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  1. prometheus in 3d blu ray much better than thought it would be
  2. have a 47 inch samsung led in my living room which is a small klipsch sb-3 sound bar set up, my panasonic g10 is in game room, and panasonic vt25 3d tv in master bedroom with rf-7 system.
  3. watched total recall, judge dredd in 3d on my vt25, and bourne legacy, liked total recall the best, but watched taken 2 last night which is best movie seen in a while liked the first one too.
  4. youthman i had the avr 247, was one of the first 7.1 receivers ever owned bought new in 2007, lasted me up until 2 years ago had to sell it since upgraded to new elite receiver.
  5. thanks micheal, looking and sounding good to be filling up those cabinets []
  6. the small also through me off in the beginning of understand how speakers mix in with subs, until everyone on this forum set me straight its all about learning and understand the frequencies, which isnt a walk in the park. []
  7. didnt seem to mix as well when went to rf-7's, my rc-64 matches much better.
  8. To me the rc-62 matched the best in my old rf-62/82 system.
  9. I have always run the single sub wire to lfe of the sub output, i never even noticed a difference running a y adapter where setup the auto calibration feature even when ran one sub-12 in my old rf-62 setup.
  10. does yours have thx setup where sets all speakers to small because my pioneer elite has the plus option but having a very similar setup as yours, was told it was best to leave alone the plus feature.
  11. still tossing around the idea of adding the wireless adapters to my sw115's so can move one to rear part of the room
  12. yeah i seen them online on amazon from what i read on here they dont make the x10's any more and klipsch went to the x10i's heard they sound amazing my first ever pair of klipsch headphones were the x5's sounded really good to me at least.
  13. it was still a system i built up over time meant A LOT to me so def. know how it feels since didnt have a system at a all before that, kind of like whats about to happen with system i am getting rid of in my truck ugh
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