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  1. Ok I mean schematics. I want to know what value caps are on the board, etc.
  2. Where am I able to find the specs for the crossover on the KLF-30? I only found the owners manual here on klipsch.
  3. Im thinking of not getting these KLF-10's. Im sure they will remind me alot of my old RF-3's, which I wont be very happy with. But I want to take a trip and see those heresys, god I want em! u wana trade my Tangent 500 and maybe some cash?!!
  4. I am looking at a pair of KLF-10's and need a place to "test them". I am from orlando and the owner is from venice. He wants to meet by the mall in ellenton, but if I can find some awesome member to let us use their house as a testing place, that would be wonderful! So if you can, or are close to that area please let me know. Thanks!
  5. OK so I have a chance to snag a pair of KLF-10's for a good price I think, $200. They seem minty, a lil dusty but very nice! I wonder if I will like them? I have the big brothers now (KLF-30's) and love those! I would want the 10's for my bedroom setup, to replace the tangents that I have in here now. But will I miss the 3 way sound I am used to? I had a pair of RF-3's and they were nice, didnt wow me in the mids though. I cant believe that the 10's dig deeper then the 30's! Im guessing thats from the same depth in both the models. Im sure if the 30's had a deeper box, they would get lower. So what do you guys think? I do like how these tangents sound, but im kinda wanting more.
  6. I live in orlando fl. But they may be able to be in tallahassee fl soon if........... need be. They are in good shape and do sound very good.
  7. Or just sell them and get something more efficient? I placed these next to my KLF-30's last night and wow! I really dont like them anymore! Damn it I shouldnt of done that! So the tweeters and the mids thats in the tangent is the same thats in the heresy II? The mids and the tweeters in my KLF blows the mids away in those tangents.
  8. Has anyone done this? I dont really love the build quality on the tangents, so if I were to get them I wouldnt mind building some Heresys. Thoughts? Pros/Cons?
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