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  1. I'm actually building a box to ship a trans out to California, so I could build a box and bolt the sub to the floor of said box if anyone was serious.
  2. Actually its from my 70 cutlass, close though! This is a 70 442
  3. These are by far one of the best Klipsch speakers I have had the pleasure to own. The overall package is superb, and very impressive when you pull off the grills to show them off! Thanks for all the kind words guys, these will sell just got to find the right buyer.
  4. I'm not fond of shipping this sub, unless buyer wants to pay for white glove service.
  5. John, there is a post for the sub, I'm asking $800. I really do not want to ship this sub, very fragile and I'm not sure ups or fedex is going to be a good option.
  6. I got the upgrades back in 2013 through bob crites, and klipsch. If you search for the mid upgrade for the 30 you will find the part number you need to use to contact klipsch with.
  7. I do not have the original box, and I'm not too sure shipping this sub would be a good idea unless it was handled very carefully.
  8. Bill the family is good, in fact expanding! Our second child is due Oct 2nd!
  9. I'm selling because it's been 2 years since I've used it, and in my future plans I will be building a horn loaded sub to go with some khorns or lascallas. Don't really want to sell but what good is a beautiful sub sitting around not being used?
  10. My bad yes it is maple thanks for pointing that out. I'm not sure why but it's such a light color it looks more like a blonde color than maple.
  11. I forgot to add that I have a mahogany veneer that I planned to cover this sub with to match my 30s that I will toss in with the sale if wanted.
  12. For sale is my RSW 15. This sub is in great shape, just missing the cover but who would want to cover that subwoofer?! Sorry for the horrible pics but that's all I can find at the moment. $800. Located in central Florida.
  13. These beautiful mahogany KLF 30s have been my pride and joy for the past several years. I have upgraded the crossovers from crites, along with his titanium tweeters and titanium mids from klipsch, over $400 in upgrades. I have reglued the fronts and backs on both speakers with gorilla glue and they are both rock solid. I am the second owner and these speakers are as close to mint as can be. Don't really want to sell but they have been sitting unused for the past 2 years so there is no point in keeping these anymore. $900 takes these beauty's home. Located in central Florida. I will also be selling my RSW 15 as seen in the pics.
  14. Hmmm I might be interested. Bill, what do you think of this sub compared to my RW-12D? I like that this sub has no port.
  15. Still looking for RB81 ii's
  16. Its gonna be mains, and needs to be up to par with the RC 62ii center, RW-12d, and RS10's. I am thinking of future proofing too, if I get the 61's then want to later on use them as mains in a 2 channel alone, I think I would be disappointed.
  17. Yeah will be multi channel, so I think I will hold out for 81's unless I find a cheap pair of 61's. I think the 61's would be fine but I hate not knowing!
  18. The goal is a small (2nd) ht with mostly music being played. The room is 12 by 18. I would guess the 61's would be suffice but you know how the upgrade bug works!
  19. That's like half price. What do you think bill, go for the 61 or 81?
  20. Not bad, but what throws me off is the description, it says black but the pic is cherry? I just emailed the seller to clarify. Since I have the black center, black surrounds and a black sub, I would for once like to have an all matching system!
  21. Looking for a set of black RB61 ii or RB81 ii. Must be in great shape. I am located in central florida, 32796.
  22. rennoc442


    Ha thanks for the offer but it's not for sale. It's actually a blonde maple.
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