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  1. Moved recently and had a few things broken. I need the rear port and a new grille for my floorstanding RF-3. I'm also in need of an amp for my KSW12. Does Klipsch sell parts to end users? Thanks
  2. This is actually two seperate questions. 1) 1st house, I've got rf3s & rc3 for front channels and rc3s for side surrounds, if I add the SS1s for the center rear surroung (6.1) will I notice a sound difference? I understand not much sound is in the rear surround channel(s) 2) 2nd house, I've got rf3s & rc3 front channels and and thinking of adding SS1s for side surround and SS.5s for rear center surrounds. This seem ok since all rears are timbre matched? If properly calibrated am I going to hear a sound difference from the rfs?
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