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  1. 1st I bought 3 Heresys to use as LCR for a HT - our cats shredded the grills and woofers. Next I bought a pair of Cornwalls, nailed the grills on to protech the woofers, and got a spray bottle so I could spray the cats with water if they even looked like they were thinking of going over to sharpen their claws on them - the cats shredded the grills & scratched up the enclosures, so I sold the CWs to a forum member at 1/2 the price I paid for them so they weren't completly destroyed. Next I bought 3 RB 81 II for LCR & 2 RB 61 II for surrounds hoping that their smaller size wouldn't attract the cats - Hey. It worked. Not a scratch on the grills or enclosures, but although the reference models sounded really good, they weren't Cornwalls. After that I had the best idea yet - Buy 3 Cornscalas from Bob Crites (thanks to Bob not only for these speakers but also for his frendliness & good humor during our phone conversations). I've had multiple OMG moments every day during the last few weeks of listening to them, both for HT use & 2ch playback. I keep putting on cd after cd that I haven't heard in a long time, not only to see what new things I'll hear that I haven't heard before, but also because every thing I play sounds so good. I also bought metal grills made to fit the enclosures from Reliable Hardware on the web. The cats tried to sharpen their claws on the grill, found out they couldn't, and have since left them alone. Now I not only have the best 3 speakers I've ever owned, I've gained a little respect from the cats (That'll teach em to try to mess with ol' Firesign. LOL)
  2. My budget is probably less than $600-750 for a pre-amp or integrated amp over the next few months. I could save longer if it was necessary, but at my income level, that amount is a pretty big "toe in the water". I like the idea of the Scott 222 or 299. There's also the Dynaco SCA-35 though I have no idea of its' comparison to the Scotts. A friend had one along with Dynaco A-25s many years ago & I still remember how good the combination sounded. I also like the idea of getting a Dynaco PAS3-X pre-amp instead, for pairing with SS amp or possibly a tube amp later on.
  3. And thanks to all for their posts. They've really made me want to experience what y'all have decribed - that clarity of detail & freedom from distortion . Many thanks.
  4. Many thanks for the input. How would you rate the effect of a tube pre-amp coupled with a SS amp in comparison with an all tube combo? Would it give much of the same freedom from fatigue as a tube integrated or power amp?
  5. I'm looking for advice for the best way to see if tubes would give me a "lush, rich, less fatiguing" sound without losing the sense of "being there" that I get from my Cornwalls. I listen to rock, jazz, & some classical in 2 channel mode. Thanks.
  6. The Mothers of Invention, Jefferson Airplane (name for a home-made roach clip), Greatful Dead, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Pot Liqour, XTC, Three Dog Night, Bloodrock, Hole, Jo Mama, Wet WIlly (and the beat goes on...)
  7. Sorry. tk - I forgot to ask. Did you get the info on the crossover change from BEC?
  8. I wasn't sure on the spelling either - that's why I used the asterisk....(well, OK, didn't want to do a "obscene post" - lol. Hard to know what is obscene till you cross the line.)
  9. Who could forget her: Mrs. Presky after being awarded the grand prize "But... it's a bag of sh*t, Game show host "But it's great sh*t". Actually I had forgotten her name, but have often referred to it talking to people, usually whenever the rich and/or special interests get another hand-out/tax break & the rest of us are left holding the bag... Thanks for making me "google" her & remember her name again.
  10. Yes Sir indeed. Side 2 of "Waiting For The Electrician" has always IMHO been the high point of "high humor" - pun respectively submitted for your approval.... Can't tell you how many times through the years working in an ER someone would say "It's Showtime" ("All That Jazz" reference) to which I'd respond Yup, "He's OK & ready to play Beat The Reaper". The only thing I've found to come close to Firesign Theater is real-life humor in the ER or OR. And yes, glad I am we survived, but I don't think things are really that much safer for the current generation. It's always a "crap-shoot" & sometimes ya get covered by the ensuing splatter... Now follow along as we learn three new words in Turkish - ...towel, ...delight, ... border. May I see your passport, please............
  11. My dad had Khorns when I was a kid in the mid 50's - one of my earliest memories is of him blowing out matches with them at a party. Then when I was living in San Antonio in the mid 70's I came across a stereo store ("Bill Case") where there was a really nice salesman by the name of Bjorn (who later left & opened one of the great brick & mortar audio stores - "Bjorn's") who would let me & my friends drop by the store and listen to everything they had. I spent most of my time listening to Klipsch. I've finally gone back to Klipsch now & don't think I'll ever stray away again...
  12. Much thanks for making my morning. Oh how I miss the "old days" (though if I could go back I'd be saying "Oh how I miss the new days" - Lol). Glad "We're all bozos on this bus"....
  13. Sorry to hear of both your losses & grats to cfelliott on new friends. Two of our original cats are still with us - one is around 17 & the other is 15. I really do think that losing pets are like losing human friends, but when we make new friends they don't replace the older ones, they just become a new opportunity to share. Maybe it's from growing up as an "Air Force Brat" & moving every 2-3 years, but I feel that every loss should become a new beginning...
  14. I used to have the same opinion of them till I started thinking of them as "little panthers". Pound for pound they'll beat most things. It's just that they revert back to "kitten-hood" when they're fed & cared for by humans. Just remember, we've had a partnership with cats almost as long as with dogs & without both of them we would have taken a lot longer to get civilized (cats kept mice/rats out of granaries, which allowed us to store food against famines leading to larger groups of humans, trade, & eventually Superbowls, March Madness, and Klipsch speakers...). []
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