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  1. ---------------- On 1/15/2005 4:21:02 AM DrWho wrote: http://www.northcreekmusic.com/Leviathan/LeviathanFAQ.htm 18" driver with Fs of 14Hz and 2" P-P excursion. cost: $800 ---------------- The driver you are talking about does 19mm of linear one way Xmax + its surface area = less air displacement than an Adire Tumult. +the RE XXX completely destroy it in linear air displacement. The 34mm of Xmax I was talking about is ONE way linear, so 68mm P-P linear, not P-P maximum. But given its higher Fs at the first place (I'm talking about the RE woofer), I dont know if it would be as great in very deep bass as the Tumult. When I'll have the time, Im gonna do some verifications with some modeling
  2. Well, ONE sub with ONE driver under $5000. I would say a ported DIY sub with the Resonnant Enginnering XXX 18" driver. Give me a woofer which can displace more air than this one PLUS which can sound as good 7.74 L of air displacement, a 18 incher with 32mm of one way linear excursion! There will be the new RE MT series which will come soon, not so much details are known except that these woofers have 37 to 49 Tm of Bl can I say HUGE magnet structures? They are supposed to be more powerfull to than the XXX series! Althought they are more about car audio subwoofers, I know some people who used them (as ported enclosures tuned in the 20s) in home and claim to have amazing results (BOTH in SPL and SQ). I didnt try yet to model them with simulation softwares but just when you look at both the Adire Audio Tumult and the RE XXX 15, they seems so similar! Having a sealed Tumult in home (I know how it sounds) plus seeing so much people telling that the RE XXXs and the Tumult have similar sound quality (very little difference), seeing often those woofers ranked as the best sounding and the most powerfull woofers available on many "woofer forums" (I may add also the Adire Brahma 15, the TC Sounds UE 15)... I think that I can say that one of these woofers, in a well conceptualized ported enclosures, with an enough powerfull amplifier, give all together one if not the most powerfull single sub with a single driver available today below $5000, (the RE XXX 18" having the edge in absolute power). I'm talking here about the best SQ and power, not about the best cosmethics... YOU would define how beautifull it would be
  3. ---------------- hmmmm... you know you need a car for "car audio", right? and one with a VERY large trunk for a Tempest sub welcome back... Rob ---------------- ahhHAAAAA Famili Prix! Its because I HAVE this car now Yes, I bought a car during the summer time, this is a Saturn SL2 2000, manual trans. all black with a little modified custom spoiler which add to it a nice look. I didnt look at this kind of car first but I had an incredible deal I just couldnt pass over! ... 5450$ CAN And finally, I like very much that car, fun to drive, I just hope that I wont get any kind of big troubles with it in the upcoming months and years. It still passed the inspection before buying greatly. So one day, Im gonna come to your house with my Tumult And why not passing by the Oreille house too, if he welcomes me, I would like to meat him (ahem... lol MEET him) too one day and to see all those subs I dont know when I'll be able to do that trip thought... But Im thinking about it!
  4. hahaha YEAH!! Wow I didnt post for a GOOD WHILE! God lord Jesus! But I'm back, at least for today !! I got very very (really?) very very ultra excellently buzy during the summer and Im still a bit buzy again these days... For your information, that was the first VTF-3, not the VTF-3 Mark II but it is still sold lol! Im now effectively (Formica doing Telepathy) with a sealed Tumult subwoofer, soon to be in a vented enclosure, YES a vented enclosure! I dont know why but I kind missed the efficiency of a ported enclosure and I know that Im missing quite much with a sealed Tumult. I should be in the 120 dBs all the way from 20 Hz and up with 1600W of power but this is really not the case with a sealed box... still getting great 124 dBs around 35-40 Hz, can I tell you that this makes my objects in my bedroom screaming! And now, I have my eyes on car audio. I began to buy some parts such as the head unit (wow! lol!) and now Im thinking about a Tempest for the sub, that Tempest with a Hifonics amp which gives 600W into 4 ohms. Its pretty the best 4 amp for the price that Ive found (which can give a nice 4 ohms load of course), it costs around 130USD. I dont know still if that amp is great, but I think that im gonna still buy it. I just have to find out how much CAN dollars it costs (shipping, etc etc). Wow that was nice to see all of you today, and Oreille, j'aimerais I would like tellement so much garder tous les subs que jai eu to keep all the sub I got, mais but ma chambre de clochard est tellement gigantesque, my bum bedroom is so huge que je n'ai de la place que pour un that I have only the place for one! Woaaaaw when I read again all of this, this makes my head explode just a little a lot! Well ... also this is a question of budgette (money). And anyway, its like... the Tumult = Hsu + Tempest LOL! and some more. Formica all said it well
  5. ---------------- On 6/8/2004 10:06:23 PM mike stehr wrote: ***So would that be 68mm peak to peak? ***Yeah, but there is a good chance you'll find user's that broke the sub from playing the driver itself too loud. ---------------- Yep, this means 68 mm peak to peak! Do you means "the enclosure" broking because of the driver which plays too loud?? Well, I'll tell you when my Tumult enclosure will broke, I will even make a post on the Klipsch forum when this will happen. But Im sure that this will not happen, as I pushed the Tumult to its limit a few times and 75% of its limit several times. Even at 75% (approximative) of its limit, it is more loud and displace more air than a lot of woofers out there! The subs which brake must be poorly built, OR you just heard a great myth!
