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  1. Ok so I have to admit I know next to nothing about amps. I have been trying to do some research on this forum as well as the web but I still haven't been able to come to a good conclusion (because I'm a slow learner lol). I have access to a free Harman Kardon PM645xi amp. You can see the speaker setup I have in my signature. Would it be good to integrate this amp into my system? If so, should I just run my mains off this amp? Can someone give me a rundown of what the strengths and positives that this amp would provide to my system if it is deemed as providing such? Thanks so much I really appreciate it! Mark
  2. I'm just midly curious if these would act as decent rear surrounds considering the constraints of my current family room. http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/synergy-slx-specifications/ It's a long rectangle and the only place the entertaiment center can fit is in the back corner. So my mains are shooting out into the room with my sub behind them, my rear surrounds above my head on either couch. They are true side surrounds in the context of the setup. If I was to put another surround speaker it would be in the very back of the room, on the complete opposite wall. So I am interested in these because they would seamlessly fit, they look good so it would pass the wife test, and they are for sale locally for $280 for the pair. Now I know for that money I could buy another set of S-1s and run those in the rear, but when I look at the speaker information the SLX's can handle 100watts while the S-1s handle 50. So is this a decent speaker set for the price, or would I be better suited to pursue another avenue? Also if I got them, would it be better to use them as the side surrounds and my S-1s as the rears? Thanks! Mark
  3. Thank you very much for the feedback it is most appreciated. I went into manually check my subwoofer settings through my receiver and it had auto-calibrated it to the very lowest level, I mean it basically ZEROED the sub out so as to not let it overpower the rest of my system I assume. Either that or crappy auto-calibration, I've always been happy with Yamaha receivers but I don't know much about how good their auto-calibration set-up is compared to others out there. So I went ahead and manually bumped it up. I can play with it now to see where I like it set. Thanks so much I really do appreciate the insight and the amount of time you took to respond.
  4. Okay let me first start off by saying if this has been discussed I apologize. Let me get to my point. I have a RW-10d and I am fairly underwhelmed with its performance. I think some of it has to do with the auto calibration that my Yamaha receiver did when I set it up. I think it really took the sub down a notch to match my other speakers, because when I was running it on my old Yamaha RX-520 it seemed to have quite a bit more punch and depth. However even at its best, it doesn't hit the lows well and to me it lacks consistency because its range isn't that great. When I say it lacks consistency I guess I mean that it doesn't deliver the entire spectrum of highs, mids, lows, etc... very well. It does some ranges well, others seem to either not exist or are handled somewhat poorly in my opinion. I know for all intensive purposes the sub itself has many flaws if you're looking for deep, rich bass. However, I got it for a steal. My brother worked for an electronics distributor that carried the Klipsch Reference line as its "bottom" line and I got 40-50% off all speakers. That's partially...well greatly why I started building a Klipsch Reference setup in the first place. Great pricing for a great speaker. Anyway, enough of that. Back to my problem. I don't have the means right now to go out and buy a new subwoofer that would fulfill my needs wholey. However, I'm wondering if buying an amp to run the sub would somewhat bridge the gap. I know the sub has an 260 watt RMS amplifier, but since its running through my Yamaha which claims to put out 90watts per channel isn't that ultimately controlling how much power goes to the sub? And from what I understand it is actually quite a bit lower than that (the wattage). So if its sending out 90 watts to a sub that can handle 260 watts continuously and 575 dynamic watts wouldn't it make sense to try to find an amp to run it as a standalone? Thanks so much in advance for any advice,and I truly appreciate it and I hope I didn't totally miss a thread about this very topic. Mark
  5. Wow dude, there are ways to be helpful, and there are ways to sound totally and utterly condescending. I'm glad you took the second route really. I'm not going to argue with you because you obviously have a VAST amount of electrical knowledge, but let me ask you something? IF my Monster HT800 has worked flawlessly for 10 years in this house - taking strikes directly to the transformer behind my house, taking direct strikes to the transformer on the poles..and it has shut down my system EVERY SINGLE TIME and caused ZERO HARM then obviously the grounding that is currently in place in my home must be pretty damned good right, or i'm just one lucky son of a ***** I guess. I read everyone's post, the fact of the matter is, even if this thing isn't as good as you would like it to be, it has a $25,000 warranty of everythign hooked up to it which is more than enough to cover the HT pieces I have hooked up to it. The way you make it sound (fatalistic) I should be worried about every single electrical piece of equipment in my home. Once again, if I have taken direct hits to the transformer, direct hits to the transformers on the telephone pole and never had a single problem then my setup must be good right? Or do I need to go run out armagedon style and start spending money to make sure everythign is protected in the manner in which you speak? Once again, it seems from experience that things must be working the way they should be if I've never had anything electrical get destroyed in 10 years during thousands of electrical storms, hundreds of hits...and everyone said a direct hit, it doesn't even matter what you have in place. So what should I do? Really, I appreciate the advice I really do but I do not appreciate the manner in which you are speaking to me. This is a community to learn..we all are not blessed with your electrical knowledge. How about talking to me instead of making me feel small, or is that what you want to come off as? Sorry I'm a bit peeved here, I don't hear people ridiculing others for these types of issues, I usually see people jump right in and HELP. IF you're just going to ridicule me again, please, don't bother. If you want to help, i'm open ears. How about giving me a link to something that you feel would be useful for me to get. Obviously I'm not an expert here, and constantly referring to NIST and all these numbers blah blah blah it doesn't resonate with me because I have no idea what you're talking about. Give me a LINK...tell me what I should get. If its $1 per household appliance then I'm sure I can spring for it. But seriously, was it necessary to say "were three sentences too complex?" Is it really necessary to take a shot at me like that? Like I said if you want to help I'm open ears but if you just want to belittle me, just forget it.
