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  1. Thanks much for all of your answers. After reading your responses, I have come to two conclusions. 1) If I am going to choose between the HD Theater 500's and the HD Theater 1000's then the 1000's are most definitely the better choice. 2) I think that I really need to expand my search again beyond these two sets of speakers. That brings me back to a more general question. How do I choose the best speakers for my situation (i.e. size of room, listening habits, etc.). I wish there was a formula or a process or a software program that I could follow where I could provide all the input data and it would spit out the answer..."go buy speaker xyz". I want to find a set of speakers that I can be satisfied with but I don't want to break the bank doing it. Any other words of wisdom will be welcome. -- risselba --
  2. Is the size of the room really an important consideration when choosing a set of surround sound speakers? I have been looking at the HD Theater 1000 and HD Theater 500 speakers. The brochure on these speakers indicates that the 500's are for a medium size room and the 1000's are for a large room. But there is no definition of "medium" or "large". The speakers that I am looking for are going to be installed in my family room, which is 13' x 21'. Is that a "medium" size or a "large" size room. Most importantly, are the HD Theater 500 speakers sufficient for that size room? Thanks to anyone that can help answer.
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