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  1. Hi all ! I have not long brought some nice refurbished heresy ii's and am trying out alot of diffferent amps such as nad,redgum,arcam and yamaha.......... so far the arcam (alpha 7) sounds best! Anyway,i have a chance to buy a Mcintosh MC 2505 power amp for $650 aud in mint condition and wondered what to expect? Does anyone have any experiences with the Mcintosh/Klipsch combo? He also has a reciever/preamp 1900 for sale in mint conditon for $750 or both for $1300 aud Would love to hear from the trusty people on here. Thanks and by the way......................I love those Heresy's!!
  2. Yes.........They are somewhat of a collectors item now,so think of it as an investment that you can use.
  3. Yes the heresy are an odd speaker as without hearing it and the only pair i can get over here is a 12 hr drive(something to do)......but from what i can gather they were originally made to be a centre speaker and thats why they lack bass and the later model have been bass improved for use as a stand alone speaker? Anyway.........2 pairs on ebay in Sydney now so have a real chance of bagging a pair! 1 pair has reached over $1000 aud............now unsure how high to go.........as i always say- "It's not about the money,It's about the sound"
  4. They look mad!!............Taking my amp to the dudes house this week for a listen,i'll let you guys know what i think. Can't wait!!
  5. Hi Matt and thanks for your story!.....I had alot of the mainstreem gear,B&W,Dynaudio,Quad etc and although these are great speakers once i heard the klipsh i knew it was for me until a got the bug and sold my KG4's ............what a mistake as these are so hard to come by over here and expensive. I brought these for $680 aud and i can get a pair of heresy's for $1099 so i'm unsure what the cornwalls will go for on ebay. So now it's time to go all out and beg,borrow or steal to get these cornwalls as every man and his dog say they'll never sell their ones. That's a pretty big call!!.............Happy to be with Klipsch and don't see the exit sign.
  6. If i miss out on the cornwalls.....ebay item.........shall i go for the heresy's?
  7. sorry......cheap is an ugly word as i would highly recommend this amp and Yaqin products. That was one of my options instead of buying a new up was a guy i met who performs this upgrade....... http://www.customanalogue.com/jlti_el34_shootout.htm so the cornwalls would be a major upgrade?
  8. Hi all!....................I have a pair of Klipsch KG4's with a cheap chinese tube amp(YAQIN MC-10) and this sounds way beyond my expectations and price. As always..........upgrades are just part of this hobby and i have a chance to buy a pair of klipsch cornwalls (1983) one owner in mint condition. I have been saving for a nicer tube amp http://www.westonacoustics.com/ to go with the kg4's but now wonder if i should inject the money into the cornwalls and replace the amp at a later date. I have never heard cornwalls and am just going on users reviews...............also avalible are a pair of heresy's originals but again haven't heard these so hard to compare to the KG4's. The KG4's have had new crossovers/tweeters from Bob Crites and sound fantasic! Help me make the right choice as i sold the last pair of KG4's and was lost without them.............Hard to get older Klipsch in Australia. Also.............what would i expect to pay for the cornwall in Australia?
  9. thanks!, i ended up getting a dared mp5 tube amp 13 x 2 watts and what an amazing sound,just need a bit more power so have also brought a marantz pm-7200 that runs 25watts in class A and 95watts in AB.....can't wait to try it was cheaper than both musical fidelity amps!
  10. on the lookout for an amp for my kg-4's never heard of scott hi fi? only seen this metioned on here and wondered if it's worth buying one for $100? any advice would be great.....i can also get a nad 3020b for the same cash!
  11. hi,have the option to buy the following amps- the original musical fidelity a1 @ 20 watts - musical fidelity x-a1 @ 50 watts both over $500 australian dollars. building the system around my much loved kg-4's and looking for a warm sound but enough power for rock and acoustic rock and pop! the upside on the a1 is the class a 8 watts and the phono stage,but what about the age? 1985 aprox....it is in mint condition but thats the outside. the x-a1 has no phono stage and is 50 watts and more modern. any help would be great as i have various speakers and amps in the past i have finally settled on my speakers and cdp of choice is rotels rcd965bx. i have seen a nad 3020b also that i remember being great with rock music and great phono stage,would the musical fidelity a1 (20W) be as powerful as the nads 20 watts? thanks again!!
  12. hi,recently purchased a set of kg-4's and absolutely love em! here's the problem, i have 2 amps...pioneer a-400 and yamaha's ax-592 both great amps with different qualities...... the pioneer is so clear and detailed compared to the yamaha but with rock and pop sounds bright and not bass heavy enough the yamaha is awesome for pop and rock with bags of bass and powerful sounding but with acoustic stuff it sounds muddy in comparasion i listen to all types of music and wondered if there's an amp that sounds somewhere in the middle..... love to hear your thoughts...........thanks!
