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  1. I use a Ortofon X5-MC, which is a high output moving coil that puts out 2.0mV per the specs. Sounds great and I do have to turn up the volume knob but that's not a problem.
  2. I've been looking at the miniwatt. Which one did you get? I think they have two. Let us know how it works out
  3. They look great. I just got a Scott 299 back from NOS Valves and my Cornwalls have never sounded so good. I will be replacing the caps in the crossovers soon. Your gonna love tubes!
  4. Right after buying my Cornwalls I picked up a Scott 299a second version from craigslist and immediately shipped it to Craig @ NOS valves for a rebuild. While the 299 was being repaired i used a Yamaha CR1020, until it took a dump, and then a Yamaha RX-V800. The 299 came back a couple weeks ago and I hooked it up the same day it arrived. I have never had tubes before, and not knowing what to expect, I started with a CD and the first thing i noticed was the incredible detail and clarity. I was hearing things I've never heard before. Moving to the turntable, I was enjoying albums I've been listening to for years, but now the overall sound was much improved and again great detail and clarity. If there's a problem on the source, you hear it. Good recordings sound fantastic. I was noticing however, distortion and a harshness in the HF on some sources. So I started to experiment with speaker placement. I had the Cornwalls placed in the corners and toed in so the horns were firing directly at my listening chair. They were backed into the corners similar to how a K-horn would be placed. After much experimenting, I ended up keeping them at the same angles to my listening chair, but pulling them forward approximately 32" from the deepest part of the corner. The difference is amazing! The harshness is gone as is the HF distortion and now there is more warmth. I always thought the Cornwalls were great for acoustic instruments and voice, but now I find them to be extremely flexible at various types of music. "Extremes" CD "Pornagrafitti" on track 7 starts with distorted guitar and then has some nice drum work. Playing that track at loud volume the only distortion heard is the guitar and the drums sound great. It's not harsh at all, very detailed and clear. Then I put on Norah Jones album on track 3 "Painters Song". It starts with acoustic guitar and later enters Norah's voice. Totally different than the "Extreme" CD, and sounds incredible. Very intimate and yes, she sounds like she is standing in the room singing at me. That's a credit to the Cornwalls, the Scott 299, and the record; CD's don't do intimate very well, they make everything sound like a big presentation. When I first started looking at the Scott 299, I was concerned at the whopping 17 WPC output. That concern has been put to rest. My room isn't too big, and volume is not a problem. In fact, at loud volumes it has an effortless sound to it. Hard to explain, it just sounds like its reproducing the music and isn't breaking a sweat. Bottom line, I highly recommend the Scott 299. You get a lot for your money. Pre-amp, amp, and a great phono section. Understand though that they are around fifty years old. If you find one that is all original, it will need some work. Buy it knowing that and you'll be fine. I also highly recommend NOS Valves. Great work and Craig is easy to deal with.
  5. Thanks for the info that's good to know
  6. Just wondering if anyone has experience using the Denon DL-160 with the Scott 299. I've read where the output of the cartridge is 2.2mV and people say it works with an MM input. With the Scott 299 would I have sufficient volume or would I have to keep the volume up at "11" all the time? Speakers are Cornwalls. Thanks, Tom
  7. Thanks for the info, that's good to know but also raises a question. The compliance on that cartridge is 25 and if I plug that and the other numbers into the formula I get 6.7 which is too low. But, it works great for you. The Shure cartridge previously suggested doesn't list the compliance, and in the specs it says, "Works with all mass tone arms". Hopefully one of the turntable experts can clear this up...
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, I checked but couldn't find a compliance spec for that cartridge.
  9. I'm having a hard time finding a cartridge that meets all my requirements, and I'd really appreciate any suggestions you could give. I have a Thorens TD160 with the TP-16 tonearm (16.5 grams). I'll be usng it with a Scott 299 that is at NOS Valves being rebuilt. Craig @ NOS has suggested a "MM" cartridge with 2.5 to 5 mV output. Using the formula on the "Analog Dept" website, the only ones I've found that fit the criteria are the Audio Technica AT440MLa and the AT150MLX. The reviews I've read on the 440MLa say that it is "Overly bright", and I havn't found too many reviews on the 150MLX. If anyone has used or heard either of these, please give me your opinions. The problem seems to be not enough low compliance cartridges to choose from. Am I being too strict with the "Formula" , or is that the correct way to go. I listen to a lot of jazz, some rock, and a lot of female voices. Some cartridges have a problem with the female voice and sibilance, which I want to avoid. The speakers will be Cornwalls, and the price limit is $300. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I set it to two channel and selected "no effect" which turns off all processing. I have figured out the best thing is to chose the worst sounding CD's and LP's and play them with the volume turned down; the opposite of what I normally do...
  11. Yeah, I guess that's the answer; but on the RX-V800 there's only FIVE channels of crap!
  12. I recently picked up a Scott 299 and sent it to Craig at NOS for a rebuild. As things typically go, my Yamaha CR1020 that I was using to power my newly acquired Cornwalls just took a dump. Not wanting to be without music while I waited for the 299 to return, I pulled my Yamaha RX-V800 from HT duty and hooked it up to the Cornwalls. What a difference! The highs bother my ears, the sound stage is diminished, has less bass; the only redeeming factor is it has a remote. I know I purchased the CR1020 in 1978, but can't remember when I got the RX-V800, but it must have been at least 20 years later. What happened during that time? This will be a very long wait for the 299 to come back home!
  13. Welcome to the forum Bob! Nice pics. This is a great place to hang out and be exposed to new ways to empty your wallet!
  14. Thanks for all of your responces. I contacted Craig at NOS and sent him a photo of the 299. Craig said it was the second version and better than the first, so I ended up buying it. It's sitting on my work bench until Saturday when I will box it up and send it to Craig for a rebuild. I'm real excited to get it back and see what it will do. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for the responces, I sent an email to NOS valves to get further info. Seadog: "BTW, I saw Maynard F at a small club in Fort Worth about 25 years ago - great show." Yeah, I've seen him several times over the years and he was always phenominal and put on a great show. We all miss him...
  16. Just picked up a pair of 1985 Cornwalls and I'm loving them! Since 1978 I've been listening to a Yamaha CR1020 with a set of NS690's which I really like, but the soundstage from the Cornwalls is incredible. I used to have the volume cranked up, but now I find myself listening at medium to low volumes and really enjoying it. Which brings me to my questions. I have been pushing the Cornwalls with the Yamaha CR1020 but want to check out a tube amp to see the improvement/diffference. I have a line on a Scott 299 that appears to be in good condition, but probably all original. The seller is firm at $299. Is that a good price? Being it's age, will it start to have problems? I think it's rated at 17 wpc, will that work with my Cornwalls? Do any of you have a 299 running Cornwalls? My system is set up in the master bedroom which is decent size, and although I'm most concerned with quality sound, I still want to be able to crank it sometimes. And last, anyone care to give an opinion between the sound difference between the CR1020 and the 299's? The same seller also has a Fisher 500-C tube reciever, but he wants $495 for it. Which would suit me best? I searched for this info and read a bunch, but still have these questions. Thanks for all responces and this great web site!
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