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  1. BBZink's post in "Belle Driver Ohm Readings HELP"! was marked as the answer   
    minor trouble, fuse cap, and pot gain, and check everything and balance everything.
    and music is on, with the woofer (that i change polarity) since my battery type A test and sound loud, clear and finaly center.
    i have a problem with the woofer wire who has a measure of 3.9ohms on woofer connector and 5.0ohms reading and the end of cable?
    but i need to remove top of the Belle for that and to much work for now, sound is center and my new crossover had finesse to the result as the Bryston on spec!
    So for now! Problem solved, but maybe in the fall i will go for the 15 or Crite woofer, just for fun to see if it had up more range!
  2. BBZink's post in Belles & Bryston 4B, gain adjust and 1 is it enough? was marked as the answer   
    Glad to read that!
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