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  1. Hope I'm not hijacking this thread by focusing on the setup before the beautiful Lavera horns, but, Nat, what are you using to control volume now? Volume controls on the Crowns? Say more about a six channel volume control and new output section for the Behringer. Are you considering a tube output stage as seen here? http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/133949/1358083.aspx#1358083 Oops posted without seeing GotHover's post...errrr. ya....what he said...[:$]
  2. Hi Greg, I bet they sound wonderful having heard how good your setup was recently BEFORE the new horns! One thing I was wondering about this test setup, you have the Creek attenuator before the Behinger if I recall correctly. Was wondering if you tried without the Creek so that the Behringer gets full line level all the time? Without a unified volume control it would get tricky to use the pots on the 3 T-amps to find the right balance. Like any component there's probably an optimum input level that the crossover prefers. Too little might lead to lost bits? Too much to being overdriven into distortion? Don't really know enough about so wondering if you tried?
  3. Hi kwingylee, Check my profile for full system list. I got a Parasound P/HP 850 preamp and VTL tiny triode monoblocks. Don't think I've ever even seen ConnieJ equipment never mind heard it.
  4. Took a day trip up to Greg's place mid-Maine last week. A very rainy sunday but we weren't going for the hiking or kayaking! My wife Carol and I met Greg at his Benton workshop and let ourselves in. Greg was working on some new horns and had the MCM shop system up LOUD! Once we caught his attention we got the royal tour. Greg has one of the "cutaway" Klipschorns. Fascinating to see the path of the famous bass bin. I'm moderately knowledgeable about audio but new to Klipsch and horns. Greg was great about answering questions from both Carol and I. He is not only a nice guy but a real craftsman with wood. The new Fc212 horns are beautiful. Carol commented that she had never seen a cleaner wood shop. Greg did his horn demo comparing his speaking voice through a stock Klipsch squawker and through his V-Trac horn. The V-trac certainly sounded more natural to my ear. Then it was on to Greg's home. There we met his gracious wife and 2 friendly dogs. In the large living room his modded Khorns were along the long wall in "test mode". Greg had them hooked up to a tube output CD player through a Creek volume pot to a Behringer active crossover to 3 T-amps wired directly to the drivers. He explained that he's been experimenting with crossover points and slopes in preparation for building a new passive crossover. We played jazz and pop from Jackson Brown to Diana Krall to Boz Scaggs more jazz and classical even some bluegrass and electronica. We went back and forth with Greg playing a cut then me, etc. If this is test mode, I'd like to hear this system dialed in with tubes! Sitting in Greg's designated prime spot the sound was big, wide open and dynamic. Made my stock Khorns sound pinched by comparison. Center fill was palpable despite the wide corners with singers almost present in the room. The detail was excellent with the music and musicians' expressiveness nicely served. Bass was powerful. Several hours later it was clear that Greg likes his music much louder than I do. This system came alive dynamically easily and even at my moderate volume preferences was very engaging. Bravo Greg! You've got me saving up for my own Khorn mods. and thanks again for the hospitality!
  5. Also noted that the pair seemed to be playing out of phase even though the connections were positive to positive/negative to negative. Reversed polarity on one speaker. Phase test on CD now plays properly. Not sure how much diff this will make for music...
  6. Put a test CD in to check channel balance, polarity, phase and such. Surprised to find the right woofer not playing at all! Found it would intermittently come on if I moved the banana connections/terminals. Thought maybe the cheap bananas just fit too loosely. Replaced with new gold plated spades. No change. Shit thought I gotta remove this plastic panel, may have a bad solder joint inside. Turned out the bottom spring-loaded fuse holder had stuck in the loaded position meaning that the fuse couldn't connect tightly - just rattling around in the socket. A simple push with a finger to make the socket spring back to its unloaded position allowed the fuse to then be loaded against the spring and twisted to lock. Nice when the fix is simple. Interesting to have a look inside.
  7. Thanks Josh. Good advice. I tend to go pretty slow with this type of thing
  8. I'm expecting a modded Mitsubishi DA-F20 tuner from Stereo Surgeons in Connecticut soon. Can't wait to hear how that sounds on these vintage speakers.
  9. someone else had this avatar over at avsforum the bmp is called "you talkin ta me?"
  10. Thanks Chuckears! Any suggestions on a better preamp than the Parasound?
  11. Thanks Seadog! Yes they do have the AK-3s What do you think about Altec mid horns vs. tractix such as Greg's? What about 2" drivers vs. 1"?
  12. Thanks for the link seti You remind me to get the Quads outta the basement soon for comparison with the Khorns. They are driven nicely by the Tiny Triodes too.
  13. Thanks 4tay. I'll start reading up on this. What system are you running again?
  14. Thanks for the reply Cut-Throat. I'll check and see what crossover mine have and start reading here about what folks do to them and how rather than ask you to run all that out. I have been reading some about horn and driver replacement especially Gregs products at voltiaudio. If I may ask why did you choose the Altecs? - just link me to your thead if this is old news.
  15. 4tay, didn't see a system profile for u. What are you running? I'm interested in your tagline as well "better parts = better speakers" In thinking about next steps to improve my system I'm soliciting opinions about what would give biggest bang for the buck. Clearly my "collection of parts" (can't really call it a system as I now want to build some synergy around the Khorns) is sorely lacking in interconnect and speaker cable quality but I'm not sure that the degree of difference that these can make would be noticeable if the real drawback at the moment is the mediocre SS Parasound preamp or the only ok Marantz SACD player. I think the VTL monoblocks are a good match with the Khorns. They certainly sound sweeter than the Revox SS the former owner was driving them with. Then again if better parts = better speakers maybe I should be looking to replace some caps in the 20 year old crossover... For now of course I'm just marveling at the mighty Khorns "in da house" But down the road what could be my next move???
  16. Thanks for the welcome 4tay! I know what you mean about drums. The famous Telarc bass drum is used to good effect on many of the SoundStream re-releases on SACD. Its never sounded tighter or more impactful to me. Also, I put on the SACD Goodbye Yellow Brick Road when auditioning the Khorns saturday night. When the band gets rockin at the end of Funeral For A Friend there's some fine kickdrum - the Khorns do kick drum like I've never had in my home before.
  17. Hi Folks, New member, first post. Please see my System Profile for a sense of my living room 2 channel system. Been reading about Heritage especially Khorns and La Scala here, on the 'Gon and AudioAsylum. Last week Khorns fell into my lap (ouch) when a guy next town over put an ad in Craigslist for a beautifully cared for 1990 vintage pair. They are playing right now in my living room! My audio journey since 1975 or so has included some pretty good speakers including Magnepan MGIII, Acarian Alon IVs and Lotus Elites and even original Quad ESL 57s. None of these prepared me for the huge dynamic sound of Khorns! Its like having an orchesrta in my living room. The drums! The brass! I'm in heaven! My longtime local audio dealer used to sell Linn and I can remember being impressed by his demo in the 80's of the importance of the source where he would switch among turntables. Now I'm impressed with the importance of the speaker. Klipsch Klipschorns Rock!
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