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    Music, and being able to hear a pin drop on my setup.
    Golf (for cash)
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    Speakers and other relevant stuff...........

    Let's just say forever changing!

    K Horns, La Scala (Crites tweet), Chorus II, Chorus I, KLF 30 Rear
    Cornwall, KG 5.5, Hersey, C7, Pioneer DSS-5

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Community Answers

  1. was 1975 a good year for K horns?
  2. Love the K horns less the size, my La Scala have Bob's crossover and tweeter upgrades and the sound is close to the K Horns. I also have Chorus II, Klf -30, Kg 5.5, Cornwall's, Heresy, Academy(center) RC64, well lots of Klipsch. Just thought may be a good trade for my K horns maybe not just wanted some opinions as I value the expertise of my fellow Members.
  3. Anyone ever compare K horns to B & W 801 Matrix anniversary speakers..... i am considering a trade what do you think?
  4. how about a regular Heresy pair in excellent condition
  5. don't get much better than Chorus II
  6. saw a pair on southern Wisc, craigslist Keeping mine
  7. need to get some more pics @ 2MB
  8. Anyone interested in a pair of chorus Oiled Oak? located south of Chicago
  9. Not mine.................... https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/5792874275.html
  10. He gone.............. lol next week he will be looking for La Scala's
  11. I would say the KLF - 30 or the Chorus II still have both pair w the KLF's as rear. Had the RF83 let them go and never looked back....................... Big box............ check out the La Scala
  12. Welcome to the forums kse ........ I will need a photo ID and your mothers phone number............ LOL welcome
  13. Well I like it.... KHorns in a two way stereo set up
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