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  1. Not to be overly negative, but I'm not impressed. Maybe I have a bad unit. I hooked this up to my Wharfdale W-35's and played a few CD's. First thing I noticed is how short the power cord is, second a turn on and turn off thump. Well more of a whoosh. The sound is much brighter than my Sansui 3500 that I typically listen to on the bench. Bright to the point of being a bit harsh. I noticed a loss in bass but a few peaks that I would place at 80 Hz and 400Hz. So the begining of the midrange is farther forward that I prefer. I could tame the harshness with the tone controls and get the bass a bit tighter by backing that off too. However, something just sounds odd. Sounds to my ears like when a driver is out of phase. My test will be to set this up at my desk with a set of Minimus 7s. I listen to the 7s everyday, so should be easy to compare amps. I will need to open this unit up before I put it on one of my "better" rigs due to the turn on, turn off noise. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion. Nothing more or less. I've owned at least a half dozen t-amps and am used to their signature. This is a decent amp at a great price! You can spend much more and get much less. I'll try to get some shots of the inside tonight. Dale
  2. Here and here Outstanding! Time to sell off some gear and get an order in.
  3. I've heard of Craig's power amps, but did not know he had a Pre-Amp out. Anyone got a link to information?
  4. Yup, I saw that. I have all the parts in now for your SCA-35. Hope to start this weekend, but have been under the weather a bit. Cold, fever etc... I ordered the amp, $20.67 with free two day shipping. I'll post my impressions here. I'll set it up in my shop so I can listen to it while I work on gear.
  5. One lurkers money sent. [] Dale
  6. I posted Dean's thread over on the AK forum. http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?p=6900868#post6900868
  7. I've used isolation transformers to break ground loops. Works very well. Also when working on hot chassis radios. Well worth the investment. I have not used one for any of my 2 channel rigs though. Of course that's because I'm cheap and don't want to draw more electricity. [:|]
  8. Interesting review of that little amp. I've been impressed with the T-amps that I've owned. I have not tried one that inexpensive yet. Might be good for a little desktop setup for my kids. Get them away from the tiny speakers in their iPods! I think I'll grab one this week and open her up. See what their using in there. Thanks for the review.
  9. Each transformer is held down with 4 screws into the chassis. There are no nuts under the chassis, so no need to remove the bottom cover.
  10. I have not posted here in quite awhile, but a few of you know me. [:$] It's time to let this move on to a new home. So, up for sale is the 10 CD box set of Iron Maiden's "The First Ten Years". Here is a link to the track listing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_First_Ten_Years The box is not perfect and has wear marks. I will try and get pictures posted. The CDs are in excellent shape. All tray inserts and booklets included. I nine of the vouchers, not all ten. Prices are all over the map on this set. So, I'm asking a bit less than I paid at $300 shipped in CONUS. Don't worry about the PP fees. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  11. Aren't those discontinued? Yes, they are. I replaced my squeezeboxes with a VAMP. Designed by Andrew (same guy that builds the Vortexbox). Here's the link (no association) http://vortexbox.org/content/150-Building-the-VAMP This is basicly a pogoplug reloaded to use a playback device. It's about $70 for the device, usb stick and DAC.
  12. Both models from Microsoft can be used with a keyboard.
  13. I've used Monoprice for everything from XLR, to RCA to HDMI. Very nice product for a good price! A friend of mine needed a dozen XLR to XLR asap, and even next day shipping was resonable.
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