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    I always have had an interest in stereo equipment. About a few years ago I got a pair of Cornwall's and that's all she wrote!! My other interests are collection old tube radios, Victrola's and records. I'm primarily focused on Zenith and E.H. Scott radios
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    McIntosh MC2125, McIntosh C29, McIntosh MR74, Sansui SR929, Cambridge Audio 840C, 1966 walnut Klipschorns with cane grills

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  1. The record player is in good shape. I got the table from the original owner. It's cover has a crack but you cant feel it from under the lid. Also the back right foot has fallen off. I just sit the table on the foot and it works good. Included is a Shure m97xe that probably has less than 25 hours in it. If I look I think I still have the box and paperwork for the cart. I also have the original owners manual for the table. I will also include the Sonus Dimension 5 cart that I got with the table. I do not know how many hours are on the cart. I am asking $600 and I will not ship the table. I am 3.5 hours south if Chicago, 2.5 hours west of Indy and 2 hours east of St. Louis. I can help deliver within reason for the price of gas.
  2. Yes its still for sale, private message sent
  3. I emailed Shannon Parks and he said he used Cinemag 3440APC and Cinemag CM1254PC
  4. I found out they are 3440apc which I think is red - they might be from before Cinemag started distinguishing red v blue though
  5. looking into it now and i'll report back as soon as I get the information
  6. I've owned this SUT for a couple months. It was my first foray into the world of SUTs and I love it. I'm a bit reluctant to sell it because it sounds wonderful with my Dynavector 20x2l but I have a chance to upgrade for a what I am hoping for a better fit. I'd like $300 for it and I'll cover shipping.
  7. These are sold and they couldn't have went to a better owner.
  8. I'll take the jazz cd's...please mark them sold and pm on its way
  9. For sale are my 1965 walnut Klipschorns with cane grills. The serial numbers are 2D162 and 2D169 and they are model K-B-WO. I bought them from the original owner. He got them from his wife who had been married before and they were her first husband’s speakers. I think he said they got them in St. Louis. They had small dogs and they marked the sides of the grills. I was going to clean them but left them alone because they never really bothered me. The speakers are just how I received them and I’ve don’t nothing to alter their appearance. They are not perfect and have many bumps and bruises but overall they displayed nice in my home. Anybody wanting detailed pictures just let me know and I'll do whatever is needed. I'm asking $2500 I live 1.5 hours east of St. Louis, 3.5 hours south of Chicago, and 2 hours west of Indy. My zip code is 62461.
  10. i'll take if still available: Otis Rush - Mourning in the Morning VG/VG (black marking on CD top, spine cut-out) 3 Bob Dylan - he Times They Are A-Changin' (Canada) EX/NM 4 Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (Canada EMI Capitol) VG/NM 3 Queens of the Stone Age -s/t EX/G (wrinkled art) 1 Supertramp - s/t (remaster) - made in France NM/NM 4 Cold War Kids - Robbers & Cowards VG/VG+ (spine saw cut) 3 The RollingStones - Out of Our Heads (London) MONO West Germany VG/NM 9
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