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  1. Not really on topic but here's the Oppo 103D firmware on which I'm ripping my SACDs to DSF
  2. Playback from the NAS of the ripped DSF files btw is over ethernet to an Oppo 203 controlled with an iPad using the Oppo Control Media app.
  3. I've been ripping my MCH SACDs to a NAS share with an Oppo 103D for the last couple months. I'll check my firmware version on the off chance that I can help Chris. Totally agree about the one Yellowjackets SACD I own - Altered State - now I'll have to get the other 2!
  4. What are we thinking is a fair range for these? They do have the Crites xovers.
  5. No experience with Ashly but the 2 Xilica XP-4080s I have are very quiet and good sounding. There's just no substitute for the control and resultant sound you can get with active.
  6. Probably won't have much to say about soundstage and depth given this mono setup or is that a misconception on my part that soundstage and depth are mostly qualities inherent to stereo playback? Not much time to listen to this last week. I set the bare AMT-1 stack to burning in using some moderately loud pink noise for 12 hours at a stretch while I was away at work, so, over 3 days maybe 30 hours of pink noise. Just running Chris' settings for the Belle bass/AMT-1 at the moment so I must break out the UMIK-1 and REW to even begin to dial it in. Just on the gross level of balance between the Khorn bass bin and the stack I am once again amazed at how much increased bass tames the perceived brightness and how much decreased bass emphasizes it. A small twist of the Nobsound bass amp volume knob radically changes the character of this blend. Our hearing is incredibly relative!
  7. Bare stack on Khorn BB mono in dining room nearfield with Chris' Belle/AMT1 settings on MiniDSP 2x4 HD.
  8. A little surprised to see you using them this way Chris. Active dsp no doubt. How do you get it to mate well with the Khorn bass bin clone? Can I PM you for your current Xilica xdat file?
  9. Welcome Rolox! Excellent first post - nothing like relating your real hands on experiences.👍. I'll also be installing some 15cs soon in my FH1s and may take some measurements before and after. What about some of this 8mil "foam" self adhesive insulating pad on that horizontal panel? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KAD24RI?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_product_details
  10. Sorry I haven't been able to contribute here as planned. My mom died yesterday at age 88 after a long decline into Parkinson's disease. I'm grieving her with my family.
  11. wow, that is quick. Looks like foam stuffing rather than any kind of panel damping. Just stuffed in there behind driver? Not attached to anything. While I have my FH1s apart I'd like to do any easy/prudent stuffing/damping/tweaking
  12. Gotta find time to get the 15cs installed. I'm curious about damping the doghouse too. Link to Klipsch video? I watched 2 but didn't see damping.
  13. I will do the same. Maybe we can standardize between our test setups somewhat. I plan to have the AMT test stack on the triangular Khorn bass bin cover pictured above sitting on the Khorn bass bin - no top hat - in the corner with several layers of thick fuzzy padding at the foot of the bass bin. What REW settings should we use on the AMT only? A test sweep from 300-20k? Bare walls in the corner and on the walls to either side of the test setup or some kind of absorption/padding? Test level? I'm using the UMIK-1 mic with 90 degree calibration file. What distance and height of mic?
  14. I'll make incremental progress evenings this week and see if I can get some measurements to you this weekend Chris since I'm still pretty remedial when it comes to interpreting/presenting them. Current plan is to tie the current triple hinged wings together with top, bottom and side plate assembly with threaded rod similar to Rudy's but with a hinged single back wing set in addition sitting on one of my Khorn bass bins.
  15. That last screenshot shows how to open or restore settings from the computer to the device - click Presets then click the radio button "Set Current Settings (File open as xdat)" You can then use the standard navigation window to wherever you had saved your files.
  16. Saving in the 30 slots on the device is certainly one way. I like to save to my PC. PC like this:
  17. Was this taking off of the phase response above 300 Hz not seen last year when we married the K402 to the Khorn bass bin and crossed around 450 Hz?
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