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  1. Front View - The speaker is yet to be cosmetically finished.
  2. Attached here is a pdf with my cornscala & cornsey expereince. Please note that whatever impressions I have given are purely my subjective experience based on my own preferences. I do recognize and respect the fact that others have different experience and preferences and that you may not agree with my experiences. MyCornscalaExperience.pdf MyCornscalaExperience.pdf
  3. Thanks Dave. I accidently ran into your website yesterday. You seem to have a lot of interesting options there. Keep it going. Regards
  4. Hello: I am new to the forum as a registered member but really not knew in terms of reading and following a lot of posts & threads. I want to first thank all the members for sharing their Klipsch experiences and providing a lot of knowledge and help to other members. I have been resisting joining any audio forums for years, but I would like to share my Cornscala (or Hornwall as I would like to call it since its physical form is similar to that of Klipschorn rather than La Scala) experience and hence here I am. I wanted to build a custom cabinet for my Heresys to extend the bass response. That’s when I contacted Bob Crites for his suggestions. He instead suggested that I build a Cornscala. I went through his project and also JWC’s work posted in the Klipsch forum. Thus my Cornscala project started.I have attached here documents that show my objective and goals. Hornwall_Ver1.1.pdf Hornwall_Ver1.1.pdf
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