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  1. Was sure you had, but didn't recall seeing it confirmed with a question. I have run across it in my own pre-loved gear when checking with a tester app ...
  2. Have you checked polarity/phasing? All components in the current crossovers wired the right way? If this has been asked and answered and I missed it, please forgive me.
  3. It perhaps is strictly personal bias but if you can find someone to lend you an MC225, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how your Belles sound. Your pair are very attractive and in beautiful shape! A tube pre-amp as has been mentioned might also be worth testing ... As the line goes, the Belle was the new kid on the block being released in '71 I believe. By comparison the K-horn was mid '40s, Heresy '57, Cornwall '59 and La Scala '63. Though seemingly timeless in design, even the Belle are using components at their core were '40s. The compoenets these speakers were designed for were not the precise solid state/digital products of today. As has been mentioned the speaker is part of a system so expecting even a 1971 product to integrate with "modern" equipment is asking a lot. kink56, again I applaud your continued efforts working to find a sound you will enjoy form these speakers. Keep in mind, all tis is coming from someone who's newest piece of equipment (besides the source and DAC were manufactured in 1978 and designed in 1957 and who's per-amps and amps were manufactured in the 1960s and designed in the 1950s ... ;-)
  4. Kink56 - my experience with Belles has been over the last 6 moths - I had and just sold an original (read no mods or even recaps) early ‘70s pair as my space was not conducive to their use. Were I to have a space just for a listening room, I might have made another choice. I have had a recapped pair of ‘78 Hereseys that have been my main speaker for about 8 years (and am back to using) as the leadup sound to the Belles. The system I use to drive any of my speakers consists of ‘60s era McIntosh tube Pre-amps/amps. The amp that is often associated with bringing out the best in a speaker like the Belle is an MC225. I used one with the Bellles and also an MC240. I enjoyed the sound of my Belles through both amps. I believe mine would have been far better if I had at least done the crossovers. I will say that I found it a challenge to get placement and listening position dialed in. My experience with tubes is has been over many years, but very, very narrow. I don’t know the amp you have coming, but I do believe that if you have an opportunity to hear your Belles with either of the tube ams I mentioned, you will find a very enjoyable speaker. In all honesty, I love my Heresys and given the system I have and the room it is in, I would choose them over Belles. That is not because they sound better per say than the Belles though. From what I have read above, you are doing everything you can to give your pair a fair shake. I don’t know the Forte sound, my speakers prior to the Heresys were KG4s and 2.5s so I can’t speak to the differences to which you refer. Hopefully someone near you could set you up with a tube amp to give a listen. If ultimately, you don’t like the sound, know that someone will. There always seem to be more Belle buyers than Belles out there - one of the benefits of having a speaker no longer in production. Good luck, I hope you find a sound you like! Post some photos!
  5. Have you used any room correction software with your MiniDSP? Been thinking about running that type setup with my system. Thanks!
  6. TomG - if you like the sub with the Belles, then go for it! Are you planning to run the speaker leads to your sub and then out to the Belles? Looks like that is an option on your sub. I can't say but I have read may folks using a sub in a 2 channel Hi Fi system prefer this to using an RCA from the amp unless the amp is equipped with a built in subwoofer out. Looks like you Rogue Audio Magnus Chrome II will have loads of power to drive your Belles even in your large room. I don't know enough about Tidal and the mini jack output on an iPad to know what quality audio will play. I suppose it also depends on which level of service to which you are subscribing to know if you'll be missing out on some resolution. as dtr20 the Bluenote Node 2 or something similar is an easy solution and is controlled by an app. I use an old Mac Mini or Airport Express/AppleTV to a Schiit Modi Uber DAC. In any event, it sounds like you are well on your way to a great, simple system! Post some photos when you have things together. Thank you - the Belles do fit the '60s style of that room. I enjoyed my Mc tubes and Klipsch, though I think I will be selling my Belles soon ... This is my more typical room setup.
  7. I have Belles and tube amps. How do you plan to feed the subwoofer/s? Have you tried the Belles to see if you believe you will want the subwoofer? You can certainly find a tube pre-amp and a tube amp or perhaps an integrated tube amp. DO you have a notion of how many wats you want? I have driven mine with a McIntosh MC225 (25 watts/channel). Do you currently have a pre-amp,( integrated amp or receiver with pre-outs) that you could use as a pre-amp so you could use your funds for just an amp? I use a solid state DAC that works well. How do you plan on streaming to your setup from your iPad? Apple Airport Express or AppleTV? I'm sorry if this post feels like more questions than answers, but to help, more information will be helpful. To answer your question about having only tubes in the signal path, I sometimes just play from a Mac Mini to a DAC to my tube amp and sometimes through a tube pre-amp. I would not be worried about mixing solid state with a tube power amplifier. You will still have the tube sound. Congratulations on your speakers! I believe you will enjoy them! Have the crossovers been recapped?
  8. I had a pair for years until I traded them and a few dollars for a pair of '78 Heresys ...
  9. The amps have been in my possession for less than a year. They have just returned from out Houston, TX area McIntosh tech. He refreshes anything that he feels is out of spec. Located in Houston Texas, I'm glad to demo them. Contact me with questions. The amps are in similar enough condition that I am pricing them each at $3,100 exclusive of any shipping. I would prefer local pickup, but will consider shipping. More Photos Here
  10. My experience is the same 1/4” is plenty strong. I’ve done the same and have a just completed a chicken coop coffee table that will get the same ... a thicker piece may look more dramatic though depending on the look you want.
  11. Yours have turned out so well, I’m inspired to do my 1977 Hereseys - I’ll bet they have not been oiled since the factory. I used Watco Danish oil on one old McIntosh walnut component case and Minwax Tug Oil on another. The finishes are similar but not identical. I’m not sure what the previous owner of my Belles used, but it was something similar. A good friend friend of mine swore by a combination of 1/3 boiled linseed oil, 1/3 white vinegar and 1/3 turpentine as a cleaner and conditioner. It smells bad and works well, but it is not the same as one of the oil finishes ...
  12. From time to time I wonder if I really hear a difference, for instance between the two tube amps I have or if I just believe one sounds better than another because I have read others opinions on the subject. From the first picture I ever saw of a Belle, it triggered something in me to want to hear them and want to believe they would sound wonderful. At some point over the years I read that the MC225 to many had a unique sound and that it paired well with Belles. Because of the oddity and chance of eBay, I ended up with 2 MC225s at what I thought was a good deal. I used them in mono with Heresys and believe they sound better than the MC240 that s part of my original McIntosh set inherited from my dad. This is all a very long way around to saying that I don’t have an efficient way to do true A/B comparisons between my different components, let alone in all the different possible combinations. Being able to read others opinions of what they like and what other products they have had in the past that has led them to their current gear sets has helped me imagine what might sounds good to me, too. It’s not a foolproof method, but even in a city the size of Houston, there is not a shop that would stock product that would have let me demo every piece I now have together before I acquired it. It’s great to have a place to share information - to agree or disagree. Some issues are Imperial, but most are subjective. Here’s is a general thanks to everyone who participates, willing to share their personal research and knowledge!
  13. That makes good sense. If I keep my Belles, I’ll have to consider buying a replacement set rather than rebuild the old crossovers. In the case of my old amplifiers, it is not possible to replace entire sub assemblies, so I never thought of doing anything but rebuilding crossovers which is what I did with my Hereseys ...
  14. Nice looking - are they to be the same values as the original, or is there a tweak in those?
  15. I used to live in Evansville - not that it would have helped if your gear is in Michigan, but being in Houston, lending you a tube amp to try is a little challenging!
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