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  1. I would not upgrade, those speakers and that amp should pair wonderfully. If you were local to me I would buy that marantz to power similar speakers seriously just enjoy. If you watch many movies with the setup, consider a sub as your next upgrade.
  2. The cherry rp-260f is $250 a piece on newegg right now. Tempting but i want black and hopefully a Rp-280f
  3. Still around. Just gave my brother a mint pair of kg 3.5 so i only have 3 pair in the house currently. Looking for another pair though. I see you are still rocking the RF-63. Good to be back!
  4. Any other deals like this out there? I am looking for a pair of rp-280f or rp-8000f in black or walnut
  5. That damage would make that a workout room speaker to me. I prefer clean sound and speaker aesthetics
  6. Ha i love that tv stand. Not the prettiest but back in the day it fit a RC-64ii perfectly with the top shelf taken off. I see it has a similar perfect fit for you! If those were closer i would consider, i love klipsch speakers that are well taken care of
  7. I got some new boxes and can double box the A-300 now. Any interested parties?
  8. There are a set of inputs and then a set of outputs to pass the signal along. It is a 75w per channel amp. This is of course a stronger 75wpc than an onkyo receiver. Can give a discount to anyone who does not live across the country
  9. There are a set of inputs and then a set of outputs to pass the signal along. It is a 75w per channel amp. This is of course a stronger 75wpc than an onkyo receiver.
  10. Updated to $170 shipped
  11. Updated to $180 shipped
  12. I still have four sets of klipsch speakers and an assortment of receivers / amps, but not as much into systems as i used to have. I really just enjoy what i have! Hope you are well, i see you still have a lot of the same gear too
  13. Emotiva A-300 two channel amplifier and PT-100 pre amplifier. Both units are in pretty much like new condition. The remote for the preamp has a few swirl marks in the piano finish. Both units work and sound great. I currently do have warranty left unit 1/10/20 but i am the second owner and i think it only transfers once on the BasX series. I do not have boxes but i do have a 12v trigger i will include. I can add better pictures for those that are interested. I am going to sell either these or the rotel unit and keep the ones that do not sell. Asking $400 plus 3% paypal plus shipping from 46628. Local pickup can be had in this area or i travel to GR Michigan sometimes.
  14. BluBitRates


    Nice amp in good (8/10) condition. Small quarter sized bend in vent on top of the case and one small chip on heat sinks which is covered with black sharpie. It looks great, you will be proud to showcase in your system. Works and sounds great. Asking $170 shipped. I am shipping from 46628. I have large bubble bubble wrap and a box to ship in.
  15. It will go in my living room so a pair of mint RF-35s. I would like to find a pair of original RF-82s as those were my first klipsch speakers but alas no luck. The 35s sound spectacular though
  16. I have a Pioneer Eite sx-a9-j stereo receiver that i am enjoying but i just ordered a SVS pb-12nsd subwoofer to add to the system. The receiver does not have a subwoofer out connection. Can i just use the full range preout connections to send signal to the left and right inputs on my sub?
  17. I just bought a samsung tv that does not have analog outputs. I guess i am one of the few people who still enjoys a 2.0 system. I have a cheap $15 dac that i am converting my optical output on the tv to analog but A/b ing it with my phone directly into my receiver it sounds okay but not amazing. Pretty close to my phone but i think my phone has more clarity. Anyone have experience with these cheap DACs or are they just subpar to an expensive one?
  18. Yes it does. From what i read this thing does not quite have the sound of the separate sunfire amp and preamp but is very close Also costs wayy less than if you were to buy the separate sunfire amp and processor. Really solid receiver and i love the lights on it. It is in great condition. The buyer will not be disappointed.
  19. Huge price drop! Who wants some sunfire / carver in their life?
  20. Price lowered again. Yes located in South Bend Indiana 46628. This is 200x7 watts. That great sunfire sound in a gorgously kept package.
  21. I will consider any and all offers
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