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  1. I have plans to build a similar stand but I have a couple of questions. Did you use sand like that for a child's sandbox or something different? Also did you place the turntable plinth directly on the sand or did you use something on top of the sand? My TD124 currently sits on a 4" block of limestone.
  2. Real buzz kill...Rudy's gone http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/26/arts/music/rudy-van-gelder-audio-engineer-who-helped-define-sound-of-jazz-on-record-dies-at-91.html
  3. Yes, very happy with TD124, SME M2-12R, and Ortofon Silver Meister
  4. Tom, The Uwe is still yours if you want it. I'll take the snap tomorrow and PM you thanks...charles
  5. All, Other than the SME 3009 and UWE body....these are still up for grabs...otherwise they will go to ebay Monday thanks...charles
  6. Thus far I have not had any problems with UPS packaging. That said, I can look for other packer options. I will absorb the greater of the UPS actual packaging cost or $25 for a non-ups packer. With a non-ups packer I have no clue what their fee might be so I am setting the $25 cap of what I will fund. thanks...charles
  7. I am located in North Dallas so local pickup could be arranged on Fridays and Saturdays
  8. All, I am offering these here before they go to ebay. I will take any requested snaps Friday. I am selling to recoup costs for an Ortofon SPU Silver Meister and Soundsmith Benz retip. The prices are either what I consider to be 15% below market or the items value to me. In other words, in most cases if the offer price is below this price I would prefer to simply keep the item. I will be listing the items on ebay next Monday. These will be professionally packaged at the local UPS store. I will pay the actual packaging costs and you will pay the actual shipping cost. Paypal Happy holidays...Charles McIntosh C15 Solid State Preamp with McIntosh wood cabinet, remote, and manual - 9/10 - $850 Dynaco A25 Pair of Two way speakers, original boxes, badges, new paper cane grills, refinished cabs - 8/10 - $250 Sansui 5000x receiver with Sansui wood cabinet, original manuals, one display light out - 7/10 - $300 Adcom GFA 555 Solid State amp, flat black, small scratches on top, original manuals, power switch stays on - 7/10 - $250 Adcom GFP 555 Solid state preamp, flat black, small scratches on top, original manuals, power switch stays on - 8/10 - $125 Adcom GFT 555 Solid state tuner, flat black, small scratches on top, original manuals - 8/10 - $65 Adcom GFA 3 way speaker selector, flat black, small scratches on top, original manuals - 8/10 - $35 SOLD - SME 3009 Improved tonearm, almost NOS, original packaging, manuals - 10/10 - $350 Denon DL-S1 MC cartridge, less than 20 hours, original packaging, manuals - 10/10 - $500 Denon 103r MC cartridge, less than 5 hours, original packaging, manuals - 10/10 - $200 UWE Panderholtz (?) 103r body, never mounted, original screws - 10/10 - $65 Juicy Music Tercel 2 tube phono preamp, cream, auricaps, upgraded PS, oak rails, DIY by me - 8/10 - $450 RCA NOS Brent Jesse tubes for Tercel, 200 hours, original boxes - 8/10 - $50 Telefunken ECC803 pair tubes for Tercel, Telefunken middle tube, 300 hours. original boxes - 8/10 - my cost $600 - reasonable offer
  9. I hope you find this information useful. On ebay, if you search for "Thorens gaskets" you will find a listing for a thrust pad and gasket for $7.00, I believe shipping is $2.00 and it comes in about a week in a regular envelope. Multiple orders can be combined for the $2.00. I recently ordered one of these and installed it on my spindle bearing. The thrust bearing looks to be the identical material as more expensive vendors and the paper gasket is an oversized square that you punch holes thru and then trim to size with a xacto knife after you screw in the cover plate. The thrust bearing is slightly oversized and I found a dremel tool grinder used gently around the edge of the thrust bearing makes it fit perfectly in the bearing recess. I have always used a small amount of silicon gasket applied with a toothpick around the inner lip of the paper gasket. This makes a great seal and is easily removed when changing the gasket. I also use Mobil 1 rather than the expensive Thorens oil. Net, net for less than $7 you can change the oil, thrust pad, and gasket every year or so...and $10 is a lot less than the $50 I paid before. I ordered five more to keep for future use.
  10. No longer for sale...lonlobo picked this up a few minutes ago
  11. Mallette, Thanks for the bump to lonelobo...I replied to his PM. Question...a couple of years ago I picked up 2500+ classical records gifted to me indirectly by a local private school. I just recently had an opportunity to start going thru them. They are all Mint (or sealed) except for some VG+ shaded dogs and Mercuries. Seems the school's music director had them recorded to digital before the gifting. Can you recommend 5 or so pipe organ ones to look for? Best
  12. I would prefer a local pickup but primarily I want it to go to a good home. Barring any local pickups you are first in line. I plan to make a decision after the holiday. I would take it to the local UPS store, let them pack and box it to your specifications, and ask you to make an offer and pay the UPS fees. You can PM your response if you prefer.
  13. Turns out we have identified multiple heavy items that need to be moved so we will hire someone to move this to the garage. You only have to get it to your vehicle.
  14. This will be placed downstairs in the garage to prevent any accidents
  15. JBL 2245h 18" (professional) speaker in very nice flat black cabinet - best offer over $60. It really pains me to do this but I have to offer this up. WAF is -10. The only reason it is still in the house is I hid it under some other items in an unused upstairs bedroom. Cabinet is 34" tall, 30" wide, 20" deep. The cabinet is very nice...it has two recessed metal handles on each side, rounded corners, internal bracing, no noticeable dings, and was spray painted flat black. The speaker is legendary 95 spl, 20-2000 Hz, and 300-600 watts. I really do not want to sell speaker by itself. I you want to pull the speaker out and put the cabinet on the curb so be it. But you will never be able to make a cabinet as nice as this one. Local pickup only...located in Far North Dallas at 75252. I purchased this years ago, see link to thread below, for $10 at a local church sale. My best guess is that it was used for an organ. I bought a foam kit, cleaned it up, added another coat of flat black paint and the family let me bring it in the house. I changed the connection on the back to 1/4" plug but I left intact the original banana plugs. The $60 or better offer covers my cost. It had very limited use, maybe 30 minutes worth, running off my son's bass guitar amp. For those 30 minutes the entire house, windows included, vibrated at what I would guess to be 5 watts. I would guess the weight to be around 150 lbs. The recone kit was for two speakers and I will try to find the other set. I will drag it to the top of the staircase but you take it from there...I have a bad knee...it can not be carried downstairs and across the marble floors by less than two people. I have a lot of vintage audio gear I plan to sell but this is the first, and unexplainably, the hardest. I can't make the link to the original post work but search under 2 channel for Charles Turner - what is this speaker?
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