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    extracting the best possible sound from single ended tube amps using modestly priced designs and tubes.
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    Now specializing in extreme near-field desk top systems using flea power SEPs and SETs. This mode of listening must be experienced as it can be totally enveloping.

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  1. The “Little Tater” SET : Maynard
  2. Jeffrey—as my friend Ari says, “gey gezunterheyt” if doing that makes you happy. Maynard
  3. Jeffrey, I seem to recall you advocating the use of different color tie wraps as a means of tuning the sound of an amplifier. As to using them, it all depends on what the tied wires are carrying. If used appropriately, they have no effect at all. Maynard
  4. A detailed description of the listening room, listening level, proximity to the speakers when listening, types of music listened to, etc. would be helpful in terms of making recommendations. Maynard
  5. A “few” of the demo units: Maynard
  6. The “Super Amp 1” parallel SEP: Maynard
  7. The “Little Joy” ultra flea power SEP spud: Maynard
  8. Is Sal still restoring amps? I heard he is only selling parts now. Maynard
  9. A clipped sine wave does not have a dc component. I would be more concerned with a SS amp which has a very high dc offset. The latter is easily measured. Maynard
  10. From 1948..... Maynard
  11. Here is what Augspurger and Murphy had to say about this very interesting subject: https://butleraudio.com/damping1.php Maynard
  12. Well stated. Yet, having an output impedance of 30+ ohms, as is often found with SEPs when no voltage fb is used, seems to make little or no difference when used with many speakers. Maynard
  13. The DC resistance of the secondary is of no consequence in general. The output impedance is a different matter. I have used high output impedance as well as low output impedance amps with Khorns and have gotten excellent results with both. Again, you would need to experience different amps yourself and choose what you find most pleasing. No one can tell you what will be best for your ears. Maynard
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