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  1. I had read that before, however I've got space issues that would prevent it's placement. That would be a lot of fun, though. Having 6-7 of the same speaker completely surrounding you.
  2. Thanks for the responses! Is there a way in the specs to compare timbre between speakers, or is it just a matter of checking with a pro (ie, you guys)? Thanks for the link, but if the KV-3 is the way to go... that's the speaker I'm looking for.
  3. Semi Recently I got my first pair of Klipsch speakers. A gently used pair of KG4's off of Craigslist for $250. This moved an old pair of my Dad's JBL's to the rear. (I love having "large" speakers in all 4 corners) I'm pretty satisfied with my Sony receiver and subwoofer, so the last piece of fluff equipment I would like to swap out is this weeny little Sony center channel. I'd love to get a Klipsch Center, but stumbled into the notion of Speaker Matching... Now, I think I understand that's a matter of matching impedance. I think I read in another thread that the "match" to the KG-4's was the KV-3. However, in the specs I see that the KG-4 has 6 ohms while the KV-3 has 8 ohms. Is that no big deal, or is there a better match to the KG-4's?
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