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  1. Thanks for the advice - I'll start by cleaning and reconnecting, etc. The question that remains for me is: does the noise damage the speakers in any way, i.e., should I not use them in the interim. Also: I am now interested in a new receiver or integrated amp. The idea of a tube/valve amp appeals to me - having read opinions about their agreement with horn-driven loudspeakers - but I don't know quite where to begin. What other componentry will I need (equalizer, something to alternate between channels)? Do tube amps typically have digital inputs? Would I need an external DAC if using AirTunes? Is using a tube amp to listen to a digital source somehow wrong (ideologically, technically)? Opinions, advice, musings - all greatly appreciated!
  2. I have a Denon AVR-1603 (from maybe 1998) powering a pair of six-week-old Heresy IIIs. I'm very impressed by the clarity of these speakers, but there is a growing amount of noise (a hissing) showing up - even some crackling sounds at higher volumes. I wonder if the speakers are revealing the shortcomings of the receiver, which is to say that its easier for me to believe that its the receiver's fault than the loudspeakers'. Because the noise seems to have increased over the last six weeks, I fear that they may be suffering irreparable damage. Any advice? I'm interested if there's anything I can do with the receiver (some sort of cleaning maybe?), but also possibly in purchasing another. Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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