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  1. I already understand that the 51 is newer than the 15. I'm looking for guidance regarding whether it's worth 40% more money to go with the IV over the III.
  2. Isn't that why I'm NOT considering the r-15m and it's family? The RB-51 and RB-15 aren't the "new reference" line... are they?
  3. RB-51 / RB-15, RC-52 / RC-25 - Are the newer models worth the extra money? I see a significant change in the cross-over frequencies, but most other surface details seem fairly comparable. Does newer necessarily mean better, in the case of these speakers? Here's some background if you're interested... I'm helping my step-Father rebuild his home theatre system. 20+ year old Boston Acoustic bookshelves have basically all bit the dust, and his similarily-aged Pioneer receiver... is clipping and randomly shutting down. His criteria for me: - 5.1 system - No floorstand speakers - Bookshelves as close to his current speaker's size as possible (8x5x7 -ish) - ~$1000-$1500 budget, including a new receiver. My Plan: - 4 bookshelf speakers - RB-15's or RB-51's (*began by looking at the newer R-15s and think I talked myself out of them after some research) - Center Speaker - RC-25 or RC-52 (*see note above) - Sub - R-12SW - 5.1 receiver - Really, no idea yet. Room details: - ~25x25 room, opening to another room behind the TV - A/V / Seats set up diagonally from corner to opposite corner (not my choice, but this is how he wants it) - drywalled 3/4 basement room with carpet, blinds, curtains, leather and cloth furniture... lots of sound deadening. Ok, I think that's the end of my 1st post. Hope I followed all the rules, and included all the relevant information. Thanks in advance, guys and girls. Wes
  4. By no means am I a technical guru, but my RC-35 is labelled as "large" in my Yamaha receiver. I wanted the low range from it. It didn't sound right to me when it was labelled as "small". My surround speakers are the RS-42's (iirc) and they're set up as "small". The sub picks up their low-end.
  5. Not to argue with what anyone else has said, but just to give you my opinion... Save yourself the money (if you can) and go with the RC-35. I have had mine paired up with my RF-82's for over a year now and I hear absolutely no issues. The RC-62's frequency response is 57Hz - 23kHz, where the RC-35's is 56Hz - 20kHz. I don't know how much of an audiophile you are, but I'm willing you bet you'd have a hard time telling the difference. Regardless, from my experience, you have nothing to worry about going with an eBay vendor or the like. I can't remember for sure, but I think I got my RC-35 for like $150 from an eBay seller.
  6. No offence taken on my end. The bottom line is that this particular Ebayer has sold a LOT of these speakers and I'm don't think any of those sales resulted in negative feedback. If he was being sketchy about the warranty cards being removed, I don't think he'd be so forth-coming by stating so right in the ad. Removed warranty cards could be for lots of reasons. I have asked him why they're removed, but haven't heard back yet. Curious to hear the answer, for sure. Regardless, if I get the speaker and something seems out of whack with it, I'll return it and get my money back. Hopefully that wont be the case and I'll be just as lucky as the rest of his happy clients.
  7. I wouldn't call it defensive and I didn't intend to take jabs at anyone. I just have a problem with people "reporting" inaccurate info (see Bill H's post) which other forum members may read and take for gospel, thus losing out on some great opportunities. Most of my Ebay purchases have been car parts along with a couple cameras and other electronics. Nothing home-theatre related though, so nothing Klipsch. I've had issues with a couple things and never had problems with sellers exchanging the product or refunding me.
  8. I'm sorry but this is absolute BS coming from someone who either doesn't use Ebay much or just plain doesn't use Ebay. I've purchased HUNDREDS of items from Ebay and NEVER have I had a problem with warranties being honoured. Stating that "any time you buy from Ebay it is considered used" is absolutely NOT TRUE. If you're going to state "facts" that you quite simply don't know are "facts" then don't even bother. I don't know what it is about online forums that brings out all these know-it-all's that really don't know squat... The best evidence of this "store"'s trustworthiness is their feedback. They've sold MANY of these RC-35's and I've yet to read one feedback statement that worries me about the item I just purchased. Those of you that don't trust Ebay and "stores" or sellers like this one; go ahead and spend the extra money on your peice of mind. I'd prefer to do my research, get comfortable with what I'm buying, and save a few bucks if I'm so inclined.
  9. hahah I wish I would have read this message BEFORE I made my "best offer" but I had already found this auction and put a $145 best offer price and it was accepted. Guess I could have saved a bit more, but oh well. Still a good deal and much less than the RC-62 was going to cost.
  10. I'm peicing together the final parts of my new Klipsch setup and I'm having a really hard time finding an RC-62 for a price I'm willing to pay. A few have popped up on Ebay but the auctions have either been cancelled or someone else has beat me to the punch. I've also been scouring Google for weeks now with no luck. A fellow forum member that goes by Nezff suggested an RC-35 to me, which I previously didn't even know existed. Looking at the specs, it's a very close match to the RC-62. My concern is, would it work well with my RF-82 mains and RS-42 surrounds? Or should I continue shopping for an RC-62 until I find one I'm willing to pay for? Thanks in advance.
  11. I apologize if this question's been asked a million times. I did try to search the forums for answers, but I didn't come across any concrete answers. I'll try to get right to the point, so if I leave out any pertinent info please let me know and I'll provide it. As the title says, I just want to know if it's ok to use the RC-52 center channel speaker with the RF-82 towers in the front. I know it's not a perfect match, but the RC-62 is out of my budget, which I'm already well over anyway. If it's a terrible match, then I'll have to reconsider my set-up. Among other differences, there's difference with frequency response... the RF-82's cover 33Hz-23kHz where the RC-52 covers 62Hz-23kHz and the RC-62 covers 52Hz-23kHz. Any input/suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance!
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