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  1. I've spent countless hours on here reading about fancy interconnects and speaker wire and I've basically reached one conclusion - most everything is hype. When it's all said and done go with these guys. Their products and prices are reasonable and they don't sell a lot of silly hype. Save the rest of your money for more Klipsch speakers. http://www.bluejeanscable.com/
  2. Everyone raves about the 125, but I really don't really hear much difference and if I had to choose I actually prefer the stock 77.
  3. To do it right, they need to be tight. Klipsch recommends the base and chair mouldings be cut so the speaks are snug. Now most folks don't go to that extreme and as long as you place them in the corners up against the mouldings, you'll be fine. They should sound great in the room you describe.
  4. I appreciate the help, Larry. Thansk for the diagram too.
  5. I had the same experience when I upgraded the caps in a pair of 78 Herseys. I couldn't hear any difference either. Sometimes the caps you are replacing may not be that bad, but like you said, it can't hurt anything to upgrade. Tweeter upgrades are in the ear of the beholder. I actually like the harsh sound of the stock tweets, but that's just me and the style of music I listen to. Either way, I have always had good luck with Crites. They understand and share our passion, offer quality products and services, and provide prompt customer support.
  6. Thanks, I see how that works in the diagram. In regards to the recording, the phono output has always made its way to the speakers, it's just not as loud as the line signal. I can record the phono stage and just boost the recording level with the tape deck. When I play the tape, I get the higer gain (although it's probably a bit distorted, it still sounds fine). All the rumble as noted earleir in the thread disappears since the signal is now coming from a tape and not the TT. For some reason my TT produces a lot of rumble, but again, I think its the way the reciever is processing the milli-volt signal (rumble and reduced gain). I'm just not sure were that problem is occuring, but my guess is that its in some circuit board somewhere since everything else works fine and my tech couldn't find anything wrong with the phono stage. In addition, some of my controls were cutting in and out, but my tech fixed all that when it was serviced. There are no issues with any of the controls now.
  7. Larry, I doubt that a new turntable will change anything, but if I get my hands on one I'll try it. One thing I don't follow is the volumn control in front of the line input. If the volumn preceeds the line input, how is the line input volumn controlled? I don't know if I will ever solve this problem. If I really want to crank up a tune, I record it to a tape deck and then blast it back that way. All the rumble is gone at that point and I can set the record level a litte higher to compensate for the weak phono level. In the end this reciever produces a really nice sound (similar to tubes). I also get a wicked lower end, just not with the phono stage and I guess I can live with that. Everything else works to my satisfaction.
  8. Larry, I'm running a Technics SL1200MK2 direct drive turntable. I think all the connections are okay since it seems to work fine with the SX-650. My sub-woofer makes the rumble much worse as does the introduction of any tone controlled bass. Being somewhat of a novice, I don't understand why my external phono pre-amp produces the same results? For some reason this animal likes 1 to 2 volts a lot better then 5 milli-volts regarless of what input I use (Tape, AUX, or Phone). Perhaps, I should try a different turntable as this one my be producing a poor output with lots of rumble, but that still doesn't explain why it cranks loud on the 650. Or could it possibly be the amp section of the 1980 and not the pre-amp section? My tech said the unit is putting out more than 270 watts a side as advertised. I believe that using line voltage, but not even close with a turntable.
  9. Islander, -10db on my system is about 2 oclock and I've never gone that far with it. With a CD player I can't really bare anything beyond the 10 oclock position. I'm afraid that if I went to -10bd the rumble would blow my beloved Belles to smitherines.
  10. My apologies, it's a MM cartridge (M97xe). I also have a Audio Technica AT440MLA. They sound about the same. The Pioneer SX-1980 has the weak phono, but sounds really good. I'm not sure why the power meter needles bounce so much either. If you engage the 15hz cut-off button that issue goes away. The other reciever is a Pioneer SX-650 that is as loud as all get out, but not nearly as sweet sounding as the SX-1980. Loud and harsh is the best way to describe it. I just wish the 1980 had a stronger phono stage, then it would be all around fantastic. I will say that since it's been serviced it sounds better than ever, just weak when using a turntable. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Here's an update - I just went and really cranked it up (about half way) and the needles really bounce around. On top of that, if you depress the 15hz cut-off the needles start to run away and there is a large loud growing rumble in the subwoofer. If you disengage the 15 hz cut-off things sound better, but still weak for were the volumn is. At this point, my needles are showing between 1 and 10 watts a side. If you engage and then disengage the tone control switch you can get the rumble to come and go. It sounds to me like the phono pre-amp section of my unit is messed up, but I am just a novice when it comes to electronics. As I mentioned, using an external phone pre-amp on the AUX doesn't help much either.
