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  1. I got mine through an installer not too far from me. I believe Amazon sells them among other places. mono price slim run also seems to get good reviews for longer runs. Ruipro is another fiber optic cable that gets good reviews over at AVS. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=33280&cl=res&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=11051853&utm_content=hdmi_detachable_cta&utm_campaign=180619_hdmi_detachable&deliveryName=DM2664&AID=11051853&PID=8167115&ref=cj&utm_term=VigLink2-2917105 https://www.amazon.com/RUIPRO-4K60HZ-HDMI2-0b-Supports-HDCP2-2/dp/B07287LTRZ https://www.amazon.com/Celerity-Technologies-DFO-40P-Fiber-Optic/dp/B009CH3RMA http://www.celeritytek.com/product-DFO.html
  2. have six CDT-5800II's installed. they perform great during Atmos soundtracks. They are big and beefy but as others stated can be self-installed. highly recommended. I also concur on the JVC projector. The picture is amazing. especially during 4K UHD blu-rays. Just watched tomb raider and the image quality is top-notch along with the soundtrack. currently using 40ft. celerity fiber optic cable. no issues since install a little over a year ago.
  3. Kman


    I installed six 5800II's- currently using 4. Some great demo stuff is the actually Atmos demo material. some can be downloaded here. I just put them on a flash drive and play on my 4k player. for movies I recommend blade runner 2049, Fury, justice league- watched Hurricane Heist the other day- cheesy movie but the soundtrack is off the charts. https://thedigitaltheater.com/index.php/dolby-trailers/
  4. I've got two 12" Monolith subs being delivered this week. can post thoughts after setup
  5. good job, congrats. I think you'll enjoy them watching a good Atmos track. So glad Klipsch went with the magnet covers- much easier. where did you get the demo discs? would love to get a few of those. downloaded a few onto a flash drive and they are an awesome way to demo a room. as for good demo movies i thought gravity was a good one. Also Blade runner 2049 was very good.
  6. another great video. just remember to remove the inside dust liner in the grill cover before painting. it attaches back in nicely. I picked up a trigger adapter from home depot that snaps onto the spray can top. makes a huge difference. I recommend it highly.
  7. Nah, you should be fine sound wise. only thing of course is the grills. want to make sure they all match of course. They paint up nicely if you want to match your ceiling.
  8. congrats- you'll love the CDT-5800's. Using them in my theater and they really perform well for Atmos. can't comment on the receiver choices- since i am currently using yamaha 3060. but I'm sure either the denon or marantz will be fine too. look forward to journey. congrats
  9. awesome setup. gorgeous. those subs are crazy. great video. keep up the good work.
  10. youthman- your going to love them. using them in my theater and they really shine in Atmos soundtracks. watched bladerunner 2049 today. wow... amazing Atmos soundtrack.
  11. I've rented multiple regular blu-rays from Netflix that contained Dolby Atmos tracks on them.
  12. I love Atmos when done nicely. I wired up my room for 9.2.6-currently using 7.1.4. Planes, rain overhead etc. really add to the soundtrack I think. Also in more subtle soundtracks like Gravity- you are totally immersed in the movie. Now with newer receivers like Denon coming out, you will be able to utilize 6 overhead speakers! If you can get a hold of the Dolby Atmos Demo stuff, I would recommend it- some of the clips really show off the sound format nicely. I use the CDT5800's for my Atmos speakers. Painted up the grills and they blend nicely into the ceiling, I think they work great for Atmos. Youthman, great video as usual. If possible I would recommend going for it.
  13. don't have the 3070-but have the 3060 ( don't think there is that much of a difference). hooked up to a 7.1.4 system-RP280,450c and RS62II sides and back. 5800's for in-ceiling. I think its a great receiver and does a nice job on Atmos-DTS-x, movie enhanced is good too. I don't think you will have any regrets-especial if you can get a good deal on it.
  14. I have the RC62II in another set up , its a great center speaker.
  15. Actually I have Rp280's with 450C. I like them and they sound great with everything. I figured they will hold me over until the RF7III's come out and I can move onto them if I want to someday. I already purchased the surrounds before the room was done and my original intent was to get the RF7's but I got a good deal on these and I was spending so much on other stuff at the time for the house I went in a different direction..for now.
  16. thanks. yes it is a bit louder- but not too bad. I lower the seats up front a bit if I am sitting the back. Whenever I went to a movie theater I always sat in the back row- I think size wise on the screen it reminds me of that- plus as I stated the rear surrounds are a bit more prominent- so I enjoy sitting in both rows. I designed it best I could , sure there are things I would do a bit different- but overall I am happy with it. I helped some with the build , like painting, etc. Recently I did a pretty extensive home addition and my friend is the builder so he gets most of the credit for the build.
  17. I also have RS62II's for rear and side surrounds. They seem to work fine. Noticeably better in the back row ( which I frequently sit too to view movies). I think the front row may be a bit too far away to get the full benefit of them. I have a new pair of RB61II's I was going to test out for the rear surrounds to see if I notice a difference. Also depends on the movie- some have more activity in the soundtrack for rears than others.
  18. the paint is Benjamin Moore Aura-Trout Gray. #2124-20. I picked out the color early on and couldn't believe at the end how well it matched with the Acoustimac wall panels in charcoal. https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/color-overview/find-your-color/color/2124-20/trout-gray?color=2124-20
  19. I did a lot of that too. AVS has tons of information-sometimes too much, can be overwhelming at times. Some over there they take it to another level. I decided first on the look I was going for ( trim and tre ceiling). I also had the privilege of starting from scratch. so that helped too. one piece of advice I will give you is run conduit where you can. this technology is changing all the time. will make you life easier. I would probably have placed my equipment in the back too. with a nice pull out rack. would have allowed for a bigger screen and free up some front space.
  20. Got that right. I can see why with you. your set up rocks.
  21. sure, no problem.... funny how when you tell some people what you are doing you get a rather puzzled look on their face like "yeah, okay, a home theater..?" Then when they see and hear the final product it's like "hey this is so cool"
  22. I did not do an official build thread. maybe I should have. This room was only one small part of a rather extensive addiction/renovstion so I was dealing with a lot of other aspects of the build. i suppose I could put something together. just don't want to repeat a lot of what I already discussed here. any questions let me know. hopefully I can help.
  23. thanks everyone.appreciate it. Lots of work to get this point-but finally got the picture dialed in a bit to my liking ( my first projector- so steep learning curve). But I see now what all the fuss is about having a big screen setup. just need to get back row seating now. people already wanting to come over to watch movie.
  24. so after all that I decided to go with the RP280/450C set up. I think getting them black was the right choice too. I was buying so much other gear I needed to shave off a few bucks where I could. thinking down the road I could get the RF7III's. if I wanted. Have to say I am very satisfied with these speakers. Not really the Klipsch sound I am accustomed too- but they definitely rock for Movies & music. The RS62II's work great with them and the 5800's in the ceiling. Paired them with a Yamaha A3060 and and external amp for 7.1.4. Atmos sound awesome. finally got the JVC projector and Stewart screen up. so far so good. looking forward to some movie watching now.
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