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  1. I know what the difference the Vcap ODAM made in the little Zu’s. And have seen what the VCAP Teflon’s made in the Atma-sphere preamps and amplifiers I’ve had. The VCAP Teflon would be way out on my price range. But their newer less expensive ODAM line maybe in my future. Kind of depends if I am going to hold on to my Chorus or upgrade to Chorus II. I was hoping someone that maybe tried other caps like Mundorfs it Clarity would chime in as it there was a difference in that and the Sonicaps. Soni’s are a nice quality cap. But be interesting to hear what others have done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the welcome. Been in this forum for just over 10 years.. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I read and research a lot here. But haven’t seen many posts of people using higher end caps like Vcaps. Just curious if it was a big improvement. Or more cost prohibitive for the return. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I got a set of chorus I’s with Bob Crites Ti Tweeter Diaphram and Xover. Has anyone replace the caps he uses with Vcap ODam or any other caps. I really love the Vcaps. Have them in a Set of Zu Dirty Weekenders and my Preamps as well as Amps. Also anything else I can do to these that may help them. I have been thinking that I’ll try doing the port mods also. One last question... These sound pretty good as they are. I just think there is more to get from them. Thanks for your input, I do appreciate it. Been reading for a few days.
  4. I am looking at a set. Which caps were the problem caps in these amps. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  5. Anyone else have Preferences on tube amps? Also what is the difference with Heresy II and the Tangent 400's??
  6. Tube amp is a must. May try a Mark levingson 390 or 31 CD Player if I can find one I can afford.
  7. Ok, I am going to keep my TV and music seperate. I am going to setup a Music system driving it with my Adcom 545 II and the 565 pre-amp. No subwoofer upstairs Living room is 15x15 plan closer to 18x30. Evevtaully finding a better Amp maybe an Adcom 565 II. Maybe this will change some thoughts. Would Khorns sound ok in a 15x15 listening area with an open floor plan??
  8. I just got my audio gear back up. I have a bad Adcom 545 II amp right now. But, hopefully fix it. I have an Old Denon DCD 2560, Sony STR DG820 AV, Adcom 565 Pre-amp, Klipsch KV-4 M&K MX-2000 sub, And Infinity Modulus Speaker I used to mono-block, and new Klipsch WF-35 that are ok, not sure if I will keep them. That's why I am hear. I am on the road to upgrade. I post this under 2 channel because I am looking for Music first and TV second. I remember the great old Khorn, Chorus II, Fortes but, I don't remember which might be best in my smaller room. I am thinking the Chrous II maybe be good. LaScalla maybe to big. What do you guys think. The roon is 15X 14 with carpet. I decided to go on the hunt for old Klipsch after what I found out the the newer WF-35 don't sound as nice as my infinity And am sure the Klipsch do sound bettter than the Infinities. Thanks for any input.
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