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  1. it s really worth to upgrade rf ll to rf 7 lll??
  2. barasn

    RC 64lll

    Whats rhe price of rc 64 lll???
  3. Anyone here compare them ? Any idea which ones sets better ?
  4. yes saw this now .. twistedcrankcammer its really better than rc 7? https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/131360-rf-7-as-a-center-channel-custom-build/
  5. i saw it yesterday what s the model of this center? seems 10 ınc?
  6. so klf 20 can use at center position right?
  7. nope i dont have any klipsch i have defitniive technology bp 2000 tl main ,i dont like definitive center i think to use klf20 center it will be good or not how is the klf 20 mid and tweeter at movie? any idea
  8. iTS possible to use klf-20 for center it will be good or useless? http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/klf-20-overview/
  9. i have definitive bp2000tl ,deftech bpvx rear and bp 30 rear ,velodyne dd 18 subwoofer i dont like definitive center because i dont need active center so rc 7 or rc 64 which one better
  10. Which one is better center? thank you
  11. i need information about klipsch ksw 300 subwoofer,how is the music and movie performance and still worth it? thank you
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