the same. Its the same speaker. Although the piano black finish seems to encase the speakers nicer I think ( seams on outer top edge). I have a 250f setup in piano black and its a very nice look.
  7. congrats on your new speakers. still enjoying mine and still playing around a bit on exact position. One thing with these speakers- If a recording is mastered well it shines. if not- watch out, very revealing. So far only sacd & cds. haven't taken the vinyl plunge....yet. I'm sure vinyl will sound great too if done right.
  8. thanks everyone for the kind words, glad to see this thread alive again- always like looking at setups, two channel and home theater. So many great ones here. Of course always enjoy your videos youthman. Hoping to get some better and a few more up to date pictures soon. keep them coming!
  9. ok I'll bite.sorry for the lousy phone pics. room is set up for 9.2.6. currently using 7.2.4. screen is stewart Cima scope 133"
  10. I agree it is frustrating. Of course as we all know a lot of factors also play into it, the mastering of the recording, room acoustics, speaker placement etc. I also find that many recordings I really like just don't sound great to my ears listening on my Forte III's. I just can't get past how it sounds. If thats the case I usually play them in my multichannel setup in 7-channel stereo. But when a recording is done right it can't be beat on the Forte's. I don't do vinyl so I am constantly looking in to the best version of cd mastering I can find or maybe the SACD version of it, which of course can much more expensive.
  11. congrats on your new gear. Great sounding speakers. I got the Forte III's from Cory about a month ago- also in black ash and have been really enjoying them. I'm just using them in a two channel- no sub setup. Feeding them a well mastered recording is heaven. Like you I have been on a music buying spree lately listening to different artists that I usually haven't listened to in the past because of the new setup. Enjoy!
  12. I agree with yamaha. pairing a A-S801 with Forte III's. I know not as big as the cornwalls but they Gel nicely together I think.
  13. yes I have it set to HDMI output 1 & 2. I also have HDMI control (ARC) off since the projector doesn't need or use it. Not concerned about the resolution on the 2nd monitor since I only need or will use it for navigating through disc menus not for any movie watching or anything. Its puzzling for sure. Seems like I will hook up a second small monitor for navigating music menus but just unplug the projector from the receiver everytime I do this. pain in the butt, but so far I have not come up with a solution. i really shouldn't have to unplug anything- but not sure why the projector plugged in and turned off is preventing any audio.
  14. Not sure what is going on. But basically my goal is to be able to listen to music with cds, sacds without having to turn on my projector. I know in blu-ray audio you need a monitor to navigate the menus. The issue is no music or audio comes out of my home theater speakers when projector is turned off. Gear: yamaha A3060 receiver and sony x800 4k player. player hooked into receiver with premium cert. HDMI. Projector hooked into output 1 with celerity 40ft cable. Testing: since receiver has dual HDMI output I can configure the second one to main and basically have two monitors at the same time thus So I hooked up a small TV to HDMI output 2. Tv plugged into HDMI 2 only - picture and music play TV plugged into HDMI 2 and projector into HDMI 1 - does not work, no picture or audio ( audio came on for a second and cut off) Tv plugged into HDMI 1 only - everything works TV plugged into HDMI and projector HDMI 2 - does not work so it seems whenever the projector is plugged in I get no audio. I have similar smaller setup with another yamaha receiver and I never have to turn the tv on to listen to music. Since the celerity is fiber optic that uses an HDMI adapter on the end of the cable to plug in- I wonder if that has anything to do with it. just guessing of course. I contacted yamaha but the person that got back to me didn't seem to grasp the situation. I may call back and try again with them. any ideas or suggestions?
  15. good stuff. loving this thread already. I'm always checking out demos on youtube. Nice to see & hear other set ups
  16. I've been looking into this as well. It is overwhelming. I have many flac files on my iMac but not quite sure the best way to play them through my Yamaha A-s801 integrated amp and forte III's. Thinking might be easier just to buy a laptop ( mac or pC?) and plug into the 801. still new to this and learning. Of course my hard drives with music are usb 2.0 and the new macs are thunderbolt. so would need some kind of converter cable. I had the choice of two rabbit holes-vinyl or HI-res digital. I chose the later.
  17. I would still recommend using a subwoofer with your system. I'm using a RP250 set up mainly for 5.1 music only. RP250F x 4 piano black and Rp250C PB. I am using with a 10 inch HSU subwoofer. I've tried it without a sub, while musically still very good, adding in the sub really opened things up in the soundstage and bass of course. I have all set to small with sub at 80HZ. For the size of the speakers its impressive.
  18. I agree too. just got a pair of black on ash from Cory. I was also looking to get the SE in ebony too, but am very happy with what I got. Probably not possible. but I would like to purchase just the grills of the SE. Is it even possible to buy the grills separately, not just the SE ones but any other type? no matter what color or style you get, the speakers themselves are fantastic sounding. I've really been enjoying them.
  19. ok, got it. sorry its been a long day. Sure who wouldn't love bigger speakers. I already finished an extensive house addition. So not adding any more rooms for speakers, unless I want to be a bachelor again..... Waiting for speaker cable to be delivered ( ordered SVS sound path ultra). using some cheap short ones for now. Just wanted something decent without spending a fortune ( another rabbit hole for sure...) Thinking that spreading out the Forte's a bit will improve the imaging. I can only go so far ( room is not that big). will experiment too on how close to the wall to place them. looking forward to testing out some more discs.
  20. Well I did end up with the Forte III's ( thanks Cory). Hooked up to Yamaha A-S801. no subwoofer. Using Oppo 103 for SACD and CD playback. I was contemplating a turntable since I recently acquired a few hundred Albums ( mostly 1970s to mid 80's in excellent condition). Although not sure I want to go down that rabbit hole just yet. Not sure if there is any break in period for these speakers but out of the box they sound great. very nice imaging and balance in the soundstage. Some discs are compressed a bit more than others and found the loudness control of the yamaha can tweak this comfortably to back it off. still moving them around a bit in my small room ( home office). so haven't decided on a permanent placement yet for the speakers. But so far I am very happy with what I am hearing. very life-like vocally. I do not plan in using these with a subwoofer and it seems from what I have heard so far I may not need too. But it depends on the source. Noticed some discs are more bass heavy than others. Played the new 50th ANNV. white album and it was just perfect. I know some mentioned the cornwalls but I think they might be a bit too much for my room, I'm sure they sound great but I think the forte III's are plenty for my needs. Besides not sure I want to lug the cornwall's up two flights of stairs!. Haven't had to turn the volume up barely over a quarter the way. doesn't take much with these speakers, thats for sure. I wanted a nice simple good sounding two channel set up and I think I found it. Still a big fan of multichannel music but now I have the best of both I think.
  21. the rc-62II for $130 wouldn't be in MA by any chance? if so then its mine posted on craigslist. probably no more than 20 hours on it.
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