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    I always have had an interest in stereo equipment. About a few years ago I got a pair of Cornwall's and that's all she wrote!! My other interests are collection old tube radios, Victrola's and records. I'm primarily focused on Zenith and E.H. Scott radios
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    McIntosh MC2125, McIntosh C29, McIntosh MR74, Sansui SR929, Cambridge Audio 840C, 1966 walnut Klipschorns with cane grills

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  1. Just as the title states. I would prefer Walnut color but its not a deal breaker. I can pay with cash or have stuff to trade. I want to replace my Scansonic MK-5 which are fantastic little speakers but I'm thinking a bigger speaker will suit my needs better
  2. dam seeing my old speakers stings a little haha...I really miss them and should have listen to the forum members to keep them
  3. The record player is in good shape. I got the table from the original owner. It's cover has a crack but you cant feel it from under the lid. Also the back right foot has fallen off. I just sit the table on the foot and it works good. Included is a Shure m97xe that probably has less than 25 hours in it. If I look I think I still have the box and paperwork for the cart. I also have the original owners manual for the table. I will also include the Sonus Dimension 5 cart that I got with the table. I do not know how many hours are on the cart. I am asking $600 and I will not ship the table. I am 3.5 hours south if Chicago, 2.5 hours west of Indy and 2 hours east of St. Louis. I can help deliver within reason for the price of gas.
  4. Yes its still for sale, private message sent
  5. I emailed Shannon Parks and he said he used Cinemag 3440APC and Cinemag CM1254PC
  6. I found out they are 3440apc which I think is red - they might be from before Cinemag started distinguishing red v blue though
  7. looking into it now and i'll report back as soon as I get the information
  8. I've owned this SUT for a couple months. It was my first foray into the world of SUTs and I love it. I'm a bit reluctant to sell it because it sounds wonderful with my Dynavector 20x2l but I have a chance to upgrade for a what I am hoping for a better fit. I'd like $300 for it and I'll cover shipping.
  9. These are sold and they couldn't have went to a better owner.
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