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  1. The problem is the crossover but on that same speaker the diaphragm is messed up. Id like to replace it if I can. I'll contact Klipsch and see if they can locate one.
  2. I was looking at this for the diaphragm replacement instead of replacing the whole thing. Do you guys think this will work? https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-diaphragm-k-79-k100ti.html Thanks again!
  3. When I purchased them back in 2010 the owner said the crossovers and wiring were “upgraded” but never mentioned specifics. I was too much of a Klipsch noob to ask! It would be awesome to have some @Deang magic in these RF5s. Sad to see them in this state.
  4. I swapped the speaker to the other tower and it worked. Checked the crossover from the original speaker's tower - one of wires of the on one end of the large black capacitors, soldered to the PCB, dislocated and took the top layer of the PCB with it!!! I tried super-gluing it back (no solder gun) - but that didnt solve the problem Looks like a need a new crossover assembly.
  5. sorry for the delay. Searched everywhere for my multimeter and finally found it. It was reading around 3.5 to 3.7 on the terminals - which doesnt sound right. The serial number on the driver is K-119-KB (129086?) April 2, 2002
  6. I checked the wiring - its on there real tight. Unless it came off somewhere down below but It seemed like it was connected.
  7. Hey guys! I have a pair of RF-5 tower speakers that I think were damaged during a move. The one speaker is fine but the other one's tweeter/horn isnt coming on any more. The silver dome looks physically damaged also Is there a replacement part I can order to replace it? The serial number is RF5MP--02160096, 8 ohms. I tried finding something on ebay but I wanted to ask here just in case. Thanks!
  8. Well Im guessing (or hoping) it will work along either the left or right wall or maybe in the left corner by the lamp. The lamp I can move if needed but the fig tree has to stay there unfortunately. Lol @mustang guy
  9. Hey guys! Sorry for suddenly going MIA. Got really busy with work all of a sudden. I really appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions! Ive never heard of an IB subwoofer till now but because im in a rental I think im going to have to pass on that. Maybe if I had some more space around me (like a few acres haha) maybe I could get away with it. Houses around here in southern Cali are pretty close to each other and id rather not piss off the neighbors too much too soon! Ive never had a sub yet in my system because I was in an apartment for quite awhile but now im fully ready to plunge. Question is - should I get a PB-2000 now with the intention of getting a 2nd one in the future? Or do I get a single PB12-Plus? Im not looking for ball-splitting bass but I am looking for something thats got some good punch. I took some pics in the daylight - much better!
  10. Good to know! I plan on making some acoustic panels for the room as soon as I have the time. Putting 2 - 24"x48" panels behind the tv to start and then I'll have to figure out where to go from there. Im a little annoyed that the room is not the same on each side so it throws off the design a bit (OCD problems haha). I plan on getting a 10" SB for my computer setup which should indeed work quite nicely with TF2 You guessed correctly! Why do you think I moved out of an apartment? Ported it is then. I really want to feel that impact when I watch movies. Just wish it was a bit smaller which is why I was also attracted to the SB. But if its not going to give me that impact then forget it. Id rather make the correct decision the first time and not second guess myself a year down the road. Unless im deciding to get a second one! I was questioning the placement of the surrounds because both tweeters are either pointing behind me or in front of me and not directly - and since these are pretty directional surrounds I was thinking maybe It was going to sound 'off.' I guess the reason im worried about isolating the sub is to avoid the "boominess." I definitely like a good tactile response but if its at the cost of excess boominess id like to avoid it as best as possible.
  11. Hey guys! I just moved out of an apartment and into a rental house and am trying to get speaker placement and everything situated. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions. First, some details: Entire living room is about 15.5'W x 23'L x 8'H (dining area is behind couch) Listening Distance: 11' Listening Height: 38" (49" super deep couch forces you to sit low. Ears are about 3" off the back cushion ) Setup is a 5.0 set of Klipsch RF7ii, RC64ii, & RS62ii. Looking into getting a Klipsch 12" sub or SVS PB2000 (or SB2000... cant decide ) Acoustics - im concerned about this... The house is very old and has wood flooring with a crawl space underneath... not very ideal obviously, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to improve the acoustics for when I get a subwoofer. I have an 8x10 area rug that I just purchased and put down, as well as some curtains, and that seemed to dampen the room a bit. I was thinking I should probably isolate the subwoofer off of the ground with either a subdude from Auralex or those SVS risers if I go with SVS. Is there any other suggestions? Surround placement is kind of an issue at the moment... I attached a photo of where they are placed right now. The center of the surround speakers are about 85° from my MLP and the center of the speaker is about 58" high. Its also about 13" away from my front door and there is a switch plate in the way. The left surround doesn't have the same spacial problems but I placed it the same as the right surround. Should I leave them as is or move them? Sorry for the dark photos.. its night time Crude layout drawing is approximate. Thanks in advance! Ryan
  12. Awesome write-up Muel! Im about to do some for my room very soon and im really liking the way that Silver Papier looks! Hope you dont mind me asking a question - but I was thinking about using walnut as the outer frame and doing an inner frame out of birch... do you think having an outer frame that isnt wrapped in cloth will be just as effective? I was also thinking about using linen (like this) instead of the guilford of maine stuff. Expensive route but im looking to make it aesthetically pleasing as well as effective. Thanks!
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