  6. Well, the Tumult is one of the if not the most powerfull 15 inchers in the world and I have it! 34mm of LINEAR one way xmax! Quite a lot more capable than the best Sunfire. I never broke any enclosure with it yet when it was pushed to its limit if this can make you more confident! This is truely a myth! Ive never heard of another Tumult user broking his enclosure while the sub is playing at a loud volume.
  7. ---------------- On 6/7/2004 9:04:57 PM TheEAR wrote: ---------------- On 6/7/2004 6:18:10 PM om13934 wrote: I don't have any idea whether it is true or not, but I seem to remember hearing that some of the very first sunfire cubes built exploded while being tested. They do have dual active woofers right??? So I guess maybe they could explode if the cabinets were poorly constructed, but that's all I can think of in regard to this thread. ---------------- This is a load of bull spread by people who want to scare customers from Sunfire products.I have THREE Sunfire subs and two Carver KS subs and none has ever had any problems.And I drove them as hard as can be done. So is the myth of exploding Sunfires true...yes as true as the one about the giant frog that was eating people.Urban legends nothing more ---------------- I agree totally with The_Ears on this!!! I wasnt affraid that my box explode but I was a bit worried about building a 3/4" MDF sealed box for my Tumult. I was affraid that the box would vibrate too much (like dancing on the floor) but when you do lots of bracing, in the end, you have a sturdy enclosure which is VERY able to support the power of a great woofer such as a Tumult, Sunfire and the TC Sound HE-15 to name some. Just imagine, a Tumult can move 5.1 liters of air, this is a lot! The comon carpenter glue used for joining my MDF pannels can support pressures of ABOVE the 1000 pounds tag!!! I imagine that the Sunfire Signatures are at least as solid as my enclosure is and even maybe more. And dont worry, when I touch to the enclosure when it is driven hard, I feel like confident
  8. Hi Jay, My Tumult subwoofer is a 18x18x18" sealed cube. The woofer will maybe sit in a larger vented cube this summer with two Stryke PR18 radiators, tuned to around 20 Hz. But when I read your question again, you seem to want to dimension of the Tumult woofer only??? Do you mean how much space in the enclosure?? Adire Audio told me about 7 liters. But dont be SO SO perfect and accurate in your measurements, you waste your time. You can even have some little differences between different Tumult woofer for the T/S specs!!! Personally, I wanted a Qtc around 0,65 and even if WinISD told me that at 25 Hz, Im loosing quite a lot of dBs, this isnt the case in my room. The sub begins to loose some extension at 25 Hz, I got very surprised! So yes, you can trust WinISD, but dont think that you will get the SAME SAME Qtc that you simulated in the end, its almost impossible! Your room and how you will place the sub, how well built your sub will be, all of this will have a large impact for the final results. The enclosure must be GREATLY sealed for that monster, the woofer moves a lot of air and let you know if you have any air leaks easily, specially with lower frequencies.
