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  1. Next time I get out I will get some pictures. I spoke with the designer of the subwoofer box. The cab is filled with 1 tc sounds lms 5400 with 2 18" tc sound passives. This was the builders first sub and one of his favorites. I' am supposed to pick up one of his newer boxes this weekend, that are void free BB and calls for 2 lms 5400's.
  2. It was great seeing you Cut-Throat. His system is pretty impressive. The funny thing is, with the bass is that it is far more laid back, then the first time I was there, pictures were falling off the wall, pots and pans falling and stuff 3 rooms away being disturbed. A gentlman who is writing and article about the midrange amps we heard on the K-402's, finally convinced him that it sounded unnatural. Crazy thing is those were all class d amps. The speakers in question are the pinnacle of JBL K2 line for studio work. I am pretty sure they sound much better than the consumer K2 line and are very rare. What always amazes about this system is that transiants in big orchestral pieces are handled easily, clearly with lots of separation, even with speed of instruments coming in, in massive numbers. Another thing is the horn sounds huge but isn't that big, I think it's the 4" phrams. Also there never seems to be any of those horn sounds that make you run to the volume control in fear of what you might hear. The weirdest thing is I can play a poor recording on my system and it sounds awful, on his system, it actually sounds pretty good? I still can't wrap my head around this....
  3. Thanks guys for all the info!!! We only had a chance to listen to the klipsch combo for a little bit, and used the mics and the dolby processor to manufacture fairly flat curves. The Klipsch combo certainly shows promise... I would need a lot more time with the buttons, and next time I will use these settings to a T to see exactly where this combo sits with my ears, all of ours are different and that's what makes this hobby such an interesting pursuit. Cut throat heard them, maybe he will chime in? I 'am sure the k69 isnt a match for the 475nd, these are 2 very different animals and acclaimed designs, in very dissimilar price catagories. Thanks guys I truly appreciate it!!!
  4. It's a Dolby Lake processor, that does lots of crazy things, and from what I have read, it is a very nice tool. If you could pm the settings it would be great. THANKS
  5. Mark1101, I am glad that you asked that question. I thought Coytee had sent them to me months ago, I checked my pm's and I dont have them. If you or someone could pm them to me that would be great. If not we will just have to use mics, and his Dolby Lake processor. It should at least give us some idea?
  6. Going to hear the K402 for the for first time today, a friend is letting me swap out his H9500, 475nd combo for the k402 k69 in his M9500 set up....another forum member is planning on coming ,should be very interesting.. I am really curious to see if this will even be a fight.... I hope so!!!!
  7. ........Well if you don't mind me asking, what are you talking about here? This is a public forum, but it is not "rare" for people to pass gum, or even small coins they ate when they were children, from what I have heard. I grew up eating many things that were home made, about 80% of what I ingested. This program still suprised me in so many ways..... be careful though and do some research. All of our lower digestive tracks are filled with "stuff" that we all can clean out, you will eat less, feel better....Imagine one of the primary areas of nutrient transfer being packed with a tar like substance? The nutrients cant get through, and I assume a person would feel hungry? what did thay say about John Wayne's colon?
  8. Eat the best you can always, if you can read a book you can cook, better yet, after you learn how to cook and can taste, you can make almost anything. Focus on spices and how they work, and your taste buds. Sure, we all dont always have the time to cook everything from scratch. I always make an effort to do so, buy local if you can, from a trusted source. Preservatives are bad bad news, what else do you think they preserve? I dont know how many thousands of years old our modern digestive systems are, but surely they cant evolve, fast enough. Try a juice fast for a few days or better yet, try it for a week, gets some digestive track cleanser and some corn husk psyllium. After you have no food in your system other than juice watch what happens.. Not rare for people to pass very bizarre things, I ate well for years and I couldn't believe what happened. I didnt experience the 60's but after doing this I feel like I did. Watch what hapens to your focus it's, very suprising!!!! Then after you eat when its over, you will be even more suprised!!!
  9. Arash another thing about Altecs, its hard to find amps that will make them sound their best. If you look on the Altec board there is an interesting thread going under "I hate my Altecs" you should take a look, it explains a lot about what you are in for....
  10. Arash I agree, I have had 2 sets or corwalls and the 19's are a very different animal. You should look into the grounding issue with most m19 crossovers. If you search "ground lug mod" on the jbl lansing site or audiokarma, you should be able to find it. It makes a HUGE difference in sound. Also you should recap the originals they are probably way out of speck. The one thing about corwalls, they are way more forgiving then the m19's.
  11. I agree with the run dont walk, but dont touch the x-overs, have Mr. Crites make a pair or make them yourself... these, in this condition, will only go up in value, and go up a lot...
  12. juniper8

    Standard Poodle pups

    Congrats!!! Poodles are crazy, my wife wanted one, they are so smart it's scary. A few weird stories, our dog had 8 or so different bones that were all very similiar, he knew all of them by names that we had given them, and would retrieve them by name. One day I had a hang nail and pulled a rock out of a nearby fountain and filed it off, left the room and came back to my dog filing his nails. 6 months later I pulled the same rock out and put it on the floor, he started filing his nails. I used to light fires on the weekends and watch TV for a few hours or so, I would normaly sit on the floor and place the lighter under my leg, this dog would sit facing me for hours waiting for me to get up. I soon as I left the room he would grab the lighter take it apart and then look at me like I won this time, because sometimes I would catch him in the act, and take it away. In the end he had taken apart at least 30 lighters in his career. Great dogs, good luck with them, but never trust them!!!
  13. Boomzilla I would rethink wrapping another layer of 3/4 plywood around your 3's. You would be better served building new speakers.....
  14. I have a heard that the B-2x is a little softer sounding and doesnt sound like S.S., and some say it isn't as clean sounding as the mx1000. I have a mx1000u and it is a very nice amp, of the big amps I have had in my system it is a clear winner.. top to bottom it sounds very good. The only thing I dont like are all the switches and buttons and volume controls... If you go with the mx1000 make sure it is a u model, they have larger power supplies. I have read the 1000 can handle a 1 ohm load...
  15. Bracing is always a good idea. If you are building from scratch you may want to look into Cornscala's.
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