  11. Thanks, Islander. It sounds like my reciever is OK, which is a relief. I'm using a Shure MC cartridge. I've seen some phono pre-amps with a volumn knob. Is that what I would need to increase the level without cranking up the volumn control on the receiver? Also, would something like that wind up distorting the signal? It sounds like if I go to a MM cartidge that would makes things louder as well. Do MM cartidges sound better than the cheaper MC cartidges? If any of this is true can you recommend a reasonable (under $200) phono-preamp and/or MM cartidge? Thanks.
  12. I have a big Pioneer reciever from the 70s that is realy loud when you plug a CD or tape deck into it, but you have to turn it up twice as much to get the Phono outputs to sound just as loud. The power needles dance around a lot more when using the turntable as well. Using an external phono pre-amp through the Aux produces the same result, but a CD player through Aux is loud. If I plug the turntable into another reciever the phono output is fine. I had it serviced and the guy said it checked out OK. Does anyone have a clue what might be going on here? Thanks in advance for any advice. PS - the sound is sweet, it's just not as loud as my other components.
  13. I hear where you are coming from. I tried to sneak a pair of my speakers upstairs and the only set my wife would allow were the Herseys. Everything else was just too big and not decorator correct. While the Heresey may not be the badest kid on the block at least their cute enough to sneak upstairs.
  14. This problem is exacly why they created loudness buttons in the first place. You've gone full circle and should just pull the Pioneer out of the garage if you want more bass at lower levels. If you try to use a sub in that townhouse you'll get more bass all right, with your neighbors fist banging on the wall.
  15. I have to admit the only thing I like more than my Klipsch speaker collection is my wife's cooking. If I had to choose between the two I'd be wearing the skirt and eating like a king. I'd still have my hearing too.
  16. I run a Pioneer SX-1980 and it sounds almost like tube gear to me. Very rich with a lot more punch. Any of the SX recievers will sound this way. They are a great value for the money.
  17. That's my experience with most sales people too - just a blank stare. The best is when I mention Klipsch to someone and they respond with, "I have those too, I bought them at Best Buy". I just smile and give up at that point.
  18. Tie knots in your cords! Now that's a price I can live with. Anyone have a picture of what this daisy chain set-up looks like? Or is a knot just a knot?
  19. If you want to sell them I would take Mike's offer. After even further review it is clear that they are reveneered with a cheap formica product and that basically devalued them a ton. $400 is a fair price.
  20. Okay, I was way off, but those are very nice looking speakers. Let's see, walnut finish (or is it stained birch?), brown grills, verticles (all good). If condition is mint you can get closer to a grand. These are not real easy to find. I just looked at your other thread. They have been re-veneered and the edges don't look factory and the veneer is not the same color as factory speaks. Your price just fell to $500. Sorry about that. It's best not to tinker with them unless you can make them look factory perfect. You may still be able to get more if the person buying them isn't too Heritage savy. That won't work here though.
  21. Sound like Designers (no grills) Raw Birch, but I'm no expert. If they are then $1500 may be a stretch. There's is a niche market for the designers and if they are mint, you have a shot.
  22. Not for me. I use a $40 surge protector, but never heard any sound difference with the so called conditioners. I just suck all the dirty juice I can squeeze out of the power company, push it though an old 270 watt Pioneer reciever, and nothing but sweet sound comes out the other end. It's all hype man.
  23. Pretty much and he is really smart about it and we all respect him. If he gives you some advice, I'd accept it. The dude knows what he is doing.
  24. I second that. These types of scratches can't be fixed and if you try you'll make them look worse. The only way to get rid of them is to sand them out (yours are too deep, don't try that) or re-veneer. I also agree with everyone else. Just leave them alone and enjoy them. They look good.
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