  9. ---------------- On 4/26/2004 10:49:33 PM TheEAR wrote: A PB2-Plus hits hard at 11Hz...LOL What a load of corn,no subwoofer hits hard at 11hz,there is no such thing as hitting hard at 11hz unless you have a dozen Tumults in a dipole configuration.And you are in a very small room. Some people live by the hype they spit out ---------------- No subwoofer hits hard at 11 Hz??? Well, with the last SPL test I did with my sealed Tumult subwoofer, I saw that you dont need a dozen Tumults in a dipole configuration. My test showed a 112 dB at 12 Hz while the woofer almost got out of the enclosure! This isn't 120 dB, but this is above reference level! That high number for a single woofer is maybe due to the soft bass roll off (sealed enclosure). I wonder what I'd get with a vented Tumult...
  10. This is why I am so sure that the crossover setting had something to do... Just at home, when Im testing different crossover points with my subwoofers (I have two different), if I set it too highly (100-120 Hz for example), I turn up the volume until the amp reach its limit and I dont get as much felt power, I can say that I get far less punch and TRUE bass (below 40 Hz). Don't you think all that this is quite logical? The amp in that case just waste too much of its power for mid bass and upper bass...
  11. "with the low pass xover on the sub set to about 110 I think.. " If this is the case, I find that the crossover was set really too high!!! The mid-bass should be handled by the floorstanders IMHO so all the power used by the subwoofer is more used for lower frequencies. Im pretty sure that this was due to the high crossover setting! When I turn up my low pass from 50 to 100 Hz for example with my Tumult subwoofer, I find that Im loosing the extra super punch I get around 40 Hz. This is because all the amp power is used for higher frequencies. I would go again to the store and try to reduce the crossover point (you or the salesman). Be sure that if the low pass is set at 60 Hz for example, that the towers will play down to 60 Hz too, very important if you dont want to miss the mid-bass punch from the towers. And dont be shy in front of the salesmans, afterall, they souldnt be agressive if their goal is to sale their subwoofers
  12. ---------------- On 4/24/2004 10:30:23 PM goretexpretzels wrote: Does anyone have dB figures for a 22/25-31PCi? I am close to getting one, and it would be nice to know. ---------------- If you wanna know how much dB you will get, we would need at least you room dimension for an estimate. To know this information, I would ask the question to Tom from SVS by email. He would answer your question rapidly and with pleasure ---------------- On 4/24/2004 11:10:18 PM T_Shomaker wrote: If I got an SVS PCi could I at a later point take out their woofer and then put a better driver in? ---------------- Sure you can... but do you want to hear port noise? Because if you put a better driver in, air flow will increase out of the 4" flared port and you will most likely hear some port noise. Beeing port restricted, the sub would start to have some compression and wouldnt perform as well as if there was more venting area. However, if the SVS would be sealed instead of vented, replacing the existing 12" driver could be great, as long as the driver is well suited for the cylinder.
  13. Hmm... I will say for starting very safely that the Pci or CS line beats ANY subwoofer under $1000. But there is still the Hsu STF-3 which is very competitive against these, Dr. Hsu is an exception So without even telling more, you just see how much good SVS are for the money when you compare even their lowest budget subs against the rest!!! But... lets face it, the DIY way will always be the best way for having the most for you money (Im sorry, I had to say it)! In that case, if I keep the same comparo (SVS PCi/CS), you can build a Shiva subwoofer which will keep up against them for under $400!! This can be frustrating when you know this but well, you must have the patience and the tools and sometimes, when you dont have the tools and enough skill, a DIY sub can cost you as much as a commercial one!
  14. ---------------- On 4/23/2004 7:25:40 PM lorcoll wrote: I am starting to build my powered sub with the Adire Shiva. Do you can tell me the best choice among sealed or vented box? I have a Shiva woofer, a 250 Watt Plate amp and I haven't space problem. I'll use it only for music (I have Khorn and Heresy). Thanks. ---------------- OHHH! And I forgot to see that you have the KHorns! Hmm... I think that a single Shiva wont do justice with those Klipschs. For JUST $25 more than the Shiva, just that, you can have a woofer which can move 60% more air: Adire Audio Tempest. I highly suggest this woofer to you, as you said that space isnt a problem. An EBS vented Tempest would look like huge, but you would be amazed for sure at how much bass you could have from this monster for so little dollars. According to some people, the Tempest = an SVS Ultra! By the way, you will keep the same amp with the Tempest too... you will get more SPL with the same amp power because the woofer is simply more sensitive. I have a Tempest and a Tumult in my room and I can say that the Tempest is amazing for the $$$. I even had some tears to my eyes when I first listened to it!! Oh and by the way, my Tempest is for sell. It is on my room, but I dont use it...
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