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    Music, and being able to hear a pin drop on my setup.
    Golf (for cash)
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    Speakers and other relevant stuff...........

    Let's just say forever changing!

    K Horns, La Scala (Crites tweet), Chorus II, Chorus I, KLF 30 Rear
    Cornwall, KG 5.5, Hersey, C7, Pioneer DSS-5

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Community Answers

  1. agreed, very nice sounding speakers if I ever sold any they would be the last ones out the door........
  2. Very clean nice job how long did it take........ I W H FK I up..
  3. good luck with your sale....... only sold two pair of Klipsch in my life one of them was CF-4s
  4. long time in storage hope heat and humidity controlled....
  5. Nice I saw him 17 times.... the guy was a genius .. a true composer
  6. they do just turned them off listening to Van Morrison....sweet music. I appreciate your help thank you very much David
  7. I'll check the signature's out...
  8. agreed! they will be with me the rest of my life
  9. agreed! they will be with me the rest of my life
  10. wow I thank you sir...what log book?
  11. actually when I checked the back again the # is 344 sorry
  12. Nothing on the top. My K horns and Cornwall's Have numbers in the wood
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