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  1. We really enjoyed this movie - I don't think the previews did the movie justice as my expectations were fairly low going in - which never happens with a Pixar movie. The colors and overall picture looked fantastic in 4k and the soundtrack was great.
  2. Great job overall by Klipsch! I love the Heritage-inspired look for the portable speakers and I'm already trying to think of ways to convince myself that I need The Fifteens. The only thing I'm not totally sold on is the looks of the RF-7iii, though that is probably a good thing as the last thing I need to do is start thinking of upgrading the 7ii's that I just bought 18 months ago....
  3. I just got the Klipsch Reference TT mentioned above. It is my first experience with a turntable other than occasionally playing around with one my Dad had when I was growing up. So far, I've been very very pleased with the performance. The price ($250) offers a reasonable entry point to try things out without committing too much, and it is more than just a Klipsch marketing piece as the Pro-Ject line seems to gather really good reviews overall and the Ortofon cartridge is well received as well. Plus, if you have Klipsch Reference speakers, it just looks plain cool next to them.
  4. I just got off the phone with SVS. I ended up ordering 2 SB16s as part of their trade up promo. I have 2 SB13s that I will be ugrading from. I will share some thoughts and pictures when I get things set up and in place. I definitely agree that there are better values out there but the SVS bill of rights and the relatively small size of these is an appealing combo.
  5. Wow - those are beautiful speakers - definitely worth the road trip! Enjoy!
  6. I have the same front 3 and opted for the 5800's over the 5650's. I doubt it makes a huge difference but the 5800's have the same Titanium tweeter as the 7s/64s versus the Aluminum tweeter that the lower models have. Considering the cost of your friend's set-up I would think the extra $50/each for the 5800's would be justified to make sure things are as uniform as possible. When I ordered mine in the spring they were available half off at authorized dealers so it is worth it to call around.
  7. The Counting Crows - Across a Wire - Live From New York. It is a 2 disc collection from two different shows. The first disc is acoustic and is really well recorded and sounds fantastic.
  8. I remember my first impressions of the RF-7ii after unboxing them and setting them up to replace my RF-62ii. They sounded better, but not by a dramatic amount. But they just had a presence to them...both physically and sonically. They are just impressive to look at and the build quality immediately makes you forget about any second thoughts you may have had when placing the order. The one big thing I noticed with the upgrade was the complete lack of fatigue when listening to all types of music/movies. I would occasionally get headaches listening to the 62's for any prolonged period. The 7's have never given me that feeling. I know there are better speakers out there, but I've never even had a passing thought of upgrading since setting them up.
  9. Thanks for the info! I accidentally typed square feet instead of cubic - 5000 square feet would need about 25 SB13 Ultras I'll look into the I Nuke 1000 - I was planning on having the amp sit under the couch, so it is good to know that the Dayton tends to run hot. Would the 1000 be adequate for 3 or 4 shakers?
  10. I really enjoyed your write-up - I think it may have pushed me in the direction of trying 4 bass shakers on my sectional this summer. I have 2 SVS SB13 Ultras and they get really loud and have good extension, but they don't produce quite as much tactile feedback as I'd like since they are in a 5000+ sq foot basement on a cement slab. I'll probably try the 4 ADX Maximus Shakers with the Dayton Audio SA230 bundle that parts-express currently has on special. I'll update this thread once I've had a chance to get it installed and set-up.
  11. Buying the used Phantom 3 may be the best route, especially if this is your first drone. There is a learning curve with flying them - I bought a cheaper drone to try things out before committing to a Phantom after seeing all of the crashes posted on YouTube . I haven't had a chance to try it out yet - but after flying helicopters for years I know first hand how costly it can be to have a misstep. The Phantoms will also hold their value really well - I would think you would be able to recoup your full investment, or close to it, after trying it out for a few months.
  12. Great looking set up - you will be very happy for years to come and will have zero regrets jumping right in with the RF 7ii's and avoiding the costly upgrade path that many of us took. I have a very similar set up and I'm more and more impressed every day - I get home from work and look forward to listening to music with the whole family.
  13. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pictures - the step by step creation of the columns really shows the skill and detail that go into project like this. I can't wait to see the final result.
  14. Great looking system! I'm debating rotating my room so the speakers will be on the long wall - right now they are squeezed into a small area with only about 8 feet of overall width. I can potentially change things up and have the front sound stage be on a 13 foot wall, which seems like it would really help the overall sound. My only issue is with the way the room is, the main seats in the couch would only be 8-8.5 feet away from the TV (65" Samsung). Judging by your picture it looks like your layout may be similar to what I may end up with and your TV is a similar size (64"). If the distance from the TV is similar (8.5 feet), have you been happy with the overall set up does it seem like it is too close? This may seem like a crazy question to some on here with 120" screens that they sit 8 feet from but when I tried a trial run for an hour this weekend it seemed like it may lead to some eye strain. Thanks!
  15. I wonder if there are any plans for different finishes. I can't imagine these modules looking good with any of the more recent lines other than Reference Premiere. As much as I would like to try Atmos, I don't think I'd be too keen on placing this on top of the RF-7ii unless the finish matched.
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