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  1. I have a pair of RB5IIs I bought sometime around 2001. I love the sound and their still going strong today. I getting back into my record albums and loving it. I currently use them as the mains in my home theater set-up (connected to a SONY STR-DH820 A/V Receiver). I'm thinking about getting an Onkyo TX-8020 Stereo Receiver to use strictly for the albums and connecting the RB5IIs to it.. I like those old style bass, treble and balance controls of yesteryear.
  2. And I still like to play records, now referred to as spinning vinyls by the YS'ers.
  3. Mallette, I'm lovng that old analog sound. ajoker2c, That 1060 is pretty. JMON, I've heard of both of those. I'll check them out and I'll be sure to look for STASIS.
  4. Jorjen, I saw that tour also at The Baltimore Civic Center. Awesome show, especially with the quad sound system. I saw Carl Palmer 3 times with ELP and once with Asia. I'm definitely a fan. ACM, I'll have to check out the Harman Kardons you mentioned. I had an HK reciver that I purchased back in 1980. Wish I still had that dual powered baby. Unfortunately it went to one of my now ex-in-laws when I bought an AVR for the surround sound. that was a very nice receiver. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. Hi music lovers. I've been getting back in my record album collection, which these days seem to be referred to as "vinyl." I have 1,100+ albums and I'm having a ball. I recently purchased an Audio-Technica LP120 USB turntable and I am converting a few of my albums. For pure listening enjoyment I've been connecting the LP120 to my SONY avr and listening to all of my oldies but goodies through my Klipsch Reference RB-5IIs. They're actually the mains in my surround system. Purchased them in 2000 and they still sound great. Now I'm thinking about searching for a vintage amp or receiver. I've read good things about the Marantz 1060 integrated amp which I believe is rated at 30w/ch. I also hear good things about some of the old Pioneer equipment. I've forgotten how many watts it takes to power the old RB-5IIs. The listening room is about 20'x20' with w/w carpet. I'm not looking to blow anyone out of the room, but I would like to be able to crank up some of the old classic rock a bit. I know the RB-5IIs are capable. Any suggestions on what I should set my sights on.
  6. I've got this in my Amazon wish list. I may just have to take the plunge. I was lucky enough to see Cream in concert at the old Baltimore Civic Center way back in November 1968.
  7. "The Monuments Men". I like historical based movies. I found this at Walmart a couple weeks ago packaged with "The Bridge on the River Kwai" and "The Guns of the Navarone."
  8. I still enjoy DVD-A and SACD on occasion, but I've gotten back into 2 channel lately. I have a pair of Reference RB5II speakers in my surround system and I'd almost forgotten how good the bass is on those babies.
  9. The turntable and cartridge both date back to about 1980. Don't know how many hours on it. I know the cartridges for it are fairly expensive. I started it up again later this afternoon and it seemed to be turning ok. I didn't notice any vibration or wobble to it. I tried a couple albums out, including one of my old Beatles albums and it seemed to do ok. It appeared to maintain speed alright and the sound was good. There wasn't any drag or distortion to the sound.
  10. Likewise, my wallet isn't deep and I now wear hearing aides.That being said, I still have some ability to tell the difference between crappy sound and decent sound. I also have a fairly large collection of vinyl which will one day go to my daughter, who also loves the classics (as in classic rock) as much as I do.
  11. Looks real nice, but a bit out of my price range. Not counting WAF. She already thinks I'm nuts, lol.
  12. Guess I'll have to start looking around, maybe even at the garage sale(s). What led me on this path, was I'd been converting some of my vinyl to digital with an ION usb tt (I know, I know) and even some of that stuff sounded better than what's on CD. I'm guessing because it came from an analog source. That led to me hooking things up so I could try them through my RB5II speakers (instead of my Klipsch pc speakers. I didn't realize what I'd been missing. Are any of you familiar with the Audio-Technica's AT-LP120-USB direct-drive, (usb & analog) tt. I still like to convert some of my old vinyl? It seems to get some decent reviews on Amazon.
  13. I appreciate all of the replies fellows. Sorry it took me so long to get back on here. What little bit I was able to hear it seemed like black was right and grey was left. However the platter itself ceased turning at a proper speed very quickly and it also started vibrating. I'm starting to think it may be time to look for a new turntable that hasn't been sitting in a back room for at least a decade. It would probably be less frustrating. I'm itching to hear some of this vinyl through my RB5II speakers.
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