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    Music, and being able to hear a pin drop on my setup.
    Golf (for cash)
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    Speakers and other relevant stuff...........

    Let's just say forever changing!

    K Horns, La Scala (Crites tweet), Chorus II, Chorus I, KLF 30 Rear
    Cornwall, KG 5.5, Hersey, C7, Pioneer DSS-5

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  1. Zappa Freak

    K horns vs B & W 801 Matrix speakers

    Love the K horns less the size, my La Scala have Bob's crossover and tweeter upgrades and the sound is close to the K Horns. I also have Chorus II, Klf -30, Kg 5.5, Cornwall's, Heresy, Academy(center) RC64, well lots of Klipsch. Just thought may be a good trade for my K horns maybe not just wanted some opinions as I value the expertise of my fellow Members.
  2. Anyone ever compare K horns to B & W 801 Matrix anniversary speakers..... i am considering a trade what do you think?
  3. Zappa Freak

    Klf 30 trade for Heresyiii

    how about a regular Heresy pair in excellent condition
  4. Zappa Freak

    Chorus II Arizona

    don't get much better than Chorus II
  5. Zappa Freak

    WTB: Chorus II's

    saw a pair on southern Wisc, craigslist Keeping mine
  6. Zappa Freak

    Chorus in Chicago

    need to get some more pics @ 2MB
  7. Zappa Freak

    Chorus in Chicago

    Anyone interested in a pair of chorus Oiled Oak? located south of Chicago
  8. Zappa Freak

    La Scala Chicago

    Not mine.................... https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/5792874275.html
  9. Zappa Freak

    Should I get these 5.5 for $350.00?

    He gone.............. lol next week he will be looking for La Scala's
  10. Zappa Freak

    WTB: RF-83 or KLF-30 or CF-4

    I would say the KLF - 30 or the Chorus II still have both pair w the KLF's as rear. Had the RF83 let them go and never looked back....................... Big box............ check out the La Scala
  11. Zappa Freak

    Listing question from newb

    Welcome to the forums kse ........ I will need a photo ID and your mothers phone number............ LOL welcome
  12. Zappa Freak

    Placing a speaker in front of a Khorn?

    Well I like it.... KHorns in a two way stereo set up
  13. Zappa Freak

    Klipschorn corner speakers - $11000 (Asheville)

    mine are for sale too........... for $11,000.00......... I will deliver