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  1. I found this link that explains a lot of what I was looking for. Thought others might like it too. http://www.klipsch.com/media/products/downloads/heritage-reference-data.pdf
  2. Thanks, I could probably figure it all out if I had the time, but I am thinking about buying some AAs from Crites. I just wanted to make sure I will really hear a noticable difference if I shelf the ALs. The ones I have are in good condition. I've learned that there are even better options like the ALK, but I can't spend $600 unless the difference blew me away. Bottom line, will I notice a big difference if I swap them out with Crites AA?
  3. Thanks, I did get some new ones I just didn't want to throw the old ones away if someone wanted them. If I could get a few bucks for the effort that would be good, but I'm probably posting this in the wrong area.
  4. Sorry, I'm learning as I go.
  5. I have two blown woofers out of a pair of La Scalas. They are in good condition, but don't work at all. Are they worth anything or should I just throw them away?
  6. All you engineers understand the schematics. I just wanted to know why the AL crossover has a bad rap.
  7. Thanks, I was just going to ask how I could tell. There are no markings on the horn, but this is what I have.
  8. I'm rehabbing a pair of beat up La Scalas I've read on here that the AL type crossovers arn't very good. I just bought a pair with these crossover and before I clean them up I wanted to know why people don't like them? I also read that the Crites woofer is better than the stock woofer? Any truth to that? Lastly, my horns are plastic. Is there a better alternative or is plastic okay. Seems kind of cheap. Any solid advice would be appreciated.
  9. What the difference between an AA crossver and an AL crossover? I'm seeing both on various La Scala and Klipshorn speakers. Thanks,
  10. Can anyone point me to a source or link that acurately describes all the differences in the various models of Cornwalls, La Scalas, etc. There is sooo much confusion when shopping these things. What's the difference between a Cornwall 1, 2, 3? What's a Decorator Cornwall? Plastic sqwauker horns verses metal ones, veneer codes, mitered corners verses butt corners,outside mount v inside mount, on and on... There has to be a handy reference somewhere?? Thanks
  11. I've heard that Cornwalls need to have consective serial numbers. Why is that? I found a pair the don't and I was wondering it that was a major issue? Thanks
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