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  1. Yes I can ship. Give me your zip and I'll get a quote.
  2. Hello Emile, I'm over in titusville. Yeah I4 is a bear, but you would take 528 to 95 so it's not that bad!
  3. I'll let ya know if the sale doesn't go through.
  4. Sale pending logistics.
  5. Hey bud thanks for the kind words! Having kids and moving takes up alot of my free time!
  6. I've got 2 pairs of these KPT 100'S for sale. Doubt I'll ever use them since they have been sitting for years (other pair is still in the box they were shipped in). Got them both from a forum member here. $100 each pair. Located in the space coast area. also have brackets and screws.
  7. Give me a call when you can. Let's try to work something out.
  8. Ha I haven't been to the dream cruise in years. I'm driving up from Florida, so maybe somehow I could swing by NC. Just tossing ideas out and seeing what sticks.
  9. Funny you should mention that, since that's the route I plan on going for my ht. Can we talk soon? I head to Mich in July and have room in my trailer.
  10. Interested, can you ship? These would go great with my heresy's.
  11. I used to own the 500, always wondered what the 500t could do. Where are you located?
  12. I know it's been a while, but do you still have the in wall speakers?
  13. Beautiful speakers. Makes me want to pick them up and I don't even need them 😎
  14. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who reached out to me, but the search is now over. I just ordered a epson 3700 today. Thanks guys
  15. Really wanted to get a 3d projector, thanks though.
  16. Thanks for trying, I appreciate it.
  17. I'm not a member over there. Can you post a link or email me rennoc442@yahoo.com Thanks
  18. Long time no see! Yep still got it, still powering my tangents.
  19. Looking for a projector to start my new home theater room. Let me know what you got.
  20. Thanks for trying buddy! Yes sir I use it everyday to push my bedroom setup, a pair of tangents that now have a pushed in dust cap! lol gotta love toddlers!
  21. I've had several people interested in these, but all too far away.
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