  13. hi, i had the 1 and the 2 and prefered the 1's sweeter tone....i had this hooked up to jbl L26 restored speakers.....anyway i sold it and move on to other gear and only brought my first pair of klipsch last week the kg-4 model....fantastic!....now looking for a amp to match.....i have these hooked up to pioneers a-400 and also have a big 100 watt 2ch amp from yamaha. the pioneer sounds a bit bright for these but on some well recorded stuff it's unbelievible! the yamaha on the other hand performs rock and pop with power and (((bass))) i do think if i had keeped the cyrus 1 it was in between these amps ....that sweet detailed tone, would you know if the cyrus 1 and kg-4's and would it be a good match? thanks!........p.s.great phono stage!
  14. hi, have a chance to buy a pioneer a-400 and wonder if any others have tried this amp with klipsch speakers? would it be to bright sounding?.......i had this amp some yrs ago and sold it due to my b&w's metal tweeter! now i have the kg4 and the top end is great,much better than the b&w's....usinging a yamaha ax-592 2 channel 100 watt amp at the mo. any experience/advice would be much appreciated.....thanks!
  15. good advice doug! i'll concentrate on the rest of my system first....you know what it's like, change one thing in your system and then everything else has to change....[:'(] hi davis!.......pretty awesome speakers for rock compared to alot of speakers i've had in the past,i really thought b&w 602 s2 was the best speaker i had come across for awhile except when listening to live music when the tweeter gets to bright and the volume has to go down. these on the other hand sound so realistic with live and acoustic stuff! these speakers have the (((((VIBE))))) i've been longing for....last time i heard speakers like this were the old b&w dm6 which have that mellow bass but very hard to find a decent pair and are huge!!
  16. from sydney...i did wonder how much better can these speakers get? also,whats the new range like, how do they compare? cool site,hope to get lots of info here.......
  17. thanks!.....alot of people seem to use pioneer receivers yet haven't heard any talk of the PIONEER A-400 with these? now i have the speakers and i have a cdp that i love.....mmmmm! (rotel rcd965bx) just try a few amps and see how this goes [^o)]..........
  18. hi all, have been a hifi addict for 20 yrs or so and have had hi end gear,cheap gear and everything in between. spent lots of hours and money in shops and ebay of course but was never really satisfied until a cpl of days ago. let me tell you i have had most speakers that get a mention in all the magazines and my last pair were the beautiful EB ACOUSTICS EB1 fantastic speaker for the size and would highly recommend as i think this would be the best bookshelf speaker that you could get for the price! anyway as i'm always searching for something better or different, i thought i'd sell these and if i don't find anything i like more i'll just get another pair! the reason i mention the EB1's is i put these on ebay and got a great offer from a guy that had a few pairs of speakers for sale. one set of klipsch kg-4's was amongst these. i thought the price was high for some garage sale looking speakers(covers on) @ $690 au dollars so i thought i'd look at some reviews and couldn't believe the hype! after a cpl of weeks he lowered the price $490 au and i thought i just gotta have a listen before someone else gets in. went around had a cuppa[C] and he had these hooked up to a nice tube amp and we had a listen.....wow! love em straight away, that soothing bottom end and detail from the horns[A].....i thought once i get them home and set them up with my cheaper gear i wonder how these will sound? will they are just the best things i've heard in a very long time....under $500 au dollars.....these sound like speakers worth thousands. i've listened to all types of music including my sons death metal[:@]......now he's a fan! bob marley live!....acdc loud!....talking heads!....beatles on vinyl, pink floyds mellow sound is just awesome on these..... i would say i am glad i searched for 20 yrs for the sound i was looking for and after listening to so many great brands of speaker i know these are'nt perfect but they're perfect for me.[] THANKS KLIPSCH
  19. hi all, new on here and just discovered the klipsch sound.....use to be b&w mad!....tried alot of speakers over the yrs and had a pair of paradigms when i brought these kg4's home, i thought great i can compare these old looking boxes to the nice looking paradigms. had both hooked up to a yamaha ax-592 100 watt 2 channel amp....played the paradigms first then switched over to the klipsch and what a difference!.......so dynamic and full sounding!.......i'm in sonic heaven right now and every type of music sounds great! it reminds me of the nad 3020 i had , it wasn't perfect but it was more enjoyable and had the (((((VIBE)))) anyway what i wanted to know is recommended amps for this speaker.....as i have tried alot of amps over the yrs i have a cpl of favourites that are usually on ebay. NAD 3020 - VERY ENJOYABLE TONE MISSION CYRUS 2 - VERY CLEAR AND DETAILED PIONEER A400- BRIGHTER THAN THE REST BUT THE MOST MUSICAL IV'E HEARD YAMAHA AX-592 - POWERFUL, MORE FORGIVING AMP any advice would be i bonus, i can buy a pioneer today but unsure how bright this will sound with horns? i'm using my old faithful rotel rcd965bx cdp that has that nice analogue sound....van den hul d102 mk 3 interconnect and kimber 8vs speaker cable.
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