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  1. I tested the tweeters and they aren’t close enough. Ordered new diaphragms. When I get those I’ll try both sets. See how they sound. Did take the tweeters from my Cornwalls and tried them. Gold square magnets. Made a nice difference. That’s what I am currently listening to. Be nice to put them back in the Cornwalls when I get the silver/grey magnet 1990 K77m tweeters fixed.
  2. Thanks that’s what I wondering.
  3. Environmentally influenced as in how? Factory change. The 1980 ones I have are gold magnet. The 1990 ones are more of a silver. So are you saying they should sound real same? I haven’t installed them into the Khorns yet. Khorns have the garbage Crites CT120 drivers. Wan to get them closer to original and better sounding. Need diaphragms for both. As each has one bad one. Just my luck. Lol…
  4. I was asking just about the K77m. Not the K77. Some of the K77m have a gold square magnet. Then the color changed to a silverish. Just curious if there was any changes through the production years of the K77m’s. Late 1970’s-early 1990’s.
  5. Just wondering if there are differences in the earlier versions (late 70’s) and the 1990 versions of the K77m. See they have gold and silver square magnets.
  6. Pstores


    Ok thanks I’ll give him a call.
  7. Pstores


    I got a set of Khorns. Someone put different tweeters in them. I’d like to get them back to Original. So I am looking for a set or even 1 K77m Thanks for any help.
  8. Take a look at the Atma-Sphere S30….. Is sounds pretty nice on the LaScala’s
  9. Yeah for the $500 I paid for a brand new in the box Cornwall III I couldn’t pass it up. Long story why it was new still in the box. But like I said…. $500 was a good deal.
  10. I have been putting together some speaker here and there. This spring I’ll be setting up and doing a HT room. I came across some speakers and drivers at a decent price. Just not sure how they will work together. Atleast the center and the from mains. But here is what I have so far. Anyway I can make them work well together? 2- Cornwalls 1989 type B Crossovers with JEM Perfomance caps. (Front mains) 1- Cornwall III (center channel) Spare K77m and K33E woofer 2- KG 5.5 for front surrounds. M&K MX 2000 sub B&W AWS10CM sub and will locate some KG for rear surrounds eventually. The KG’s should be fine since they are effects Speakers I am guessing. My question is will the front mains blend ok with the center channel. Or will I have to either rebuild the mains, or the center so they blend better. I can’t set them up till spring. So listening to them isn’t an option. I figured I see what you guys and gals think on here about this setup.
  11. Just recap some Cornwalls this weekend. Hooked them to some tubes…
  12. Let’s just say I have a set of Forte II with ALK crossovers and they don’t hold a candle to my Cornwalls. But that could be for various reasons…
  13. I talked with Jim. Seems like very nice guy. Ordered the kit. Got it a few days later. Replaced the Type B Oil Can crossover caps with his kit. I can say it was a huge difference. These speakers don’t hurt my ears now. The clarity is better. Soundstage better. Everything is crisper and more accurate. Transparency was the biggest gain. But all in all I am surprised to the details that has come out. The Type B is as simple as a Xover as you’ll find in the Klipsch line. I do have some Vcap ODAM’s ordered. It’ll be interesting to see the difference. In Xovers the ODAM’s are my go to. The Highend Vcaps are just to expensive. I do have them in the Amps and preamp. ODAM’s seem like a good compromise. At the end of the day. Jim’s kit for my speakers were well worth the price.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I ordered some Vcap ODAM’s. I’ve used these in some Zu and others. They are really kickass. Just replaced the caps today with the JEM kit. Pretty big difference over the Oil Cans. Pretty sure the ODAMs will be a night and day difference though.
  15. Just curious if you guys think a 2.2 can be used instead of a 2 for the Tweeter?
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