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  1. Got 2nd monoblock built up and playing. I'll be comparing them to Trends TA 10.2 class T, VTL Tiny Triode PP tube monoblocks and First Watt SIT2.
  2. I received a pair of Hypex Nc400 monoblock kits last week. Built one up easily except a wire on the input cable harness detached so I used the harness from the other kit and it worked. I'll re-solder the first input cable and build up the other kit then try them doing different jobs in my systems (bass, treble, full range) and report after a while. Initial impression is that they're very well made.
  3. Interesting white paper from the makers of one of the better Class D amp modules: https://www.hypex.nl/img/upload/doc/an_wp/AN_UcD_and_IMD_DIM_slewrate.pdf My take-away for non class D amps: "An amplifier with moderate slew rate that remains perfectly linear until it actually slew limits is a much better amplifier than one with a huge slew rate that starts distorting much earlier" And for class D "Slew rate in class D amplifiers is completely unrelated to that found in linear amplifiers. The input stage is a comparator with the 400kHz carrier at its input. The "slew rate" is limited by the output filter. Apply a voltage step from -Vcc to +Vcc to the output filter and look at the output. The bandwidth limiting action of the filter necessarily limits the dV/dt found there. That doesn't mean that the filter or anything else has gone non-linear. It's just that the bandwidth is limited, nothing more, nothing less. Slew rate in a class D amplifier is a completely linear effect. Here, power bandwidth equals small signal bandwidth by definition, because there is no non-linear effect involved."
  4. This has been a fascinating topic for me for years I realize without really pursuing it. While I don’t doubt that your long and varied experience is very real Mark, I must wonder if there is any electro/mechanical/acoustic reason WHY it might sound better to have amounts of power we Absolutely Never use? ignore this please if too much of a sidetrack
  5. Recently experimenting with a K402 in the fireplace for dialogue in movies/TV, 2.0 and 2.1 using a summed setting in the Xilica 4080, DTS neo6 etc. from my older prepro (Nuforce AVP16) and true 5.1 SACD, DVD-A, and Blu-ray. Thanks for the links to PWKs writing sixspeed. I note he recommends a relatively close match of efficiency between center speaker and the flanking L and R. I have that with matching k402s in mids and treble but not bass. A couple small DR woofers are no match for the KHorn bass bins but I’ll measure and adjust with REW and Xconsole to see what I can hear.
  6. The other enjoyable sensation is one of pressure. The feeling of pressure waves, of the room being pressurized. My 10" sub rolling off below 40Hz does it in the close confines of the car but in the HT? DTS10! There's something primal and thrilling/scary about those sensations - perhaps imprinted in our genes from thousands of years of such natural occurences - waterfalls, ocean waves, migrating herds of beasts, and of course thunder storms!
  7. Current settings in the Xilica are the same ones used for the BMS 4592ND on the K402 in the basement but with the FH1 horn loaded bass bin.. So I know these can be dialed in a lot more. And yes I disconnected the tweeters in the MG 60s.πŸ˜‰
  8. Well, throwinig any cautions about DR bass to the wind in the interest of using what I have to advance my experiment I repurposed my MIchael Green 60s and one of his racks to put some DR bass beneath the 402:
  9. Thanks for reviewing this movie Chris. It had been on my playlist for a while and I finally watched it the other night. I was 10 years old when his show premiered in 1968 - a little old for it but I remember liking it and especially my dear younger sister loving it. I was struck by Mr Roger's description of his "door opening" encounter with a group of children. In particular the loving and teaching at the same time. When the first child described the ear coming off his toy tiger in the wash Rogers didn't say "oh, how sad" or "I can sew it back on" but "that's what happens to toys sometimes but that's not what happens to us" - reassuring them and making a distinction between the make believe world and the real world much as his show did. "We have a broken culture (in this regard)--apparently perceived as hostile by our youngest members...hostile to their own sense of who they are." "Broken" if our goal is to raise secure, emotionally and mentally stable adults, not so broken if the goal is to raise insecure, easily manipulated, emotionally unstable consumers always looking for satisfaction in the next thing they buy... I"m glad that social message wasn't too heavy handed. Instead I got a sense of hope and wonder!
  10. Thanks for running out your different experience. How far away do you sit from them? How far to the back wall?
  11. Ah, so the baffle front (got make sure it's not me that's baffled 😁) eliminates the need for absorption within a few feet of the horn? Good to know I could switch to the KPT-305 box. Cutting, finishing and attaching some plywood pieces for the baffle seems very doable. Now I just need some hand holding to cut my horn and mount the woofers 😝😱 There is clearly no good place for a bass box to go with this layout...
  12. So the off-axis ports are a different cut of the K-402 than you did with yours? I couldn't switch to the sealed 305 box at will?
  13. What might this be/look like? Absorbing batts of 2" thick Roxul Rockboard extending out from the flange face covering the brick?
  14. Say more MEH master! What would happen to the back wave of the woofers without a box to seal them into? I have 2 of the 305 boxes you may remember...
  15. Flutes definitely sound more "open" with this arrangement πŸ˜„
  16. Won't be needing that wood anymore 😁
  17. Gotta get some real room treatments/absorption around the horns too! I have some half baked idea about fabricating absorbing panels that attach to the horn's predrilled mouth edges...
  18. Tried several things to get around the hole in the center effect of K402/Khorns 22 feet apart sitting 12 feet away but they probably really need a center. Not quite ballsy enough to cut one of my K402 and make a MEH, I found a way to mount one in the fireplace which allows the projection screen to still pivot down into place. Now what to do about bass?
  19. Thanks Chris. and how do you achieve that center channel from stereo 2 channel music? thanks for the much fuller explanation with only this question lingering.
  20. Well, that kind of answers it - you use stereo mode to pull in the subs. I get that you don't listen to much 2 channel music because it just isn't as satisfying compared to multichannel but what about the MEH with 2 channel music to anchor the image in the center? some modern version of PWKs center channel circuit? something derived from the 2 channels but not synthesized in the sense of adding any effects. Maybe just another memory preset on the Xilica could create this when there is no actual center channel.
  21. A question on integration of the MEH into your system as a center Chris. How do you run 2 channel playback through your Onkyo pre/pro? Direct with no center? Some kind of synthesized center like "3 channel stereo"? Do you find yourself processing 2 channel recordings into surrounds and sub as well? I don't quite have the balls to cut one of my K402s yet but I'll be experimenting with one as a center on a Cornwall bass bin driven by a 4592ND this weekend - so just wondering how you get the benefit with 2 channel recordings.
  22. Thanks for sharing your trouble and release Brenda! Music is indeed a mainline to our emotions! Your sharing prompted me to search the web for music healing and I found this related story of healing music after surgery. https://www.classicalmpr.org/story/2014/10/06/classical-music-healing I think I'll start a list of healing , uplifting, music for emotional release. I've had healing tears like you described in the past when singing along. There's something about that Mr. Sandman tune that's very nostalgic for me and I suspect many others - the 1954 Chordettes hit rather than the Chet Atkins though. and yes Klipsch plays my heart best too!
  23. Woah! 16hz?? You’ve got to be kidding me πŸ˜† what do you mean by bass bin here? Are you using some additional box with the MEH box?
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