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  1. ahenson

    WTB: CF-4s

    Ya I'm on lookout for a pair too, gotta be black color. Located in Illinois
  2. ahenson


    I'd really like to have these. Illinois is such a long drive
  3. I'm located in Illinois. Will drive a fair bit for the right deal. Also looking for very clean Chorus iis Thanks!
  4. ahenson

    HT advice

    ya I think I'm set on the idea of an academy and 2 fortes for the rears. I guess i just need to be patient
  5. ahenson

    HT advice

    So if I wanted to save some cash I could buy a C7 on ebay and I've heard the rears aren't so important. What should I buy for the rears? Is the academy that much better than a c7?
  6. ahenson

    HT advice

    ya I think I'll nix the sub. I live in a condo with neighbors o that might be for the best. So an academy or a kc7 and forte or quartet surround would be sweet?
  7. ahenson

    HT advice

    Right now I have 2 black Forte IIs I need a center and rear speakers and a sub. Would an academy be the best? I thought about a sv subwoofer. I have an older denon reciever and I'd like to keep it. Any advise for a heritage surround system.
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