  6. You can also get them emailed to you, unless they changed that. Then again I never used Redbox before, but my gf did from time to time for her son. James James - Didn't know that, how do you sign up to get free codes emailed to you? Anyway, I guess I forgot they don't rent out blu-rays, but eh...sometimes you're just really bored, there's nothing on TV, you've done all the yard work and you need to watch a movie so its a pretty convenient thing to have access to.
  7. Well I found a freakin' amazing deal on this surge protector, got it for $6.99 with free shipping from Dell they apparently have deals every day on different products and I just stumbled across it. Has 1080 joule protection rating and a warranty that easily covers my gear, so time to go and take pictures and document just in case, but I feel a lot better having this as opposed to a generic one from Target that I was using before in the bedroom. Its also really nice becasue it plugs right into the wall so it doesn't take up a lot of space. I guess I'll find out when the next storm comes around if this thing works as well as my Monster HT800 and trips it before the surge hits anything important. My Monster HT800 has worked perfectly so far, doing exactly what its supposed to do many, many times. Just glad I stumbled across this find...
  8. If you've got the Android (and maybe the IPhone) you can get free rental codes for Redbox as well. The only problem with Redbox is the same problem with Netflix - they signed a deal with Time Warner where they can't rent out their titles until they've been out for a month. Kind of sucks, forces me to use ONDEMAND on DirecTV sometimes which is a rip off (4.99-5.99 for a movie).
  9. Gosh I feel so small... Hey in E.T. despite him eating reese's pieces that dude makes it home and Gertie goes on to star in Charlie's Angels and Elliot's older brother (Robert MacNaughton) couldn't get picked up in a local Catskill production of 'OUR TOWN' back in 1987. The first scene in Memento, is actually the last scene in Memento!
  10. hahahahahahahahaha, I'll write it up right now.... James "One for the money yes uhh two for the show A couple of years ago on Headland and Delowe Was the start of somethin good Where me and my n**** rodes the MARTA, through the hood Just tryin ta find that hookup Now everyday we look up at the ceiling Watchin ceiling fans go around tryin ta catch that feelin off instrumental, had my pencil, and plus my paper We caught the 86 Lithonia headed to Decatur Writing rhymes tryin ta find our spot off in that light Light off in that spot, known that we could rock Doin the hole in the wall clubs, this shit here must stop Like freeze, we makin the crowd move but we not makin no G's And that's a nono" Its all good man [] 2nd favorite album they put out, Southercadillacfunkymuzic takes the cake for me, but that's old school sh**.
  11. If you haven't noticed, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you anymore. We understand you didn't mean to give it away literally. And yes, I truley want to see it a second time, there is a MAJOR clue in the first fight scene that gives you an idea of what is really going on that I didn't notice until you pointed it out (beforehand lol). I eagerly await seeing more "clues" when I go to redbox and rent it again. I got an Android and one of the apps lets you get free codes for free rentals at redbox so this is perfect. Woot! It was also pretty cool that this was the first movie I got to see with my surrounds installed, people were talking about how cool the gun scenes were, it literally sounded like my whole room was "lighting up" the bullets were coming from everywhere! I tested them again last night with Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen which has a pretty good soundtrack and same thing, shit was flying around the room it was awesome! Love my surrounds, but that's for a different thread.
  12. You're wasting breath, he doesn't even care as evident by his post. That was my original point, that I hadn't seen any types of posts like that on this forum, that I thought that type of banter was reserved for "other" forums. But he doesn't care, it doesn't matter to him, he thinks we're crying, etc...Just don't even sweat it, it doesn't even matter anymore. The damage was done for some of us, and like I said James just seems to think we are "crying" about it when common etiquette on forums such as these that deal with HT and as such, movies, music, etc.. would be to put a SPOILER ALERT in the post. The original poster seemed okay with it, but James doesn't. Maybe he doesn't feel the same way about this forum as the rest of us? I dunno, don't even care anymore. I'll eagerly await another post by him saying to get off my high horse, that I'm crying, etc...etc...
  13. James - Just forget I said anything, you are equally blowing things WAY out of proportion. No one was crying, just a bit upset that someone ruined the movie when its pretty common etiquette to put a SPOILER ALERT in posts such as that. But like I said whatever, there's obviously no way to justfiy it to you, nor do you obviously care, so like I said no worries.
  14. I'm just being honest James, this is usually a very helpful forum and I never see people take cracks at others like you did (and I guess I did in return). I don't understand why you felt compelled to come in here and tell everyone off for being upset that someone ruined a movie for lots of people. Is it really that hard to put a spoiler alert in your post? I just don't get it. Sorry if I behaved poorly towards you, but honestly I just don't understand your attitude. Why take up against people that are a bit peeved that he ruined the entire movie for them? I mean its ironic that you tell me I'm on a high horse when that's exactly what you're doing yourself. I'm not looking for a fight, I just don't get it...but obviously you could care less, I mean it's pretty evident in your post. So no worries. BTW don't think I've ever had a problem with you, in fact I think we got along quite well when I commented on how much I enjoyed Outkast and the song lyrics you have in your sig. So don't know where your beef is, but like I said no worries. You the man!
  15. Maybe the same reason that a movie is talked about the the Home Theater section, which should be for questions about Home Theaters and setup. The same reason that there is a Music and Movie section that already had a thread about the movie. I love how everyone is crying about spoiling the movie for them, now that's funny... James All he had to do was put a spoiler alert in the post. Why would that be so hard? Why are you being an *** about it anyway, its a movie that just came out why would you spoil it for everyone anyway? I don't think I've seen anyone with this type of attitude on the board, why are you taking hits at people that justifiably should be upset when the guy posts the end of the movie, regardless of what section its posted in?
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