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  1. I've been getting nervous reading this thread as my wife got me an XPA 5 (gen 2) for Christmas that I've had for several weeks wrapped up but couldn't set up until last night due to endless toy assembly for the kids. I finally got it set up late last night, and I'm very very happy so far. No hum/noise and everything sounds great. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hear a difference, but I noticed a marked improvement. Far more than I expected. I'll try to post some pictures this weekend and some additional feedback once I've rerun audessey.
  2. That sucks - really careless of the shipper to do that! I hope the process of getting your refund goes smoothly.
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    New system

    I agree with the A+ for Scrappy (and others) for trying to help out. I'm very thankful that I rediscovered this forum last year before making my purchase. I was able to save a ton of money through Mike at Acoustic Sound Design and Scrappy's recommendation, but more than that, I felt confident and informed in making my choice on an expensive (to me) choice in speakers that I hope to be using for years to come after reading all of the current and previous discussions and topics. I visit this forum countless times per day - there isn't much worse than checking the home theater section and seeing no new posts to click on!
  4. That looks fantastic - great job!
  5. Guilty as charged. Normally it is The Expendables. Though I've also discovered through endless screenings with my 2 year old that Monster's Inc has a rediculous amount of bass on several of the scenes.
  6. The Counting Crows - August and Everything After: Live at Town Hall is a great recording in a smaller venue. The video is really good as well.
  7. Thanks for the great info/feedback! I ended up pulling out the entire CD collection last night and listened to two dozen songs and just as the night before, the results were exactly what I had hoped for when I ordered the speakers and upgraded my receiver. The clarity and warmth of the overall sound is as good if not better than anything I've experienced before. I've had other brands in the past (Bose [:$] , NHT, Polk, Mission, Klipsch), and I can't imagine getting anything but Klipsch in the future. I'm planning on trying out iTunes Match per ivanhurd's recommendation, and keeping my favorite CDs out for now. I'll still use Airplay and Pandora due to ease of use, but hopefully the upgrade to the higher bitrate with Match will improve that somewhat. Currently, I've got a PS3 for Blu-ray, and my model is the first generation to not provide SACD playback. My other player in the living room (Sony BDP 570) does support it, so I'm planning on picking up a disc or two to try it out. My system is barely a month old and I caught myself reading reviews of the RF-7's today. I blame this Forum 100% []
  8. Hello all - I was hoping to get some feedback regarding preferred sources for music playback (CD, MP3, Airplay, etc). I upgraded my existing Klipsch Quintet system in November to a new Reference-line system - RF 62II / RC52II / R5650W II / SW-112 - powered with a new Denon 3313. I haven't had nearly as much time to tinker with things as I had hoped with the holidays, but so far, I have been very happy overall with everything. I have been extremely impressed with the system during movies, and "mostly" impressed during music playback. I have tried several sources - Pandora (mixed results), Airplay (mostly good), and direct connection with my iPhone via USB (mostly good). I converted the majority of my music years ago and as a result, some items are likely in a less than ideal format in terms of quality. Last night, I decided to compare a few songs on CD versus the same song via digital copies, and the difference was staggering. I can honestly say for the first time I was absolutely blown away by the performance of the entire system. It was a night and day difference, and I had to use every bit of self restraint to not turn the volume up higher and higher despite it being midnight and my wife and 2 year old sleeping upstairs! So my question (sorry for rambling!) - what format would you recommend for the absolute best playback? I have looked into upgrading to iTunes Match to have some of the older songs upgraded to a higher bitrate (256kbps versus mostly 128kbps), but I'm not sure if that will make a noticeable enough difference as compared to playing a CD (or possibly even Blu Ray Audio discs) to justify the $25 annual fee. Should I just plan on using my original CDs when I want to hear the absolute best sound? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Well - the speakers are on the way! I ended up going with the RF-62ii's, a RC-52ii (reluctantly...I realized right before ordering that my current entertainment center wouldn't be able to fit the 62. Rather than try explaining to the wife why a new one would be needed to accommodate a bigger speaker, I just went with the 52), 5650ii W in-walls for the surrounds, and a SW-112. A big thanks to Scrappy for suggesting that I call Acoustic Sound Design. The price he put together far exceeded my hopes when I made the call on Sunday. I was literally blown away. I also ended up ordering a new receiver, clearly blowing my original budget out of the water. [] I ended up getting a Denon AVR 3313, which should be a good match with the speakers. I'm hoping the speakers will be in early next week. I'll come back with some thoughts once I have a chance to get things up and running. Thanks again for all the insight on the Forum (long time lurker) - this is one of the best AV communities out there.
  10. Thank you both for the input! I will stay with the original plan and stick with the RF-62s. They may be a bit much for the current set up, but they will be a better long term solution if I'm able to utilize more space in the future. Thanks again!
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience/input on using RF-62's in a small room set-up? I have recently received the OK from the wife to upgrade the system, and I want to make sure I get something I will be happy with for years to come, but also something that won't be overkill for the application. The basement is large and finished, but the area where the speakers/theater will be set up is only 8 x 14 (with 8.5 ceilings), with one side wall opening to the rest of the basement. The speakers would be 6 feet apart and I was planning on pairing them with a RC-62, R-3650 in-walls for surround (due to only having one side wall), and a KSW-10 sub from the Quintet system it is replacing. It is possible that the speakers will be moved to a larger area in the future, but likely not anytime soon. I will be using a Denon AVR 1911 initially. I have looked into different sub/satellite systems, but it doesn't seem like it is worth upgrading unless I get something dramatically better than what I currently have. I would normally be open to bookshelf speakers, but I have a 2 year old and other on the way, so having speakers on stands isn't going to work. I have always had floor standing speakers (mainly Polk) before the Quintet, and as much as I like the Quintet system, it just can't replicate the full sound of a larger speaker. I have considered the RF-52s as well, and that may be a good choice too. Any thoughts/suggestions/insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  12. I too had the sync issue with the CS-700. Just a half second or so off, but more than enough to make movies almost unwatchable (though it still sounded great, of course!). Anyway, I read online about a firmware update being available for the unit through Klipsch, so I decided to give it a shot. I emailed Klipsch support to see if the update was available, and within 24 hours, I received a nice response back letting me know that they were mailing me a CD with the update and the specific instructions both online (via a PDF link) and with the CD. I ended up getting the disc about a week later, followed the instructions, and the issue was completely resolved! I know this product is no longer supported by Klipsch, so I was really impressed by the customer service here. If I recall, the update also added a few features to the menu, and seemed to make the upconversion for standard DVDs noticably better. Just thought I'd add this in case this is still occuring for you. Take care, Eric
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