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  1. On 10/12/2021 at 4:33 PM, wuzzzer said:

    If so, post your impressions between the two.

    I'm picking up dual THTs Saturday.

    Congrats on your purchase. They'll be an eye-opener for sure. Impressions? Apples and Oranges. Check out the videos below. First one is a good quality 12" sealed servo sub...the second a THT. I filmed both with the same mic and camera. The sealed sub does the job at low volume and in very tight quarters. The THT has nearly unlimited SPL, and can shred the drywall at war volume of the room it's placed in.


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  2. On 10/12/2021 at 4:39 PM, Zen Traveler said:

    Just curious, why would you want to do that?  

    To hear how it scales up or down across different system types. Sometimes I play back movies or concert material on systems much smaller than a typical cinema.

  3. I'm all for the ability to process the ATMOS codec, and made damn sure to buy a receiver that could do so. A/B'ing ATMOS encoded material vs. the older stuff has been an eye-opening experience...even when down-mixed to 2.1


    That being said....


    I've had no motivation to go further than 5.1    With capable speakers sporting the right dispersion characteristics, proper placement (paying particular respect to the setup diagrams in most AVR owner manuals), and the right processor, 5.1 seems to strike the right balance, for me, of throwing sound all around the room without becoming an absurd chore to set up and maintain.

  4. +1 for the the Schwalbe. Get the Marathon "Plus" models and throw in a Bontrager Thorn-Resistant tube if you need to 4x4 through cactus and over shattered glass on the morning commute.

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  5. 22 hours ago, Tarheel TJ said:

    I will always recommend La Scalas with enthusiasm.  They are truly one of the greatest speakers out there.  Just be aware of their bass response.  As has been documented many times on this forum, they roll off below 100hz, and have basically zero output below about 60hz.  If you love rock and roll, you will want a subwoofer to go with them. 

    Good evening Tarheel. I made a video a long while back (that keeps getting blocked then released due to copyright) that a/b'd some basic EQ settings to defend against this exact statement. While I totally agree with and highly recommend the option to employ a sub, to say basically zero output below 60 Hz, well folks can take a listen here:



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  6. On 4/3/2021 at 3:31 PM, Fidelio said:

    The eq approach give me some hopes, but I wonder if the fives signature isn't quite all for me.

    Want my opinion? Seeing as you're getting a subwoofer, stuffing the ports with a chunk of acoustic foam will also help clean up their mid-bass response. That's what I did to achieve the sound in the video below. Wait until the end to hear the difference without any of the tweaking:



  7. We sold the wife's Saturn @ 314,000 and picked up a new car.




    The Ion was a 5-spd and she wanted another manual shifter, so we ended up having to custom order the Compass with a 6 speed.




    On paper these vehicles have a lot more in common than one would think.

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  8. Yes, I know this thread is six-feet under, but....


    For the record...the old klipsch logo with the small "k" is a variant of the "Univers Black" font. I say variant, because the marketing department still tweaked the height (reduced 25% by the looks of it) and tracking to taste.


    Univers was a popular corporate font in the 50's thru the 60's.

  9. Getting back into recording, albeit in a little more professional manner. Finally got around to posting a video about it. I used to do this stuff as a kid with an 'ol Zenith boombox and a couple of tired cassettes. The gear has certainly changed, but the fun factor is still there....granted, my narration skills on this one could've used some polish.




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  10. Interesting that you posted this topic Joe. The Mrs. and  I had a similar discussion about this the other day. After owning our system for over 14 years, I can say that it's alright to "walk" away from it for a while. Even if a "while" happens to be a couple years.


    There have been times where the system has sat dormant for months either in storage, or while away from home. Good sound is timeless in that regard...like a good book, just pick up where you left off. 

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  11. Haven't posted in a while, but got some new gear. Here's a video and subsequent walk around of the bedroom system. It's 2.1 for now. Pair of Frazier CAT 40 (Mitchell Acoustics) and my spare BF Auto Tuba (shown near the end) driven by the NAD c390DD and Mini DSP PWR-ICE250 respectively. Plan is to eventually have the two Fraziers sitting atop their own stereo subwoofer.



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  12. Probably got more to do with pairing them with a quality subwoofer.


    When you go 2.1 or 2.2, all the power gets routed to the sub....factor in choosing just the right high-pass filter and the La Scala are literally running on less than 0.1 watt even at full tilt.


    At that point shit's falling off the walls and the couch is levitating at the listening position, but can't hear it outside.

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  13. Anyone else hear it?


    Some backstory...We finally threw in the towel trying to watch YouTube on the primary system using our Oppo 103, and bought a ROKU.

    What's not to like, right?

    Fraction of the price, incredibly snappy performance, unbelievably small package....

    until I spent some time with the audio.


    Unfortunately it employs a pitch-shifting audio watermark that sounds just like old tape "wow".  While it's not a significant issue while watching movies, I've found it to be fairly irritating when listening to music.


    Really bummed. :emotion-45:

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