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  1. Does he want to sell those 19's that are sitting in that big closet? This has been a fun discussion/debate. I'd say anyone who has either speaker in their home listening environment is doing pretty good! So......do any of you guys believe in super tweeters? And if so, any recommendations on a decent one that won't break the bank. I really love the "air" 18k-20k and above and I think a super tweeter added to any older designed horn based system might sound really good? Yes I am aware of human hearing constraints that don't really go above 20khz, but considering that most all speakers start to roll off quite a bit at 15k and super tweeters cover 15k-50k or more..they can still be quite useful. The townshend super tweeters are tempting...but they are too expensive for me at this time. And...I have had my hearing checked and I still have good hearing up to 20khz. (just wanted to add that in before someone commented about the fact that most can't hear past 16k) Thanks for any help in advance! Other reasons super tweeters seem like a good idea: HF is so directional and its hard for the air above 16k to reach the sweet spot of a listening room, not to mention how most drivers roll off above that pretty fast anyway. Scientific studies have shown that our ears do send signals to our brain that perceives frequencies higher than 20k and many acoustical instruments actually produces frequencies in this range. ( i am aware of the inherent limitations of CD frequency response, but SACDs and other media can get pretty high not to mention harmonic overtones in this range on any source) Your input is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I agree that the Khorns are good speakers, but I wonder if some of you are hearing the same 19s that I am hearings. First off, and IMO very importantly, the 19s have much better extended HF response...infact, the Khorns don't go much over 17k. The 19s go beyond 20k with the original diapgragms in them. Secondly, the altecs easliy go down to 30hz. Altec spec sheets show 30hz- 20khz freq response. Khorns show 33hz- 17khz. Furthermore, most of the graphs I've seen done on Khorns don't have extended highs or the flattest frequency response. I really don't think its as cut and dry as some of you guys say and out of the two systems, if anyone is a limitied compromise, I really feel its the Khorn. Of couse, I am wasting my breath on a Klispch forum typing this...haha. Just a fun debate for me. I will always love my altecs. They pioneered two way design and were the industry standard in recording studios for years. Some of you talk about the 19s as tho they were the A7 voice of the theaters. Yes, the A7s didn't have a great low frequency response, and their high end response was only as good as the khorns. BUT, the model 19s are great full range speakers and technically they extend lower and higher than the khorn.
  3. Altec 19s win for me. I have owned both and I felt the 19's had a flatter response with a more realistic sound. Very much a turnkey speaker system...to my ears the 19s sound sweeter, warmer, with better detail and soundstage than the K-horns. Not many will argue the opinion that Altec Compression Drivers are superior to Klipsch..most Khorn mods are done with Altec drivers. I also think the altec 416-8b woofer is superior to the eminence woofers that Khorns use. I do think Khorns are super speakers, but I believe the 19s are in a different league. The model 19s blow away A5 voice of the theater systems. The 19s have extended freq response on both ends compared to any of the older altec systems. However, be careful, because some of the 19s for sale have after market diaphragms on the 802-8g drivers and they don't sound as good as the originals.
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